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navigator legacy buggy

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Go everywhere inline...

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Adapt to take 2 inline with the navigator double kit . From newborn baby to two toddlers: one buggy, loads of years! Slimline at 59cm / 23" wide, lightweight 12.5kg / 28lbs


It's HOT! because:

  • on and off road dependability - in & beyond the city
  • suitable for passengers newborn to 5 years (or maximum weight load of 20kg / 44lbs)
  • one hand fast fold to ultra compact 76 x 59 x 30cm / 30 x 23 x 11.8"
  •  multi-position, easy layback main seat adjust: from upright to new-born perfect lie-flat 
  • contoured, ventilated main seat 
  • complete with seat liner in multiple colour options
  • tail free, easy-adjust harness with additional 'tuck away' strap length
  • sleep-ideal, one-hand recline on double kit  
  • large, follow-the-sun sunhood with flip-out sun visor 
  • easy on-off pedal (foot) brake
  • auto-locking frame for safety fold
  • all plastic, wipe-clean footwell
  • premium fabric with soft, matte finish for style & comfort
  • multi-position & easy adjust handlebar
  • Includes bumper (grab) bar
  • compatible with the face-to-face parent facing seat 
  • compatible also with the snug carrycot  
  • car seat compatible (with car seat adaptor - sold separately. Model availability is country dependent)

Practical, durable and oh so pretty!


I have owned both P&T Sport and P&T Explorer before I bought the Navigator stroller. I used to dream of a "love baby" of those two models, which would combine the following features: 1) I need a reclining second seat, so I can recline both seats at least a little bit when my kids fall asleep (sport has reclining 2nd seat, Explorer doesn't) 2) Explorers sun canopy over Sports 3) The easy strap recline over the Sports buckle recline

Well, my dreams were (almost) heard and P&T came out with the Navigator stroller: It has a reclining second seat (check!), It has the follow the sun canopy just like in Explorer (check!), then yikes: It has the BUCKLE recline system similar to Sport instead of the easier strap recline of the Explorer.. Big minus, but I'll live with it...

If my toddler would keep his hands to himself in the bottom seat, and he would not constantly keep opening the buckles of the main seat, I would give this 5 stars... BUT the buckle recline is a major disappointment for the following reasons:

First of all if you have a little prankster sitting in the bottom seat (like mine), and he knows he can annoy his mom and sibling by unlocking the recline buckles, he'll be doing just that.. Several times.. Making both main seat rider and the mom scream (and also making the seat hit their own face at times).

Secondly: It doesn't recline your sleeping child as smoothly as the strap recline (mom has to support the seat while releasing slowly both side buckles, so that the child doesn't just quickly fall downwards). Everyone knows you do not want to wake up a sleeping baby, right?! Also, once your little one wakes up, you'll have to once again lift the seat up (with your child's' weight on the backrest) and then buckle both sides, and then tighten the buckles..

Just little things, but P&T: You had a good recline going on with the Explorer, so I'd love to see that same easier recline with the Navigator as well.

Other than the recline issue, this stroller is very easy to push, very sleek looking with the all black frame and the wonderful color options of the hoods and liners, and it can fit trough any doorway you may possibly imagine (maybe not a fairy door)..

The basket is large, and has enough room for baby essentials even if used in doubles mode, and the seat liners are very easy to remove and clean (so even if you've had to bribe your kids to be quiet and let them eat ice cream in the stroller, do not worry: just wash the liners once you get home).

I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone, it's great as a single, it's great as a double. And maybe one day it can be folded with the second seat attached to the back???

Amazing Stroller!!!!


This stroller is so lightweight and compact. All of the other double strollers are so heavy and hard to maneuver. There are also many ways to configure two children in this stroller. I love this stroller and recommend it to everyone!



We LOVE this stroller!!! The rain cover is great. It fits in my VW CC trunk. All of my other mom friends can't believe how compact it folds for such a nice jogging stroller

I absolutely love it!


I absolutely love it! The fact that I can chop and change the accessories is fab and makes it feel like I have a new stroller every time I change. I bought the stroller for the main reason that it folds up beautifully and fits in the back of my small hatchback car. I also really like the steering on the navigator because it allows me to jog, take my dog for a walk at the same time and turn tight corners easily! A really great stroller!

Amazing Stroller


I bought this stroller on phil and teds website and I had a really great experience. Shipping was really fast and the service is A+! I have a newborn a and a 15 month old and this stroller is just perfect. It is really easy to handle and it really smooth on the road. My newborn always fall asleep and my toddler enjoy the ride! It is also really compact wich is great for a double stroller. I had the bugaboo cameleon before and I would go for the Navigator even for a single! Its just perfect for us, definitely recommand this stroller!



After using the Navigator for a few weeks now, I can honestly say that it's a great product. Made from sturdy materials and feels good on the hands. Having said that, I think the folding mechanism is a problem. You can get used to it but still pretty awkward to bend over, fold it and lift it to the car, especially for a women on her own. Would be nice to have the folding trigger at the top on the handle so you don't have to bend over. Also how the front wheel folds underneath, you have to help it out under there. There's nothing that guides it as it's folding therefore makes it a hassle. It's pretty heavy too. I imagine that lighter materials could have been used for the frame and metal parts, they do the same with bikes, but it will also be more expensive. I would happily pay more for the same Navigator version that's made from carbon fiber, for example, so it's a lot lighter.

