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nest baby bassinet

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Baby gear bag & bassinet in one. Perfect for travel, with loads of storage - you'll need it!

"This is hands down the best baby product out there! If you don't have a nest you are missing out! Ideal for any travel situation with baby!" - Lori, nest owner

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The nest ™ portacot is HOT! because:

  • ultra portable & lightweight
  • quick & easy pop up & down travel bassinet
  • stow in overhead luggage lockers in gear bag mode*
  • snug design including mattress: perfect for newborn upwards
  • contoured lightweight base included
  • breathable sheer zip cover for added security & shade (& insect proof!)
  • keep nest™ clean with a 3 piece, 100% cotton fitted sheet set
  • black gear bag with beige bassinet

*airline & airport specific - please check before you fly

Nest review


This is the best thing I bought for my son. I will hate the day that he can't fit in it anymore. He always sleeps best in his nest!

Great for travel


We have used this nest on trips to grandma's house several times and it's been very helpful when the baby gets sleepy. Its quite compact and folds up easily, and the second compartment in the storage case fits a lot (spare clothes, diapers, blankets). I have not used it on the plane so I cant comment on that, but I would definitley recommend this to anyone who will be traveling with their baby. Just keep in mind it does not come with sheets but those can be purchased here on amazon.



We love the Phil and Teds nest. We bought this product a bit over a year ago and got plenty of use out of it. Not only is it incredibly easy to put together, the storage compartment is a great feature and allowed us to put all of baby's clothes and nappies into the one spot, leaving more room in my suitcase. We only wish we could have used it for longer. Saying that, our little guy grew out of it length ways before he got to the stage where sitting or standing up would have been an issue. We're looking forward to bringing it out again when our next baby comes along.

Love it


Less baggage when travelling, especially on the plane. Easily fits all the baby paraphernalia. Just unzip bassinet part, erect and pop baby in. Hassle free, only one bag to carry. Also great when out and about or visiting friends in evening. Makes getting out and about alot easier. Super comfy for baby and mosquito net on top is excellent. Just wished I’d bought when my baby was newborn instead of waiting til she was 3 months old.

Easy to use


Really fast and easy to set up and super light. Really easy to take along

travelling made easy


Our nest made travelling with our newborn so much easier. She slept in it beautifully and we could pack all of her clothes and nappies in it as well.

LOVE this bed (and carried on airplane many times)


This bed is great for travel. I originally registered for it thinking we would just use it as a bed and not as a luggage piece. Silly, i know, but I really just wanted the bed. However, it works great to transport everything for the baby, and it is pretty lightweight too. I did travel on airplanes and was able to carry it on every time I tried. It might be slightly larger than the technical allowance, but so are many things that are often allowed. Plus, when you are traveling with a baby, I find somethings things slide a bit. We never had an issue carrying on. We did check it and it got pretty dirty (thanks airlines), but was easy to clean with a little detergent. I actually did wash it on the delicate cycle, even though I dont think that is advised. Now our one year old is a bit big for it but it was great until she was about 8 or 9 months. At that point, she could stretch from top to bottom and would be distracted by this and couldn't fall asleep. Definitely recommend and would buy again for a gift. Thanks!

Our baby loved it


Thank you for creating the nest! Our baby loved it and we took it everywhere we travel. Now that she's nearly one, we intend to give it to our friend so the nest "legacy" will live on! Highly recommended it to all.

Great for vacations


I have taken this on vacation and it is great for the beach, park, and any other place you don't want to drag a huge and heavy pack n play. My baby is 3 months so he fits so snuggly in there. Highly reccommend it.

Love it!


Very convenient, nice & compact & easy to carry! Extra pocket great for storage. Netted top perfect for summer evening bbq's! Love it!

Phil and Ted Nest


Love this product! We used it almost every weekend, at the beach and its fantastic for camping as most playpens don't fit in our tent trailer. Travelling with babies comes with lots of bags and its nice that this product is able to double as luggage and the babies sleep space. We used it for plane travel and although it was too big for carry on it still worked awesome for checked baggage. Airlines only let you check 2 baby things so we were able to have the NEST and her carseat checked. Can't wait to use this with second baby!

Amazing travel bassinet


We love the Nest. It is a great travel bassinet and bag all in one. It is easy and quick to set up and take down. What I love about it is that it all fits into one bag and has a huge compartment that fits all of our stuff when we go traveling, which is great when you are at the airport and don't want to check an extra bag. My only beef is that the bag is cream colored, which easily gets dirty, especially when you check it in at the airport, and it is hard to clean. You have to buy the sheets separately, which is would be nice if they included at least 1 with the bassinet.

