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smart verso

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smart ™ stroller goes both ways!
verso ™ rear faces the smart™ stroller seat to let baby face you and recline.

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It's HOT! because:

  • reverse the smart™ seat! Lets baby face you, for assurance & bonding
  • enhanced seat recline in reverse mode
  • large, adjustable follow the sun sunhood covers reverse mode too
  • swap modes easily with click on, click off quick release
  • fits all smart ™ stroller models - just add verso ™!


Verso adaptor


I like the verso adaptor very much, but the rain cover doesnt fit very well. A shame when you live in a country like Belgium :(



The Verso is FABULOUS! The only thing I didn't like about the SMART when I first bought it was the fact that that you couldn't see bub as the pram faced outwards - the verso fixes all that and now I'm happy as a clam and bub can nap safely too! Thanks Phil and Teds! You guys rock!

Makes it perfect


I bought the Smart before this came out because aside from the rear facing it had everything else I wanted. Now with this it is perfect! My 5 month old is still rearfacing some of the time, sometimes front facing, depends on what I feel like. Takes about 10 seconds to swap it around.


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