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baby bed & gear, all in one


Exceptional storage. Carry everything but the kitchen sink.

Stow the whole kit & caboodle in this roomy storage compartment. Pack clothes, toys, nappies, bottles and blankets for a longer trip away, or keep it light & easy for a picnic in the park!


Carry. Store. Sleep. A bed you can carry over your shoulder.

Sturdy handles on the outer bag allow for hand or shoulder transportation. When the bassinet is flat, the straps snap-lock together to keep base and mattress in one super tidy bundle.

Nest Mesh Feature

Outdoor protection. Keep baby out of the sun.

A breathable, sheer mesh cover zips onto the rim of the bassinet for added protection against sun and insects.

Best travel sleep product or travel cot - Mother & Baby gold ribbon
Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Gold Award 2011/2012
nest - folded and unfolded (side view)

Up. Down. Within a flash. From flat pack to bed in no time.

Sets up in under 10 seconds. Packs down in even less!

nest bassinet with baby inside (diagonal view)

Open. Yet snug. Let the dreams begin.

The open design of the nest allows for easy access and air flow, and the snug and firm mattress is perfect for newborns. Extra comfort is achieved with a soft touch 100% cotton sheet. A set of three fitted sheets is also available as an accessory to keep your nest clean & fresh for everyday use.

nest - aerial view of bassinet with mattress lifted to expose breathable, ventilated base

Hidden technology. Sleep on a platform of air.

The strong and sturdy contoured base is designed to remain flat after blankets are tucked in. Excellent posture support! Perforations in the base aid ventilation and minimize moisture build up. Ideal for overnight use!

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