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smart & peanut Paket

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Wow-Stil und Sicherheit für zuhause und unterwegs Das phil&teds smart™ Paket umfasst smart Buggy und peanut Softtragetasche.

„Ich liiiebe diesen Buggy! Ich gehe oft ins Einkaufszentrum, und dieser Buggy passt durch alle Gänge. Er ist so superschick und leicht! Ich wünschte, ich hätte die peanut länger als 2 Monate für meinen Kleinen verwenden können, aber er war so neugierig, dass er nicht lange liegen mochte. ;-) bester Buggy!!!“ - Liza Ortega, smart bundle Besitzerin

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smart peanut cover set

smart peanut-Wetterschutz-Set

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peanut sheet set

Lakensatz für peanut-Softtragetasche

€ 19,00

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Das komplette kompakte Buggy-System


Der smart Buggy ist COOL! Weil:

  • enorm anpassungsfähig: kompatibel mit Kindersitz (mit Kindersitzadapter )
  • gepolsterter & stabiler ergonomischer aerocore Sitz
  • wendbarer Sitz mit smart verso Adaptern (im Lieferumfang enthalten!)
  • verbesserter einstufiger Klappmechanismus
  • supertragbar und nur 8 kg schwer
  • Breite: 57 cm
  • Abmessungen (zusammengeklappt und ohne Räder) : 95 x 45 x 20 cm
  • geeignet für Kinder im Alter von 6 Monaten bis 4 Jahren (bzw. bis zu einem Maximalgewicht von 20 kg)


mit dem leichtesten Babykörbchen überhaupt!

  • Superleicht: die leichteste Softtragetasche überhaupt!
  • Mehrere Sicherheitszertifizierungen
  • Klick-Befestigung zum Zurücklehnen und Einschlafen
  • Abnehmbarer „Nussschalen“-Sonnenschutz für das ganze Jahr
  • Ergonomische Form und flache Liegeposition – perfekt für Neugeborene


*Produkte können sich regional von den hier abgebildeten leicht unterscheiden

Updated review


Update on above review - phil&teds sent me a new wheel cover to replace the one that had fallen off. They have been great about repairs to this and other phil&teds products I have.

Review of smart buggy and peanut


Overall I am very happy with this stroller, particularly how lightweight and manouverable it is. The bassinet was fantastic for the first few months as my baby could have a really good nap wherever we were. I also like the easily adjustable sunshade. The only disappointment has been the seat, which my baby doesn't seem very comfortable in, even in the reclined verso position. I want to get the liner, to add some padding, but feel that this should be included. I imagine it will be less of an issue as he gets bigger and older.

I love my smart stroller + peanut


It’s lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and it looks great! My little girl is currently 3 months old, so we have mainly used it with the peanut to date. The peanut works well both with the stroller and also as a portable bed for naps when we’re out and about. We have used the seat a couple of times with the verso adapters (although I note that this is not recommended under 6 months). She seems quite comfortable in the seat and enjoys having a bit more of a view. The only negatives I would comment on are that it can be a bit bumpy on rougher surfaces and the wheels are a bit rattly. Also the brake is quite stiff to operate.

Very happy with our choice


I've been using the Smart Buggy with Peanut Bassinet with my four month old son. We've had so many compliments on it - most importantly from every midwife we've seen as the bassinet is perfect for keeping baby's back nice and straight. It's light weight and easily fits in our compact car. My only issue so far is that my son spits up often and I find the mattress and especially the sides of the bassinet hard to clean - I live in the tropics and mould thrives up here! Otherwise very happy with our choice and looking forward to moving into the seat in a couple of months.

