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Okkar DNA

Hjá phil&teds, við ráðum besta fólkið sem við getum og gefum þeim tækifæri til að sýna sinn hæfileika dans – við köllum þau phil&teds hausa.


Okkar markmið? Við viljum "vera vöru merki númer eitt fyrir foreldra, allowing them to continue to lead a dynamic and active lifestyle, with kids in tow". Preachy? Hope not. Aspirational? Hope so! Don't get it right much but die trying? Yep. Have a go and get it right sometimes? You bet!

Our people live our values daily (lots of them are parents too!). Heck: we know we're not for everyone (sigh), but read on and if it makes sense then send your CV. But if you're reaching for the prozac then, at least now, we both know.

Even those of us that aren't parents get juiced by the fact that every day, in 50-odd countries, we might be making a meaningful difference to someone's life. And we can do it from Newtown, NZ….pffffft!

The anatomy of a typical phil&teds head:

  • A sense of curiosity and initiative – we like people who dig a little deeper, aren't afraid to turn over lots of rocks and who question the norm. We're always looking for a(nother) big idea, and we know anyone can have it.
  • A bunch of smarts and wit – if you have plenty of academic horsepower and can use it in an irreverent and original way, then you're halfway in the door. You don't need to be brainy, just know how to apply it.
  • A solid helping of ambitious drive with a go get'em attitude – if you were the kid at school who just never stopped trying to beat your mates on sports days, you could be our next phil~teds head. Winners may be grinners, but it's how you deal with failure that interests us. With more failures than a 'support group' we know how to lick our wounds and get on with it (sob). We're a lot more tigger than eeyore.
  • A heap of problem solving ability - it ain't easy out there and sometimes at phil~teds we get a few curly ones, so if you can creatively manage your way out of sticky situations, or a straight jacket, that's a real plus. You need to do your best, but know when to draw on the team.
  • Good sense of what you're not – a little self awareness goes a long way. Maybe that's why there are more languages spoken at p~t than there are people (not counting Neil's Klingon). It's not that we're fluent, or skites, it's just that we're interested enough in the other half to experience a bit of their world.
  • Evangelical qualities – if you're dedicated to the cause and keen to spread the phil&teds message, that's what it is all about.
  • Some ideas about the rules around here – if this excites you read on – if you're reaching for the prozac again, don't worry, just hit the backspace, 'cause this is not life as you know it:
  • Accountability - if you're clear about what you need to do, back yourself to do it - then go do it. Get the paperwork right later – sometimes forgiveness is easier than permission, eh? If you back yourself to explain why your great idea went pear shaped, but was worth a shot, then you're in the right place. You gotta front up (and maybe suck it up). This tells us you're interested in the right outcome, not the right process. People say we're innovative, but the truth is, we dunno what we're doing, so we make it up as we go. For some, adventure is like going on a group inclusive tour; for us, it's a bit more like finding a scorpion in your sleeping bag. We're Columbus to your Cunard.
  • Democracy is over-rated – we might have “strong leadership” (but they screw up like the rest of us) and we'd rather have a go than have a meeting.
  • Unwavering positivity: Do you ask – what if it goes right, or what if it goes wrong? Unemployment is 6%; but that's 94% Employment right!? We try and keep our glasses half full, not half empty. We screw up, so you need the temperament to get back up there and make amends.
  • A clear sense of purpose – know what you want – know what you need, and ask if you don't. Clarity is so important but tragically missing in sooooo many workplaces.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths – let us cover you r weaknesses (we'll find out anyway/eventually).
  • Character – we don't have a mission statement (have fun & make money?) or an “ethics policy” because we know you know the difference between right and wrong. But more than this, you've got a strong sense of fairness, that means if it IS wrong then you'll want to put it right. It also means you know how to stand up for the rights of others, because you never know when that might mean your rights start slipping away.
  • Determination – odds are we won't make it to world domination. Tee hee. But a mix of suspension of disbelief and bloody minded grit has got our voice heard in the world. You need a bit of this mettle, because unfortunately the world doesn't owe us a living (and what really sucks is that they know it). Sound like you?
  • Find 'em (… find us), focus 'em, and then get out of their way. Good things happen when you give the space for talent to dance.
  • Risk taking. It's OK to be wrong – if you're not making mistakes, then you're probably just making too few decisions. You're here 'cause you get it right more often than not. You're happy risking a little pain now, to reach for the stars, rather than suffer later for the regret of missing your shot.
  • Mistakes do cost money – we'd like to think of it as on-the-job training. One's an emotional, often uncontrollable, response, the other's a calculated assessment weighing probability and consequences. Most people know the difference, but can you turn fear into risk?
  • Creative and Commercial. We have a creative hot house (design, marketing) and a commercial hothouse (sales, finance, supply chain…). If you're excited about doing a good job in finance or quality control, that's cool. We need that too. It's really valuable.

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