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De smart is nog slimmer geworden. De volledige, compacte wandelwagen!
 De volledige smart-buggy is uitgerust met een smart-frame , zitje en zonnekap .

"Mijn buggy voldoet aan alle eisen: hij is makkelijk schoon te maken, de baby ligt comfortabel, ik kan hem met één hand sturen, al mijn boodschappen passen erin en hij neemt minder ruimte in beslag dan de andere buggy's waar ik naar gekeken heb. Ik ben er dol op." - Tasmin, smart-eigenaar

€ 299,00
Smart compact travel stroller frame from Phil and Teds


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Smart-2-hot-pink-seat Smart-2-bubblegum-blue-seat Smart-2-tangerine-seat Smart-2-lemon-seat Smart-2-licorice-seat Smart-2-lime-seat Smart-2-almond-seat


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Smart 2 Raspberry Red Hood Smart-2-Hot-Pink-Hood Smart-2-Candy-Floss-Hood Smart-2-Bubblegum-Blue-Hood Smart-2-Tangerine-Hood Smart-2-Licorice-Hood


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Aanbevolen producten:
Smart-2-raspberry-red-liner Smart-2-hot-pink-liner Smart-2-candy-floss-liner Smart-2-bubblegum-blue-liner Smart-2-licorice-liner

inlegmat voor de smart-wandelwagen

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updated smart storm cover

regenscherm voor de smart

€ 25,00

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updated smart sun cover

zonnescherm voor de smart

€ 29,00

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buggy cup holder - hero

bekerhouder voor de buggy

€ 16,00

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GRATIS verzending van alle verzending boven de € 200,00

De smart™ -wandelwagen is HOT! want:

  • ultra-aanpasbaar: compatibel met reiswieg (smart peanut) & autozitje (met adapter voor autozitje )
  • afritsbare, instelbare zonnekap in een serie felle kleuren voor ultieme bescherming
  • zacht & ondersteunend aerocore-zitje dat naar het lichaam is gevormd
  • zitje kan worden omgekeerd met behulp van de smart verso-adapters   (inbegrepen!)
  • nu nog beter in één beweging telescopisch in te schuiven en in te klappen
  • ultradraagbaar en lichtgewicht met slechts 8 kg
  • breedte: 53 cm
  • Afmetingen indien ingeklapt en wielen eraf: 95 x 45 x 20 cm
  • geschikt voor leeftijdscategorie 6 maanden tot 4 jaar of max. belasting van zitje van 20 kg

Dit product bestaat uit het wandelwagenframe, de verso-adapters en een aerocore-zitje met gordel en zonnekap. De inlegmat kun je apart aanschaffen


Heb je ook interesse in de peanut-reiswieg? Bekijk dan de smart & peanut-combi!

Love it!


We are total smart converts. Before I picked it up I admit did wonder if it would be a little small for my tall toddler, but the seat is not actually much smaller than our previous buggy at all, and I can still fit much the same amount of gear in the basket, yet weirdly it feels way more compact and it takes up far less space in our little hallway. And I love how easy it is to get in and out of the car, I can virtually do it with one hand. I also have the mesh seat.



