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CEO in tunnel slide

phil & what?


Our common phil&teds head gene: we   care!  We focus on three phil&thropic areas because we can make a difference to the lives of people around the world. phil&teds heads love to support authentic, relevant organisations such as The Women's Refuge , Ronald McDonald House(s), Australia's St Kilda Mums and 'Changing Lives' in Thailand; and more!

some phil&thropic facts


Did you know that phil&teds' very own chief cook & bottle washer (CEO) donates a massive $20K a year to the NZ Surgical Research Trust ? And we’ve just signed up to another 5 years of partnership.  Pretty generous right? But wait, there's more…


Did you know that in the last four years, phil&teddy bears has made surgery that little bit more 'bear-able' for over 6,000 little people within New Zealand?


Did you know that throughout 2012 and 2013, we refurbished and delivered over 70 buggies globally under our  'Buggies for Good' initiative? And that every one we send out, or collect from a generous gem in NZ, is free of charge thanks to the support of Peter Baker Transport ?