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mini diddie Kindertasche

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mini diddie Tasche für Kinder – Laptop oder Lutscher!

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Die mini diddie ™ Kindertasche ist COOL, weil sie:

  • einen großen Clip zum schnellen Anschnallen an Körper oder Buggy aufweist.
  • eine Einstecktasche außen hat.
  • einen gepolsterter Innenstauraum bietet.
  • perfekt für den Kindergarten ist: Einstecktasche für das Lieblingsbuch & viel Platz für das Mittagessen.

like it don't love it


so far it's really good. It's much less bulky than those side saddle bags that get caught on stuff in narrow ways. It's also accessible (which the bottom basket isn't when child is in back seat. I still haven't, however, been able to figure out how it's supposed to attach to the back of the stroller so it's just hangin on the side. Some directions might have been helpful in that area.



It does a great job as a nappy bag on my sports with dbl kit. It goes well onto the back of the toddler seat but would be better if it had some press studs to attach it to the back of the toddler seat rather than having to have it attached over and undercarriage bar. Then the person in the toddler seat would still be able to be in the reclined position comfortably.

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