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highpod high chair

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Fiesta & siesta: phil&teds smart easy-seat high chair with feed & snooze adaptability that really grows with your little tiger. Rarrr!  


Small, simple and to the point. No extra cracks to hold yucky food or spilled juice. Easy to clean and love that it reclines for my 4 month old!

Vanessa – Mother of 2

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   The highpod ™ high chair is HOT! because:

  • smooth transition from full recline to upright without removing junior
  • safety certified in all 3 recline positions
  • allows your child to feed at any angle, then snooze in the highchair from newborn to 20kgs
  • aerocore seat insert - cushioning, hypo-allergenic, easy-care, washable and antislip
  • telescoping legs: 5-position seat height adjustability
  • unique seat design, telescoping legs and removeable food tray allows junior to dine at your dinner table with the rest of the family
  • removable & diswasher safe food tray cover 
  • removable high-heels and lumbar jack seat insert (included) distributes weight evenly and provides optimum support, keeping them fidget-free for longer
  • weight capacity :: 20kg / 44lbs sitting upright - 7kg / 15.4lbs in sleepy (reclined) position

Gorgeous Design!


I've had this highchair since they were first released in 2010. I chose it based on it's modern design and because it looked easy to clean. I haven't been disappointed! My favourite features are that it has a one handed recline, interchangeable trays (I bought the additional large tray) and removable seat insert.



We are so in love with this high chair! Its the perfect size, the straps do up so easily, I love that you can tear it all apart for super easy cleaning! The fact that we can bring her right up to the table if we want or have it free standing with the tray is another plus in our books. The tray is so easy to remove and I love the cover for easy cleaning. All in all we are totally happy with our high pod and would buy one again in a heart beat.

Pretty good


Well, I was dying to read a review before I bought this chair so now I will submit one! I have had the chair for 4 days now and like it a lot. I do kind of wish I had it much earlier because I think my daughter would have enjoyed hanging around in the kitchen with me it the highpod instead of the bouncy chair. As a high chair I do like it but there are a couple of negatives. I think the footprint seems a bit bigger than I expected and I really wish it had wheels or something to allow it to slide on the floor. I love that the seat is small and the tray is small too - I just don't understand the need for the big trays and chairs of the Peg and others. In the highpod the tray is actually in the right spot as opposed to underneath my daughters chin! The liner is really nice to clean with no cracks and crevices for food to hide it. It would have been nice for the tray to be a "one-hander" but I can survive without that. I find the shoulder pads a little too bulky for a little peanut with no neck. The straps are easy to adjust and tighten but the extra bit hangs down and little hands find it and think they are lovely to chew on (very messy). The other drawback of the straps is that there is no way to disconnect the shoulder harness from the waist harness for when they are older and don't need the shoulder support. That means that when you want to use it just as a chair and not with the tray the child needs to wear the shoulder part too to stay safe - not all that attractive to a 2-3 year old for sure! Basically I decided on this chair because I wanted a smaller chair than the more common highchairs on the market AND I needed a highchair that would elevate to counter height. Believe it or not, this is the only chair I found that went high enough. I do really like the chair but I know that there will be things about it that will drive me crazy over the next few years!!


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