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metro Kindertrage

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Die leichte, fantastische Tour durch die Stadt! Die einzige Kindertrage für Modebewusste: eine elegante Affäre!

„Ich war nie ein großer Fan von Kindertragen, weil die meisten so sperrig und männlich aussehen. Bis ich die metro von phil&teds entdeckt habe. Die ist elegant und leicht, ein Traum im Stadtgedränge und in Bussen mit meinem Zweijährigen.“ – Virginia, Mutter von George und stolze Besitzerin der metro

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Die metro ™ Kindertrage ist COOL, weil sie:

  • äußerst funktional ist, wenn Sie freie Hand brauchen.
  • es Ihnen erlaubt, all Ihren Aktivitäten nachzugehen – mit dem Baby im Schlepptau.
  • viel Platz für die lebensnotwendige Stadtausrüstung & den Einkauf bietet.
  • dank ihres Klappfußes ganz stabil von alleine steht und ein kontrolliertes Be- und Entladen erlaubt.
  • aus einem strapazierfähigen, waschbaren, wasserfesten Nylon 300 & 600 Denier besteht.
  • ein Slide Adjust Harness™-System aufweist (stufenlose Verstellung in zwei Schritten)
  • flach zusammenklappbar und daher leicht zu verstauen ist.

Great lighweight carrier!


I am very happy with this carrier. My child is secure, snug and he can see where we are walking. The pockets for storage are handy and the carrier comes with a sun shade. I also like the adjustments I can use to have it fit me of my wife comfortably. Would recommend it to anyone.

The Metro is GREAT!


We use it for activities where a stroller just won't cut it, like walking the dog in the forest and going for family strolls around the lakes. Angus loves being in it so much we now keep the metro in the boot of the car, and use it when doing grocery shopping and going to markets too. It is comfortable to use, carrying an 11kg baby around has been easy in the metro, and it's fully adjustable and easy to use. As soon as the Metro comes out, Angus starts squealing with delight - so it gets the big tick from all of us!



A hands free kit for the adults while giving young ones an elevated view of the world. The metro is comfortable for the wearer with its secure and highly adjustable harness [proven from 5'2" to 6'0"!] and obviously comfortable for the young one as riding on Dad's back seems to put them to sleep, sometimes unintentionally! The pockets are highly functional and the bottom one is accessible by the wearer. The unit folds down flat allowing easy storage and transport. Best place used so far: without a doubt, the airport.

spacious and comfy


The Metro has been great for my 20 month old as well as my 8 month old baby. They seem to be comfortable, and so is my husband who is usually the one to carry one of them in it. Usually it is the 20 month old, as she is the heaviest (32 lb). We have been fishing and hiking in it. We bought ours at babies r us, and felt like we got a really good deal for the money compared to other carriers of comparable quality and style.

Love it


I was very happy with this carrier. My 18 month old is secure and snug in it. It has a nice big pocket for storage and a nice rain hood. Would recommend it

Great carrier for toddlers


This carrier is excellent! The design was well thought out and it includes tons of great extras (a shade canopy and lots of storage). They really thought of everything with carrier. Our son loves to be able to see everything going on so this carrier was perfect. It is light weight and therefore makes bringing our son with us for hikes or to festivals much easier than trying to lug around the stroller. With all the great design features, this carrier is a steal at this price.

Love this carrier!


We LOVE our Metro carrier! We received it as a gift off of our registry when expecting our second baby. It is great because it is smaller and more convenient to use than a stroller and the girls love riding in it (or sitting in it if it is just on the ground) Room to put your wallet, sunscreen and other necessities and is more comfortable than any other carrier I have tried.Packs away well and is light to carry. I would recommend this carrier 100%!



i love my buggy - but sometimes there are occassions where you just need something a little more compact - jumping on the bus, at local markets, public gatherings and getting off the beaten track. i've never been much of a fan of carriers as so many of them look bulky and masculine - that is until i discovered the phil&teds metro - sleek and stylish and lightweight - it's been a dream for getting mobile in crowds and on and off the bus with my two year old. george loves being high and looking out with mums perspective - the harness easily adjusts between my needs and my husbands making it versatile, comfortable and convenient.


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