smart mesh seat fabric

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The smart way to keep your baby cool in the warmer weather!


*Please note that the smart mesh seat is a piece of fabric that attaches to the smart seat frame.

Not currently available in this region.

The smart mesh seat is HOT! because: 

  • keeps baby cool in hot weather
  • super soft for added comfort
  • water resistant
  • extremely lightweight at just 390gm
  • machine washable
  • max seat load 20kgs
  • dimensions 73cm x 34.5cm x 10cm
  • compatible with the smart v2 seat frame only

*V2 seat frame fits smart V1 buggy

Perfect for summer


The mesh seat is perfect for summer (most the year in North Queensland Australia). At mums and bubs bootcamp my little one stayed cool calm and collect when some of the others were overheating. When it gets dirty/painted with food you can just pop it off and put it in the wash. Better still it was dry the next day! Phil&Ted's should make it in several colours so I can get a rainbow of them.

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