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Dichtbij rijden, los rijden. Van buggyboard tot stepplezier!

De freerider is een met meerdere prijzen beloond ontwerp met dubbele functionaliteit: binnen een paar seconden verander je hem van een buggyboard in een step!

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freerider connector 2

verbindingsstuk 2 voor freerider

€ 30,00

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

Love the concept


I love the concept of the freerider and my 20 month old boy uses it as a scooter and has so much fun. Its great that the board is wider than a standard scooter as he can put both feet side by side and let me push him along. However I can't use it as a scooter board attached to my buggy as it doesn't (yet?) attach to the Vibe buggy. I did know this when I bought it however was told that P&T are bringing out new connectors all the time so a Vibe connector might be coming. I am still hoping that there could be someway to connect the freerider to the Vibe as it is an awesome idea for the toddlers that want a little bit of freedom but cant walk all the way themselves.

Great idea


This looks great! Just wondering if the vibe attachment is coming so we can enjoy one.



The scooter is definitely fantastic quality and the kids love it. It's great for riding when not attached to the pram. However, we did buy it for the pram so that my 3 year old daughter could ride it when she gets tired of walking, but to be honest I find it far too awkward to actually use it for that. It's in an uncomfortable position for me pushing the pram when my daughter is on it, although I can live with that. It doesn't fold up easily when she's not riding it. And the worst part is that it is almost impossible to turn corners when it is on. I usually have to get my daughter to hop off it as it's turning circle is just too hard.

Fun and exciting


My 3 year old loves her freerider. We take it all around town and it is the perfect beginner rider for her. She can easily maneuver the rider and it's been the best tag along product we have. I recommend it for kids who want something fun and easy to use.

Awesome Addition to a Awesome Stroller


I am loving the freerider... What a conversation piece when we are out walking the kids. We have two boys. My oldest boy (2.5 years) gets too tired from walking when we go for long walks but is too energetic to sit in the stroller. So we love the ability to have him rest on the freerider between running around. It is a little difficult to steer, but still worth it! The free rider is an awesome addition to an awesome stroller. Can't wait till my son is a little older to have him skoot around on it too! LOVE IT!



We think it's fantastic and my daughter loves it. We get lots of comments about it and people ask where got it from. The only negative is I don't find it very easy to attach onto the back of the buggy.



We love the freerider for my 2.5 year old. I also have the Phil and Teds Sports stroller with the doubles kit because I also have a 1 year old. My 2.5 year old son loves to get out of the stroller and use the freerider. It's very sturdy and easy for him to use. He feels like a big boy and I feel comfortable that he safe and still close by. I would absolutely recommend the freerider.

Love this


I have the Sport buggy and have a doubles kit. Just had baby 3 in April. This attachment made it possible for me to get all three kids attached to the stroller so I can go for my walks at my own speed. Had to get used to walking slightly of center to scooter, but after a few walks I didn't even notice it. My oldest is four so he is tall (and stable) enought that I can attach the scooter without the bar and he holds on the the handle bar of the stroller (with the scooters bar attached I can't put the doubles kit at the back/bottom position and now that they baby is a little older she doesn't want to be laid back and covered up from the view. Once I figured out to attach it without its handle bar though it works great for me. Lifesaver for sure. I wasn't about to buy a new stroller, I love how compact the sport is and I really think my oldest is too old to sit in a stroller anyway, so this was the perfect solution. Have to stop at 3 now though, I'll be stuck in the house for sure with nowhere to put a fourth!



LOVE this product - best "stroller board" on the market. My son loves it, and he now is the coolest kid on the playground. Works with many strollers, too! We use it with our Verve and it's great!



My 3rd is on his way so I bought this for my 4yo to ride on the back. I love having the option on being able to push all three of my kiddos on one stroller. It is a tight fit to have one on the back with the second seat but it works!


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