Several years ago I saw a woman jogging with a Phil&Teds Sport solelrtr with doubles kit. Never having seen anything like it, I knew I wanted that solelrtr when I started my family. So while pregnant with my 1st child, I ordered the Phil&Teds Sport. I loved it mostly, but had a few complaints. Several months ago I realized that Phil&Teds had just come out with a new solelrtr that fixed all the complaints I had with the Sport. I promptly sold my Sport and purchased the Explorer and have been thrilled with my solelrtr ever since. Here are the things I love about the solelrtr:- it's a jogger solelrtr just in case you might ever want to run with it (front wheel can swivel or lock)- it has substantial wheels that will easily roll over any terrain (and glides like air on smooth surfaces)- it has a second seat that can be added when you have a second kid******* (prob the best feature!!!!- you won't have to buy a new solelrtr when you have your 2nd kid!!)- even with the second seat on, the solelrtr is only the size of a single solelrtr, so you're not this massive moving thing trying to get through a store or park.- it folds (easily!) almost flat & locks (some don't lock, so they're floppy, making it hard to get in and out of a car)- the handle moves so that whoever is pushing can put the handle where it is most comfortable for them (this is especially good for tall people)- the seat is padded, removable, and washable- you can buy an adaptor that allows you to put a car seat on the solelrtr. The doubles kit can be used at the same time.- it has an awesome sun shade that follows the sun so you move the shade wherever you need it to block the sun. The 2nd seat also has its own sunshade.- it has a great basket underneath. This basket is where the 2nd kid's feet go though, so once you're using the solelrtr for two kids, you lose a lot of the basket storage, but to me its totally worth it to have a solelrtr that holds 2 kids but isn't massive. I solved that issue (lack of storage when used with 2 kids) by getting a diaper bag back pack.- the brake is very very easy to use (a huge improvement over the Sport)I honestly don't have a single complaint about the solelrtr. The only negative thing to be aware of is the lack of storage when used with two kids. But like I mentioned, this con is really just a trade off for having two kids fit in the space of a single solelrtr. It's just something to be prepared for.Finally- Phil&Teds customer service is fabulous! When I first received my new solelrtr, it came with a deformed wheel. I immediately called Phil&Teds about it. Since the solelrtr was still so new, they didn't have replacement parts yet, so they took a wheel off their demo solelrtr at their office and sent that straight to me. I was incredibly impressed.Every time I use my solelrtr, I think about how wonderful it is. Every time I see a mom struggling to push her massive double solelrtr through a store, I think about how awesome my solelrtr is. I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is. And how unique it is. It's worth every bit of its price tag!

Simply Smart


We bought the phil and teds smart buggy and peanut bundle and are just in loveee with it... I used the peanut bassinet extensively during the first 5 months. I used to put my son in it and move him around the house with me. Now that he is 8 months old he just loves his stroller and the seat seems to be very comfy for him... i love how narrow and light weight it is... I got him the tangerine liner to add some color and cushion. highly recommend.

Best city stroller


We use Smart more than 1 year for our son and it's absolutely perfect - for everyday going out and for travelling!

Perfect for shorter and smaller framed ladies


The P&T Smart Stroller is perfect for shorter and smaller framed ladies, as its very compact and easy to fold up and down in 3 steps. Helps when you are a bit sleep deprived, as there isn't a lot of thinking required!

It's perfect for small sedan style cars with boots (trunks) without a lot of space.
The stroller is made for outings to malls, shops and urban areas...not so much for extreme outdoor runs and hikes on gravel roads and alike.
We use the P&T Bebe Star capsule with the stroller (you need adapters for it!) and on longer outings we use the Peanut - both products also highly recommended!

Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if I chose a capsule with a base rather, as sometimes it gets tricky trying to put the safety belt over the capsule...clicking the capsule into the base would be easier.



i purchased this stroller 3 weeks ago...i love it. my son is 8 months old and has had 6 pushchairs and by far this is the best one, so easy to use, lightweight and folds at a good size for most car boots. the parts are cheap to replace too. i really do like this pushchair and wish i bought this first instead of wasting my money on all the others...this one is for keeps. recommend to everyone. x

Customer review follow-up


Update on the above review "Proud to be a phil&teds family" - The sun hood was quickly and easily fixed. Thank you phil&teds for being awesome!

Best pram available


Love, love, love this stroller. I had a second hand pram and thought it would be fine until I tried going shopping.. Couldn't fit through isles, pram was heavy and bulky etc. I tried for 8 weeks to use the pram and couldn't take it any longer so after research went and purchased the Smart.

It had everything I wanted; baby could face me, was lightweight, looked good and easy to manouver. I used the pram with verso adaptors to begin with and my son would sleep easily in it and looked so comfy. Everyone comments on how good the pram looks and how it's a much better design than those 'bulky' prams. A friend even purchased one after seeing how good mine was! I can't fault it, just love it.

Has to be the best purchase I've made lately! Have thrown out my second hand pram, the Smart is all I need now.

We are proud to be a phil&teds family!


We bought the phil&teds Smart stroller a year ago because it looked sturdy, capable of traversing bumpy sidewalks and snow, and it collapsed easily. When it arrived, we couldn't believe how easily it turned and navigated tight spots. We used the conversion kit last summer when our baby was three months old. It worked well. We loved having her so high up and facing us while we were strolling around the park.

