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e3 cocoon

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Snug as a rug in a bug(gy)! An ultra-light e3™ buggy carrycot.

 "Fantastic item. We had this for an 8 week trip to Europe for our son, he slept on the plane in this across the trays, slept while we carried him through the airport and it also acted as his bed when we were there. Now a couple of years later we are using it for our daughter to travel to Mexico!" - Brenda - Mum, traveler and cocoon owner

Not currently available in this region.

It's HOT! because:

  • swaddle, carry, roam: in & out of the buggy
  • a snug & secure fit in the fully reclined (lie-flat) seat of your e3™ stroller
  • soft, long handles for 'sway to relax'
  • plush sides & firm base with mattress for a comfortable ride
  • zip down top for easy access to baby
  • plenty of room for newborn: 60cm/23.6" long
  • compatible with your e3v1, e3v2 or e3 twin buggy

Love it! Love it! Love it!


A wonderful add-on to the best stroller in the world. Our newborn can sleep comfortably in back while our toddler is riding in front. The Cocoon makes the ride more plush and keeps our baby warm and comfortable. Great because we can remove our baby from the stroller without waking her. Definitely buy this.

Wish we would have had this when we had our first baby.


I recently purchased this to use with our youngest and it is great because we can go for a walk and she can sleep comfortably. This is very easy to use and our baby is more comfortable in it than she was in the carseat when we used that in the stroller. We also used this as a bed when we were visiting my in laws. The cost was reasonable especially if you plan to use it for more than one child. We use our stroller almost every day and this allows us to go out while it is naptime. It is possible to fold the buggy with this inside which makes it really convenient because it doesn't take up any more space and I can still fit the buggy comfortably in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla.

Happy Traveller


Very happy with cocoon. Went travelling with my baby and needed nothing else for him to sleep in. Served it's purpose very well!!!

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