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up and away travel bag

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All the protection your stroller deserves! This travel bag works just like your golf trundler, with stroller wheels sitting outside the bag for easy transportation. Or remove buggy wheels for in-flight pack down!

Not currently available in this region.

This travel bag is compatible with the following stroller models:

  • e3 
  • classic 
  • sport 
  • dash 
  • explorer 
  • hammerhead 
  • S3
  • dot
  • navigator 

Extremely Tight Fit


Has anyone else had trouble fitting the stroller into this case? It seems too small -- my very strong husband and I pulling together could barely yank and pull the darned thing into the travel case. It doesn't help that the case comes with no instructions, and the two sentences of instructions in the stroller manual are virtually no help. I suppose if you need to check the stroller onto an airplane (like we do) this is your only option for this stroller, but they ought to be able to manufacture it with a little bit of wiggle room. Even after all our wrangling, we still couldn't get the zipper closed all the way. I sincerely hope this doesn't mean major trouble once it's checked (visions of ripped zippers and missing/mangled $300 strollers running through my head) -- we'll find out soon. Just for the record, this is not my first problem with Phil & Ted's products being manufactured too small -- when I first got my Sport stroller the shoulder straps that are supposed to adjust weren't able to because of a manufacturing defect. Regal Lager (the US distributor) quickly sent me a replacement main frame, but again with no instructions. It took me half a day and three phone calls to them to get it done. Maybe there are similar manufacturing errors on the travel bag that makes it too tight? Would love to know if anyone else has had similar problems...

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