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Phil&teds ráðningarferli


Now that you’ve seen one of our cool jobs on, dig out your C.V., give it a spit & polish, delete the name of the last company that you applied to, click the spell check button and submit it, quick smart. Even if there are no jobs that fit the brief please send us your C.V. in case something crops up. We’re growing faster than a Russian body builder’s breasts so we might just be able to create a space for you!

We like to keep our job adverts open-ended; we play it that way to ensure we find the right person for the role. Once we’ve shortlisted applicants we try to get back to everyone within a couple of weeks, and we move pretty quickly round these parts so be prepared if the phone rings…. Hey this is Phil from phil&teds, we would love you to come in for a chat and a cup of java, we can even do frothy milk……………

Righto, this is how the magic happens!

The entree

We usually do the formal bit to start off. Yinno: ask you a few questions before really getting under the bonnet. We’re always keen to know why you want to work for phil&teds and what has led you to our door(it’s the middle floor by the way). Don’t hesitate to have a list of your own questions, we like two way action.

The main course

If you get the call-up for round 2 you must be doing something right. During your second visit we like to get people in to meet the team and spend some time seeing what we really do. It’s important for potential phil&teds heads to get a feel for the people, the way we work, and the fast paced environment in which we work, just to make sure you don’t get any speed wobbles. If you’re a sales guy we may get you to take part in a little sales challenge or if you’re looking for a design or marketing role it’s your chance to show off your previous wares.

The final supper!

Once you get the call-up for the 3rd time, it’s where the rubber meets the road. You will spend some time with a couple of our team leaders and the chief cook & bottle washer (he’s our ceo). If all goes to plan we will send you some legal mumbo jumbo and try to get you onboard pretty quick. Can you start tomorrow? We've got more work than heads, and we don’t want someone else snaffling you.

So, if we tick all your boxes and sound like what you’re looking for, please check out our current vacancies section.

Unfortunately, we do not take on intern positions at phil&teds (Swedish beach volleyball teams aside).

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