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De escape heeft meer functies dan lijnen in een verweerd gezicht! En is daarmee de comfortabelste kinderdrager in de stad (& buiten de stad!).

Ontworpen voor optimaal comfort voor kind & ouder: trek er eens op uit!

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De escape ™ -babydrager is HOT! want:

  • ga je graag naar buiten? Laat je niet weerhouden door je nieuwkomer!
  • ergonomische ondersteuning voor de lendenen door heupband met extra veel padding voor rug & heupen
  • voetensteun voor een verbeterde bloedsomloop van je kind
  • geschikt voor kinderen van 3 maanden tot 3 jaar oud (max. belasting 18 kg)
  • geïntegreerde en vormbare steun voor hoofd & nek van het kind
  • body-tech Fit System™ - volledig gevoerd en ademend systeem voor lichaamsondersteuning voor jou en je passagier
  • gordelsysteem met schuifinstelling voor jou en je baby - traploze instelling in 2 eenvoudige stappen
  • base loading™-technologie - lichtgewicht, snel inklapbaar systeem met binnenvering dat je stabiel kunt neerzetten zodat je het kind er makkelijk in kunt zetten
  • inclusief gevoerd verschoonmatje en zonnekap met verwijderbaar wind- & regenscherm van pvc
  • h2o-vak biedt plek voor een waterzak, plus heel veel extra opbergruimte
  • afritsbare dagrugzak zodat je de last kunt delen

Fantastic carrier


We recently received this carrier. It is fantastic. Our 8 month old girl was happy and comfy. We love the way it stands by itself so you can easily load your baby essentials in all of the compartments as well as bub before putting it on your back! It was lightweight compared to others we have used. The straps for the carrier are comfy and soft but very supportive. The straps for our baby are also really comfy and if we had been walking for longer, she probably would have fallen asleep! We just wish it could fold / be more compact for plane travel, but then it probably wouldn't be as good so that is the trade off!

Escape review


This is so easy to use, lightweight and sturdy at the same time. We love it. We thought we'd only use it on hiking outings, but we use it around town all of the time. Our baby is comfortable in it, can see out over our shoulders, and also loves to fall asleep in it. The kickstand design is super helpful to get the baby in and out. We love the bottle holders, snap on mini back pack, and sun shade. We are very pleased with this product.



This Pack is excellent. We received it as a gift and it enabled my wife and I to enjoy an amazing hike with our 8 month old. My daughter seemed very comfortable in the pack (she even fell asleep in it!). I definitely recommend it as it is comfortable for the baby and parent and the features are well designed.

great design


We were very pleasantly surprised when we unpacked this carrier. It is very comfortable and has a lot of great features. The feet stirrups are really useful as your baby gets bigger and the kickstand is awesome for when you need to set the carrier down and grab something from the storage. Also, it has plenty of storage space; everything packs into it very nicely. While it would work for everyday walks in the park, something smaller would do just as well. If you like to hike or go for longer trips, this is definitely the carrier for you!

Too heavy for us


The Escape is far too heavy for us, I'm afraid! We're thinking of passing it on to my sister and brother-in-law. Not the product for lesbian mums.

Escape - baby backpack


After researching many different baby carriers, the Phil & Teds escape is by far the most well designed and practical option. Awesome for camping on hikes, great for inner city touring hands free. Couldn't be happier with this product.

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