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The only convertible car seat that clicks onto a stroller.

Safety Certified

ECE R44/04

Age Range

Birth to 4 years

Product weight

Capsule: 3.5kg / 8lbs
Total: 9kg / 20lbs

Maximum load

Newborn mode:
up to 
13kg / 28lbs

Toddler Mode:  
9-18kg / 


Newborn mode (with base)
53 x 51 x 64cm /21" x 20"x 25"

Newborn mode (without base)
84 x 51 x 61cm /33" x 20"x 24"

Toddler mode
67 x 51 x 44cm /26" x 20"x 17"

Safety harness (5 point)

5-point padded
safety harness

Car seat weight group

Group 0+-1


Grey Colour


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