Great stroller for years to come


We also own the Maclaren "snap & go" which was great for our first infant and used the Bob stroller. For travel we use a "cheap" umbrella stroller in case it gets damaged. Now that we are expecting our second child we had to upgrade to a double stroller. In comparison to the Bob (we are still using the Navigator as a single) it doesn't seem to push as easily but it is easier than the umbrella stroller that we still use on occasion. It is much more compact and the basket is HUGE compared to the Bob. The major difference in the basket of the Bob and Navigator is that the Navigator has a much higher clearance from the seat. I live in a large city and do all my shopping walking so a large basket is helpful. I can place two paper shopping bags in the Navigator's basket (with the bags upright) whereas in the Bob the seat sits so low that I would have to place one bag on its side and carry the other. Having a compact stroller in a large city is essential and have been very pleased with the Navigator. It is also quite "streamlined" with the second seat attached. I do like the feature that I can use this stroller immediately for a newborn as the main seat fully reclines (most strollers I've researched need an attachment). I am also looking forward to purchasing the freerider stroller board once my eldest is old enough. The umbrella on this stroller is large and the best feature is that it is a "follow the sun" which the Bob does not offer. In retrospect I think we would've been better off with the Phil & Teds stroller from the beginning as it is quite versatile with all the attachment options (saddle bags & diddie bags for extra storage which will be essential in doubles configuration & the freerider board for older kids). I couldn't rate this product as a 5 star since our umbrella was "defective" as it didn't "follow the sun". After excellent customer service by the company however, a replacement was sent out quite promptly. It appears our umbrella was just extra "stiff" as we discovered when sending it back to the company (they wanted to research it for quality control). One really cannot go wrong with a great product and great customer service.

Naviagtor review


I've only had this for a few days, but so far I love it and so does my 6 month old baby! I can't compare it to other similar strollers since I never tried them out, but it really is everything I would want in a stroller. I spent a lot of time researching strollers, especially looking for strollers that are not made with harmful materials. I emailed mountain buggy/phil& ted and got a quick reply that was a page long informing me of strict standards and chemical testing done on the materials used to make the product. The email was quite in depth so I won't elaborate on it here, but it made me very confident in the product and was one of the factors I used for purchasing phil&ted products. Prior to this stroller, we used a car seat with attachment stroller- worked fine for what it was but so glad to get my baby out of that car seat( material composition/potential off-gassing in the fabric was the main issue!). The ride with the Navigator is like riding on air ( I assume) compared to strollers with non-inner tube tires. The navigator moves easily with one hand and so far I has been great to use for jogging. It was very easy to set up- I was able to put it together during my daughter's short nap! The written instructions are a little hard to follow, but the video on the website really helped. As far as negatives, I really don't have any. But as for some things to consider- the golden kiwi color is a little more yellow - almost a mustard color in person. But still very attractive. And the basket in the bottom (which turns into the feet area for the second child) is smaller than I expected. I liked to put my grocery bag in the basket area of my other stroller and I can see that I won't be able to put as big a bag in this stroller. One thing that I really like, is the move with the sun shade hood- my daughter doesn't like the sun in her face- and this hood can be pulled all the way down- something that I was concerned about based on the pictures. I published this on Amazon a few days after I got my buggy and I a month later, I still feel the same about it. In addition, I purchased the face-to-face seat. Initially, I thought it might be a waste of money, as my daughter was almost 7 months old when I got it, but it is the best $50 I've spent, even if I only get another month out of it. I love being able to look and interact with her on our walks/runs. I always feel sad when I see other parents pushing their little ones along and aren't able to connect with their baby as I am with my daughter.

Awesome stroller!,


I live in NYC, where a stroller is my car. Thus I have a lot of requirements in choosing a stroller. I've always loved the Phil and Teds design. I love how compactly two kids can fit into one stroller. I love the single, front swivel wheel. I can steer the stroller easily with one hand. It pushes so easily. I previously had the E3 Phil and Teds stroller, and recently upgraded to the Navigator. I am so happy with it. The fabric material is really nice and easy to clean. I love the sun hood and I love the adjustable handle. The only negative I can think of is that the basket at the bottom ends up being smaller in the Navigator than in other Phil and Teds double strollers. The doubles kit sits closer inside the basket. So I can't put as big of bags in the basket and the doubles seat is more difficult for a toddler to get in and out of because there is less clearance. But I guess because it sits closer in, it is easier to hang on diaper bag on the stroller handle without it getting in the way of the doubles seat. Otherwise, I am completely happy with this stroller!



I love my new Navigator Stroller!!! everything about it. It fits both my children very comfortably and it super easy for me to maneuver around tight corners and through skinny doorways. The seats recline nicely so you can have your kids nap easily. and we love the adjustable bar... AND the customer service was extremely helpful when I called with ALL of my questions

The Navigator


We have recently purchased a Phil and Teds Navigator. The most noticeable trait is how great it looks; I feel good walking down the street with my new baby in it. We take it cross country on a local walking route - the big sturdy wheels ensure it handles well. As my wife and I use it together the ease of changing handle height is a really plus point - no one has to hunch down or stretch in order to push it along. It is currently in new born mode. The harness is ease to use and I feel the baby is very secure. As we did not originally purchase the rear facing attachment (will be getting it soon though) I like being able to look through the plastic to see the baby as we are walking along. I would like to have slightly more room in the storage basket at the bottom. We also purchased the carry case (the Navigator folds up and can be tucked away with ease) as we will be flying with it shortly. It looks as though it will easily handle the rigors of any airport baggage handlers.


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