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promenade buggy

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Welcome to first class...

 Premium urban inline stroller with reversible and convertible flat bed seats... and ultimate style. 8 in 1 adaptability for the 8 modes you really need.

 "I LOVE it! This is SO user friendly & great to push! We have definitely had people checking it out! Looks fabulous! Thanks Phil&Teds!" - Delia, promenade owner

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Adapt to take 2 inline with the promenade double kit . From newborn baby to two toddlers: one buggy, loads of years

Slimline & lightweight: (64cm/25" wide x 13kg/28lbs as single or 16kg/35lbs as double)


It's HOT! because:

  • convertible flat bed seats - turn your seat and/or double kit into a flat bed for newborn and back again
  •  rear or forward facing seat - baby can face you or the world
  •  adjustable footrest - adjusts to your childs height and comfort
  • one hand adjust triple-recline main seat and double kit , from upright to sleep-ideal layback
  • extendable sliding handle for your comfort
  • removeable flexible bumper bar - move your child in and out of the buggy with ease
  • sunhood with zip-out mesh extension for air circulation and maximum comfort
  • airless tires with front wheel suspension - smooth undisturbed travel
  • globally safety certified
  • car seat adaptor compatible (with car seat) - availability is country dependent
  • newborn to four years, maximum seat load 18kg / 40lbs, maximum lie flat bed load 9kg / 20lbs



Several years ago I saw a woman jogging with a Phil&Teds Sport sorelltr with doubles kit. Never having seen anything like it, I knew I wanted that sorelltr when I started my family. So while pregnant with my 1st child, I ordered the Phil&Teds Sport. I loved it mostly, but had a few complaints. Several months ago I realized that Phil&Teds had just come out with a new sorelltr that fixed all the complaints I had with the Sport. I promptly sold my Sport and purchased the Explorer and have been thrilled with my sorelltr ever since. Here are the things I love about the sorelltr:- it's a jogger sorelltr just in case you might ever want to run with it (front wheel can swivel or lock)- it has substantial wheels that will easily roll over any terrain (and glides like air on smooth surfaces)- it has a second seat that can be added when you have a second kid******* (prob the best feature!!!!- you won't have to buy a new sorelltr when you have your 2nd kid!!)- even with the second seat on, the sorelltr is only the size of a single sorelltr, so you're not this massive moving thing trying to get through a store or park.- it folds (easily!) almost flat & locks (some don't lock, so they're floppy, making it hard to get in and out of a car)- the handle moves so that whoever is pushing can put the handle where it is most comfortable for them (this is especially good for tall people)- the seat is padded, removable, and washable- you can buy an adaptor that allows you to put a car seat on the sorelltr. The doubles kit can be used at the same time.- it has an awesome sun shade that follows the sun so you move the shade wherever you need it to block the sun. The 2nd seat also has its own sunshade.- it has a great basket underneath. This basket is where the 2nd kid's feet go though, so once you're using the sorelltr for two kids, you lose a lot of the basket storage, but to me its totally worth it to have a sorelltr that holds 2 kids but isn't massive. I solved that issue (lack of storage when used with 2 kids) by getting a diaper bag back pack.- the brake is very very easy to use (a huge improvement over the Sport)I honestly don't have a single complaint about the sorelltr. The only negative thing to be aware of is the lack of storage when used with two kids. But like I mentioned, this con is really just a trade off for having two kids fit in the space of a single sorelltr. It's just something to be prepared for.Finally- Phil&Teds customer service is fabulous! When I first received my new sorelltr, it came with a deformed wheel. I immediately called Phil&Teds about it. Since the sorelltr was still so new, they didn't have replacement parts yet, so they took a wheel off their demo sorelltr at their office and sent that straight to me. I was incredibly impressed.Every time I use my sorelltr, I think about how wonderful it is. Every time I see a mom struggling to push her massive double sorelltr through a store, I think about how awesome my sorelltr is. I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is. And how unique it is. It's worth every bit of its price tag!

A thing of beauty


Talk about a versatile stroller!
We fell in love with Phil & Teds strollers years before even considering having kids... the build quality, design and sleek looks are just amazing.
Before purchasing the Promenade we bought the Smart+Peanut stroller, given that we live in NYC and DC we needed a stroller that didn't take up much space. Unfortunately after receiving the 'Smart' we ran into car seat compatibility issues.
After visiting a local store, we were introduced to the Promenade which was as sleek and easily maneuverable as the Smart and only about an inch wider. It is also compatible with more car seats on the market, just not Graco's SnugRide Click-Connect (we ended up going with the Maxi-Cosi Mico).

The video I made is just to show the many options and positions you can use, making it a truly all-in-one stroller.

-Easy to fold
-Materials made to last

-Lack of accessories from Phil & Teds
-No Peanut or Snug like bassinet available for the Promenade
-No 'fun' colors available for the seat liner, hood, etc, like other P&T's models (only available colors for the Promenade: red, black, grey, and light grey)

I think our doorman nailed it the other day when he described it as "the Rolls-Royce of strollers".

You won't regret getting it!



This pram/pushchair always surprises me with little smart things it has every time I think 'I wish it had this' it turns out it has it! Now my baby is 7 months he loves the pushchair and then when he naps the v easy conversion to the pram and the full hood makes him sleep comfortably. The height is also great compared to others as when we are out the handle slides in and my son sits upright in the chair playing at the table while we eat so he is involved. This is great when they are still to small for the high chair. The sun cover which is part of the hood really works and as my son gets bigger the hood removes completely. Everyone who has used this pram has found it v easy to put up/down and it's light but v sturdy. The only thing I wish it did have was a waterproof cover or a foot muff as the cocoon did not last long as my son is a long baby so it only lasted until he was 3months and he found it restricting. Overall, a brilliant pram/pushchair.



I have been waiting for the release of this buggy & within a day of it being instore in Wellington I took our one home. I LOVE it! This is SO user friendly & great to push! We have definitely had people checking it out! Looks fabulous! Thanks Phil&Teds!



Amazing pram, currently pregnant with my second and my son will be 14 months when i am due. It is extremely versatile enabling them to both lay down or sit up, it is very easy to convert. I tested several types of doubles and this is easily the best. It is a great size (not too long or too wide), very easy to manouvre and looks great, I've get plenty of compliments!



Looks fabulous. when can i bay this ? i want this =)

Incredibly impressed


We recently purchased the Phil and Teds Promenade stroller with the doubles kit as we have newborn twins. We have been incredible impressed with it, particularly as we wanted something that wasn't too wide to get through the aisles in the grocery store as well as something with a bassinet option. I use the stroller every day, the babies sleep or watch the world go by and look and feel very secure. It's quick to put up and fold away, although pretty bulky to travel with. It's simple and classic looking, but could do with a couple well thought out accessories (for example a sturdier cup holder - the current one is very flimsy and unsafe to put a hot drink in). On the whole, i'd highly recommend it and we look forward to using the seats in their upright positions in a few months time.

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