Super comfy travel necessity


We purchased two of the Phil and Teds nests for our twin girls prior to our international travels. Our girls slept in them for a whole month and were very comfortable and cosy. They were 3 months old at the time and had plenty of room. I found them easy to assemble and practical to travel with. They've been essential on all our trips and the storage is more than enough for all their clothing, diapering and feeding needs.

a functional travel bassinet


We purchased the Phil & Teds Nest travel bassinet for our daughter, who is currently 3.5 months old and weighs about 13 lbs. We just used it for the first time last week, for 3 days away from home, and plan to use it again at least 2 more times in the near future. Basically, the Travel Nest is a collapsible bassinet that stores in its own separate compartment on the bottom of the included duffle bag, and the top compartment of the duffle bag can be used to pack other stuff, such as clothing, diapers, etc. When in use, the bassinet portion is removed from the storage duffle completely. Here are the pros and cons we have found so far: Pros: -reasonably portable; definitely much lighter and easier to manage than a pack-and-play type thing -very easy to set up and break down -it has a nice foam mattress that is firm enough for an infant but soft enough to be comfortable; I liked this better than the options with inflatable mattresses (such as the KidCo PeaPod items) because it seemed like inflatable mattresses could either be a suffocation hazard or might deflate slowly while in use and thus leave the baby sleeping on a hard floor -the sides are made of a stretchy, breathable, lightweight-yet-strong material -for our purposes, the zippered removable net to cover the bassinet is nice, as we often stay with relatives who have cats and this keeps them from thinking about trying to snuggle up with the baby -the storage compartment is basically used like a duffle bag, and is convenient as such; we were able to fit all the items we needed for our daughter for our recent trip in the duffle compartment (including a Boppy nursing pillow, clothes, diapers, a baby carrier, a couple of little toys and books, a baby blanket, and a few other things). Cons: -for $100, it ought to come with a sheet instead of having to buy them extra; we used it without a sheet which works fine for us because our daughter doesn't spit up much, but I imagine if you had a baby who does spit up a lot it would be nice to have a sheet you could change -our daughter likes to sleep with her arms extended straight out from her sides, and due to the limited width of this item she wasn't able to do that (although she still did sleep in it so it must have been comfortable enough and not too restricting) -personally I would prefer that the zipper on the net cover attachment was a bit smoother and quieter to operate so when you zip up the net cover it is less likely to wake the sleeping baby inside -we have not flown with it yet but, although I do think it would fit in an overhead bin on most planes, it is bigger than standard carry-on luggage, so it may be up to whatever airline you are flying whether or not they will allow you to take it on board (we usually fly Southwest and have traveled with an acoustic guitar in the past, which is similar in size, and sometimes they make us check it plane-side) Overall, we are happy with this purchase in light of the other options available. I personally think the $100 price tag may be a tad steep for an item that has a very limited time-frame for usefulness (probably about 9-12 months max, assuming you don't have a very large baby). However, if you will be traveling frequently with an infant I do think this is a very nice, comfortable, functional option. UPDATE: We have now flown with this travel bassinet and we did not attempt to carry it on the plane, but checked it instead. The only comment I have after this experience is that it would be nice if the bag had a detachable shoulder strap or backpack straps to give you the option of carrying it over your shoulder or as a backpack, since traveling with a baby always requires a lot of bags, and any way of freeing up an extra hand is helpful. Otherwise, as a bassinet, it was still very functional and my original review applies. I would definitely recommend this travel bed to others whose needs are similar to ours.

Great fortravelling


Found this product great for travelling -the bag is so big it fits everything in there. Also great for around the house when they are new home and you want to keep an eye on them, let them sleep in the lounge while you have a rest or in your room.. Although my little one has since grown out of we still use the bag for travel its great to fit everything she needs!

Phil & Teds Nest...


This nest is amazing! It's very durable and light weight. I use it for travel and packing! I definitely recommend this for other moms!

Perfect Travel Companion


We've used the nest from day one of our daughter's birth until she started to pull herself up (approx. 5 months). It is rather large but manageable in size. The storage compartment is large enough for a weekends worth of clothes for 2 adults and 2 kids (including diapers). We’ve traveled from the West to East Coast and the nest was able to carry a week’s worth of supplies for the baby. It’s easy to set up and take down from a weekend trip or even to a babysitters. Yet again, another one of my favorite P&T toys.



This is a really handy porta-cot for the first little while. I have used it for other friends with babies coming over to visit and needing a spot to nap, taken it with me to dinner at a friends house, weekend trips away, and right at the begining when I wanted her in my room but we didnt have space for a full bassinet. The mesh sides is good for circulation while shielding the baby's view so they dont get overstimulated in a new place. The mesh zip top is good if you are staying somewhere with mozzies (or other creepy crawlies.) It easily fits in a tent, and sets up in 2 secs. The zipper part holds more than you'd ever need. I don't know how old she will be before I cant use it anymore, but I wouldnt have wanted her in a big travel cot to begin with anyway.

Best Baby Product


This is hands down the best baby product out there! If you don't have a nest you are missing out! Ideal for any travel situation with baby!


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