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At phil&teds, we hire the best people we can and give them opportunities to make their talent dance – we call 'em phil&teds heads, they're a bit of a unique bunch!

Our mission: We want "to be the number one brand of choice for parents, allowing them to escape nursery prison!" Preachy? Hope not. Aspirational? Hope so! Don't get it right all that often, but die trying? Yep. Have a go and get it right sometimes? You bet!

Our people live our values daily (lots of them are parents too!). Heck, we know we're not for everyone (sigh), but read on and if it makes sense then send us your CV . But if you're reaching for the Prozac, then at least now we both know...  

Even those of us that aren't parents get juiced by the fact that every day, in 50-odd countries, we might be making a meaningful difference to someone's life. And we can do it from Newtown, NZ… pffft!

The anatomy of a typical phil&teds head...


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