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Une 4 roues pour la ville

"Being a massive P&T fan, talk of the new Verve intrigued me. I already own a Vibe 2 but with the news of a new Phil & Teds pushchair with 4 wheels and a 3 position doubles kit recline, along with all the other great features we’ve been treated to from P&T lately, I just couldn’t resist. I bought myself a Verve!"  

Best Buggy
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"My verve arrived today and despite having a million & one things to do at home after the Easter break, I unpacked it, set it up and took it out for a test drive straight away. It is FAB! I'm so impressed with it, the 4 wheels make the handling effortless and I was gobsmacked when it literally glided over rough stones and gravel whilst I pushed one handed, Superb!"

Teresa (UK)

"...Overall, the verve is stocked with features for both mom and baby plus has the versatility of changing from a single to a slim, inline double back to a single. While the fold can take a little practice at first with the double kit attached, the reclining double kit is fabulous, the main seat is super roomy and the maneuverability is outstanding."

Baby Gizmo
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"I love the Verve. I've even been using it to take everyone to school this week and it's been great. Love, love, love it. I have a City Select & I've put it in the garage and will not be using it again probably ever...I really do love it. I had it out this afternoon with a huge 3 yr old asleep in the front, 2 yr old asleep in the back, carrying the 1 year old and it was even easy to push over wet mulch and grass."

Kiersten Carlson

"A sleek, stylish buggy that makes transporting two children simple, whatever their age or stage. With some outstanding features and the ability to fold compactly, even with the second seat attached, the Verve Inline Double is a well-designed buggy."

Made for Mums

"As a single pushchair the Verve is manoeuvrable, spacious, good looking and uncomplicated. It’s the sort of solution that all ‘wannabe’ outdoorsy types should choose because at the same time as being a great urban pushchair for nipping to the shops or gliding seamlessly round a mall, it has all the necessary equipment for the occasions you may go for a walk on the beach or for a crisp winter ramble after Sunday lunch."

Pushchair Trader

"As a friend of Dorothy, I couldn’t resist the title. As a friend of great strollers, I couldn’t resist this new entry by phil&teds."

Zaid Al-Dabbagh

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