The summers in New York can be very hot and the stroller was a great fit because of the rubber seat and ventilated seat back. Then in the winter, we used the sleeping bag. Our daughter loved it. When other moms were struggling with the snow and ice, the Smart stroller kept up and got us to our destination without any falls or headaches.

We have traveled with the stroller using the travel bag. The travel bag provides great protection and allows you to have additional storage for baby items, especially while flying. My only complaint about the bag is that you must remove the wheels of the stroller to get it to fit. Luckily, that is a pretty easy task with the Smart stroller.

We have had a few issues with our stroller, which is why I couldn't give it 6 starts. The brakes became stuck and neither my husband nor I could get them to release. Phil&teds was AWESOME about the issue. They sent us a replacement stroller right away. We were so grateful for such wonderful customer service. The new stroller hasn't had issues with the breaks. However, the screws attaching the umbrella to the stroller came apart. We had to order a whole new umbrella system to get the parts to reattach the umbrella. The replacement umbrella came with rivets instead of screws, but again phil&teds customer service rescued us by sending the screws we needed. Unfortunately, the umbrella hasn't worked the same. If we hit a tiny bump, the umbrella closes or falls out of place. This is really annoying. I am hoping that we can find a solution to the issue soon (I need to contact customer service).

Overall, we have enjoyed the stroller. It has done exactly what we were hoping it would do. It is more than your typical umbrella stroller but not gigantic like some of the deluxe models. Given the price, I could have done without all of the hassles that came with this model. I also wish it was capable of adding the scooter attachment or another seat. But, you really can't beat how easy it is to turn the stroller and the rubber seat is key. Cleans up in a flash!

Stylish, comfortable, adaptable


I brought this stroller to compliment my Explorer which is a great stroller for long walks and fine for the mall if you have a car - but we don't. At the moment we only have one child and I needed a lighter stroller that was suitable to carry one handed onto a bus. I did tonnes of research before buying this stroller as I had a list of wants. Most of the reviews for the Smart Buggy were very positive and it filled all my requirements. - baby could face me - lightweight - easy, one piece fold - compact - not too expensive - foot break.

This stroller is almost perfect for my needs. It is really lightweight to push and runs like a dream. One of my son's favourite games is when I "dance" with him in his stroller - I can "twirl" him 360 degrees one handed in the smart because it is so compact and runs so smoothly. I am using it mainly in malls and High Streets that are smooth running surfaces. It is not so great on uneven paths and "off road" but it was not really designed as an all-terrain stroller. It's great for a place like Singapore where shops often have very narrow isles. I was even able to get it through the regular gantries on the London Underground.

I tried my son in a few umbrella strollers and he always seemed to be reclined too much in the full upright position or slouching whereas he sits really well in this stroller. My son has slept easily in both the facing out and facing me positions. It is not possible to review this stroller without talking about its looks. I love the stylish looks and the fold is relatively compact. I have taken this out for a whole day travelling on all sorts of public transport with it folded and unfolded. It gets over curbs easily, up and down escalators easily,and can be bumped up and down steps. This split handles are really useful as you can put all manner of items over them and store them out of the way. I hook my baby bjorn baby carrier straps over the handles and it sits snugly out of the way behind the seat I can also hook a nappy bag over the handrails and it will also be tucked out of the way. I often have it "fully loaded" with a nappy bag and a baby carrier hanging over the handles and shopping in the basket and on the handles and it still pushes easily and never tips backwards - even without my son in the seat. It can be a little difficult to push one handed over rough ground.

I also have the verso and the sun shade and rain cover and was able to use the verso with both the sun and rain shade with a bit of rigging. It can be a bit of a trick getting the stroller to face as you need to have somewhere to put the baby while take off the seat attach the verso and put the seat back in

I haven't given this 5 stars as I think there are a few areas where this Stroller could be improved -It would be nice if it could face both ways without an extra attachment and fold with the seat facing both ways - it would be nice if it could recline a little more. - The recline is a little difficult and after using the verso for several times it now slips out of the recline position when facing me. - while the fold is fairly easy it could be improved I am often trying to fold it with my son in a baby carrier and it can be really difficult to push down that tiny little button while pushing down the handle at the same time I have to say I love the one handed fold of the Explorer - something similar on the Smart would be great. - it would be nice if the front wheels could lock.

