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classic buggy

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The thrifty inline™ - classic phil&teds stroller functionality at an outstanding price.

 "This is all you need for a perfect all round buggy. Others have all the bells and whistles, but this just works!" - Dan Hopkirk, classic owner

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Adapt to take 2 inline™ with the classic double kit : for newborn to two toddlers - one buggy, loads of years

Slimline & lightweight: (620mm/24.4in x 11kgs/24.3lbs)


The classic ™ stroller is HOT! because:

  • phil&teds double inline stroller functionality at an outstanding price
  • slim & lightweight
  • suitable from newborn to 6 years or maximum weight limit of 20kg
  • adapts to take 2 (newborn & toddler or two toddlers) with the classic double kit (sold separately)
  • maximum weight limit in double kit on front: 20kg / 44lbs, and on rear: 15kg / 33lbs
  • globally safety certified
  • one hand fast fold
  • folds with classic double kit on front
  • large parcel tray
  • cup holder ready
  • follow the sun sunhood with flipout sun visor
  • adjustable handle



We love this stroller! It's great when you have 2 kids and have the ability to use the stroller as a single or double because let's face it...toddlers don't always want to ride. It's so great to have a stroller that converts! It has definite upgrades to the sport including safety features that we were THRILLED they addressed. We love the look and it has an extremely smooth ride. I don't feel like I'm pushing a bus and it's perfect for exercising too, it accomplishes a single, double and joggler all in one. So even though it's expensive, I feel it saved us money by not having to buy 4 different strollers to accomplish what this ONE can.

LOVE the adjustable handle, my husband and I have different hight needs, the single I had before this was hard on my husband's back because he had to bend over to push it. He loves the way it looks and handles and now we fight over who gets to push the stroller. I shopped for 6 months trying to find the perfect stroller and when this one was released, I found my perfect stoller and I'm loving it!

The Only Stroller You'll Need


I absolutely LOVE this stroller. I bought it when I was expecting my second & haven't looked back. Prior to this we had a Zooper Boogie (3 wheel) that was great but bulky & not a double. We also had a Maclaren which I LOVED and had gotten very accustomed to it being light and compact.

I dreaded moving to a "bus-like" stroller for my 2 under 2. The P&T is so easy to maneouver- it is light and fits through all doorways, shopping aisles, elevators, even escalators! It folds compactly and fits easily in my Jetta (even with the double seat). My toddler enjoyed sitting up high when the baby was in the full recline position (in which she slept VERY well). The baby now enjoys riding upright in the back. (I would note that there is limited room in the shopping basket when the second child is in the rear seat).

I find the harness system to be really clever- no wrestling with arms and straps. Great with a wriggly and fussy toddler! The rain cover works well and is easy to get on and off.

I appreciate that this stroller easily converts from a single to a double since I can use it when I just have one child out with me. We have the red colour and although it shows dirt it cleans up easily with a soapy cloth.

I've had a lot of compliments on its' design and truly enjoy using it shopping, walking, "off roading", running, anywhere really. I'm thoroughly happy with this purchase & we'll use it for years to come! I tell my friends to buy it with their first so they don't end up with muliple strollers by the time they have their second.

Good but not Great


I'm now in the process of purchasing my 3rd jogging stroller from this site. It has the best customer service, I love it!

I previously had a Tike Tech AXT and loved it, but had to get a double. So I got the P&T Classic with the doubles kit and it seemed perfect is not for serious joggers. It does not do well on trails or gravel; it is much more of a street stroller. Another problem is that my youngest child, 8 months old, sat in the back seat and would fall asleep (which normally I would never complain about!) but his neck would slouch forward in a really uncomfortable position, which would make me have to stop frequently and adjust his head. The seat can't recline, obviously, because then it would hit your knees while running. I would have laid him down in the recline position with the extra seat on top, but at his age he didn't like to lie down.

Also it has limited storage space. I had to put all my stuff (cups, phones keys, repellent, diapers, and toys) under the stroller which was hard to get to with a child in the back seat! All in all these three things were my main issues. If you can live with that, then I say get it, But for the price you could have much more!

I hated getting rid of it, it was compact and light, not to mention, stylish (I got many compliments!) but if you plan on running with it on trails or gravel I would go with something sturdier. Can't wait to try out my new BOB SUS! I didn't want to have to get a huge jogging stroller, but now I'm looking forward to all the luxuries it comes with!

SO GREAT Even Though Imperfect


The Phil & Ted's Classic Buggy Double Stroller is as close to perfect as I can imagine, especially for the price. I have three children under five and cannot imagine life without this stroller. I love smart design, and this stroller has it in spades. The placement of the two seats is genius, and the fact that everything converts to fit the needs of growing children is gravy. I only used the reclining newborn position once, though. Even on smooth asphalt my little one was jostled and swayed too much and the straps didn't cinch small enough for him. (FYI, he was an average-sized newborn at 7+ pounds.) Speaking of the straps, I agree with another reviewer who complained that her preschooler can let herself out of them. My two-year-old does it effortlessly, unfortunately for me.

Though bulky and heavy, this stroller is sturdy and easy to maneuver. Other parents often inquire about it when we load it up and take it out. Though the cargo space is small, it's a deficiency I choose to overlook because it fits a diaper bag and three sippy cups just fine. (Personally, I would never opt for the in-line or side-by-side double stroller options in favor of more cargo space.) Tip: if you're a shopaholic who needs room for multiple tote bags, carry a backpack-style diaper bag and/or get a removable hook that fits on the stroller handle instead.

My final grouse is that we received a model with a bum wheel. (I'm convinced it's a fluke.) The tire tube ruptured on the first filling and after being replaced, the whheel wobbles and scrapes against the splatter shield. The shields themselves are flimsy. Even with this flaw and the other few, I would still buy this stroller again. It has eliminated any need for me to own another stroller. My final word: You won't find a better combination of function and style for the price.

Great form, function lacking


I have 5 children aged 9 years to 5 weeks. I have owned MANY strollers. I bought this stroller when I was expecting my 4th.

If you read the many other reviews of P&T strollers, you'll get a good feeling for their strengths and weaknesses. The only other comment I would add is that the 5 point "safety" harness system on the seats is poorly designed. The push tabs are too easy to unlock, and my 19 month old lets herself out at will. Not safe or convenient, especially with the 5 week old asleep underneath (my stroller is a double).

They need to switch to a lock that is harder to figure out, and much harder to execute!

These look stunning!


These work as well as they lok. So much more versitle than your traditional high chair

Best Stroller Available


My wife and I have had a P&T in-line for 4 years now and we love it. I have not had any of the issues mentioned in other reviews (bursting tires, easy-to-unlock-straps, etc.) We have recommended the stroller to everyone who asks about it.

I also can't say enough about how durable it was- due to a miscommunication between my wife and I, we left it behind the car one day and I proceeded to run it over, and despites some scuffs and minor tears it worked perfectly!

Also, as an engineer I have a soft spot for well designed devices, and I was impressed with how well the whole "double-kit" system works. I felt it was rather ingenious. We highly recommend this stroller.

Fantastic simplicity


this is all you need for a perfect all round buggy. Others have all the bells and whistles, but this just works!

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