Review os the smart buggy and bassinet combo


I would give the Smary Buggy and Bassinet combo something close to a 6 for the first six months and something more like a 4.5 to 5 after that. When using the bassinet or when the seat was facing me (using the converter kit), it is the cutest stroller on the market - people were always looking at it enviously, especially men who I think like the streamlined look, which is something I like as well. The stroller is still good looking but slightly less cute when the child is facing outwards. I love how lightweight the stroller is and the great turning radius. I often travel alone with my child, and it has been a very easy stroller with which to travel. The only complaint I have is that after one year (and multiple trips,) things are definitely wearing out. They are mostly cosmetic - some covers on the wheels have fallen off, and the seat has gotten somewhat scratched. (When the stroller was under warranty, Phil & Ted's sent me a new wheel cover, but it just fell off again as soon as I'd put it on). However, after the last trip, the stroller has definitely gotten more difficult to fold and turn, so I think that something must have been bent when it was being put in the airplane. I bought but returned the stroller bag. It is definitely too much of a hassle to put the stroller in a bag when you are gate checking your stroller - it is all you can do to get the stroller folded and get on the plane with your child and bags; there is no way that I could be dealing with a huge stroller bag, too. So unless you travel with two adults, I think that you just have to deal with the fact that the stroller could get beat up some if you fly alot.

By far my best baby purchase!


I have the Phil and Teds smart stroller with peanut carrycot and its by far my best baby purchase! I choose it while pregnant after test driving my friends one and falling in love with the sleek design. The peanut carrycot is compact but im still gettin plenty of use out of it with my chunky 7 month old! Love having the option to use the verso adapters when Im using smart seat. Its very easy to fold down when you know how and people are always stopping me to pass comment on how nice it is! With my eldest I got through loads of buggies but I can see us using this one for a long time. Im even planning on taking it to Egypt with us! The only downside for me was that I didn't find the instructions on folding it very clear but a quick Google threw up plenty of videos so that was easily solved. It would also be great if a footmuff was available for the smart. I also found the accessories were extra it added up to quite abit. I feel the rain cover should be a standard included accessory with all buggies. All in all though I love my smart and give it a 6 out of 6!

lightweight & adaptable


As my baby shower gift I received the smart stroller bundle. I loved how its able to convert from newborn to infant stage. Every time I'm out with the stroller I always receive compliments on my stroller. I love how lightweight and adaptable it is. Although the accessories are sold separately I would rate it 5 stars.

BIG 5.98 out of 6


We were users of the Phil n Ted's Explorer for our first 3 kids and it was getting a bit worn so we looked for a new pram. How far they have come in 10 years. The Smart Buggy and the Peanut is the best.. Not only is it EXTREMELY lightweight but it looks great (Always getting comments) and versatile. We take the other 3 out and about and the Peanut becomes the bassinet and baby can sleep all day (I wish) The good looks and lightweight was the first appeal but like all Phil & Ted's products they are just so practical and well designed. Very easy to set up and collapse. 2 regrets - we bought the car capsule BEFORE the Smart buggy. would have loved to get the car capsule adapter but ours doesn't have an adapter "yet" (Strider Plus capsule -- Should have bought the Safe and Sound) and secondly the peanut would be nice if it could recline a little. Hey I'm picky, but this pram ticks all the boxes. Thanks Phil & Ted's for another well designed product.

Great buy!!


I luv this stroller. I spend a lot of time at the mall and this stroller can get through any aisle! I luv the fact that it's so sleek and light. I wish my lil guy would have used the peanut longer than 2 months, but he was so courious he couldn't lay down for too long. ;-) best stroller!!!

Lives up to the name!!!


It never gets old with all the compliments I get from people. It is very light weight and easy to fold/unfold. My son began using the seat at 4 months old and we use the Peanut at times as a carrier for him. Would love to have a matching car seat to go with it though.

Compact & comfortable!


This stroller is great because it is compact but super durable for city streets and a smooth ride. Love the peanut bassinet which provides great naps and is perfect for travel! Car Seat adapter is convenient as well. Very versatile.



This amazing stroller is now much better with the verso adaptor. The basinet is very light to cary. We used it the first 5 months.



I got this when it was first released. so far it has been amazing and easy to use my 2mth old daughter can sleep in her bebe* and be pushed around. the peanut is great for sleeps at other peoples houses and it just looks funky.



I really love my Smart and get complimented on it all the time. The peanut is very cute and useful for the first bit. We took a trip when she was just 4 weeks old and all I needed was this. I pushed her around during the day and then took it off an but it by the bedside at night.


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