I would definitely recommend this stroller to someone looking for a stylish, comfortable, adaptable stroller to use around town.

lightweight with a superior build


The best thing about this stroller is that it is lightweight with a superior build. Our baby finds this stroller very comfortable and has no trouble relaxing or falling asleep when we go on long walks. The worst thing about this stroller is that it does not come with certain items that, given the price, should be included. Specifically, I am referring to the Verso adapters and the cushy ride. Other than that though, we love this stroller!

Compact with style


I was looking for a light compact stroller that would be easy to use on buses and trains, and the smart fit the bill nicely. It's easy to maneuver, and is light enough that I can carry it with a 2 year old on board if I have to get up and down a few stairs. The smart also looks stylish, and I find it much more comfortable to push than a traditional umbrella stroller. I did have a problem with the sunshade coming loose, but the retailer was able to have it replaced under warranty, and I've had no issues since then.

The most adorable stroller we have owned


This is the most adorable stroller we have owned. It is so easy to use and so compact! We love to change the seat covers and are currently using the baby blue. We give this buggy a 6 and will be purchasing more products from Phil and Ted for our next baby!!

Smart buggy


Great buggy love it light, easy to fold and use, small and glides smoothly only downfalls is wish the storage underneath was deeper and didn't need so many adaptors to fit all the seats, seat is hard unless you buy the liner and but I love it and it's great for the price.

smart buggy


This stroller is compact and handy, but I really wish it had better wheels! These are made of solid plastic/rubber and only slightly bouncy, which means that when I push the stroller along a cobbled street (there are a lot of those in Utrecht, Netherlands) my baby is really shaking when she's lying in the Peanut! Hopefully it'll go better once I can install the seat in a few months...

best for tall people


This stroller is the BEST if you are tall as the back wheels do not have a bar between them so allows you to stride out! It is the only smaller stroller [rather than mountain buggy style] on sale in my town which allows comfortable walking without kicking the bar as you walk. Didn't give it 6 stars because we needed to send it back for repairs to the wheel/brake system soon after purchase, but it seems ok now and it was all under warranty. So 6 stars for service tho!



I've been using my Smart for 5 months now and am so glad I did all that research and picked this one! I feel very smug when the other mums in my mother's group are complaining about how big and unwieldy their Bugaboos are and how on top of the thousands they spent for it, they need another, smaller lightweight stroller too. Mine does everything, is easy to clean, baby is comfy, I can drive it with one hand, it can carry all my shopping, and takes up a smaller footprint than the others I looked at. I just love it.

Wicked XD


We used this buggy for my daughter (now 3 months) and she even slept in the peanut instead of her bassinet as I could easily move it from room to room which was great after having a c-section. She is already in the seat rear facing as we bought the verso attachment. Even though we have had a small problem with the handle breaking, it is still worth the 6 stars. Best thing baby related that we own!!

Feedback smart


I have an Emmalunga and i love it but it's soo bug and going on holidays need all the room i can get.The smart is not only light small it's totally HOT !! next baby i will be getting the Peanut and selling the Emmalunga asap.

Delight to Ride!


Used a Emmalunga for newborn and loved it however the Smart* is simply fantastic. Light, easy to fold and super COOL! My boy loves it and pesters me to 'ride his new car' all day. It glides over all terrains. An excellent investment. Recommend to anyone looking for a simple, quick and stylish mode of modern transport.

Worth the $


Absolutely worth the money! We purchased a cheap stroller a year ago and now I wish I never wasted my money. This stroller is great, and my son loves it. Love the sunshade too! Protects his skin when other prams would fail to because you can adjust the position.



Just received it this afternoon didn't even need the instructions it was just so simple to use... i also have a p&t sport just for going to the shops this is is a little hard but i bought cushy for it which really makes a difference,

Loveeee it


Worth the wait.Lightweight,easy to use love it.

feel good


just purchased. looks pretty good to me... simple and knit


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