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premium urban inline stroller


The premium urban inline

Designed with urban lifestyles in mind, promenade stroller brings you the premium aesthetics & considered functionality that every city parent desires. 

Whether you have 1  newborn baby, twins or a baby & toddler, promenade adapts to suit you with convertible lie flat seats that rear face or face forward.

55+ riding options
55+ riding options

With over 55 riding options, promenade stroller allows you to create versatile, comfortable seating for 1 baby, twins or 1 baby and a toddler. learn more


Promenade showed in various position options

newborn baby



newborn & toddler

2 toddlers

Mother with baby in lie flat promenade

Convertible lie flat seating

With one hand, you can convert the main seat & double kit to lie flat seats for 1 or 2 newborn babies to relax in ultimate comfort, with no need for a separate cot. 

From seat to bassinet - one or two!

Father with promenade and 2 carseats attached
From the carpark to the park

promenade can take two capsules as a travel system , allowing you to cruise with one or two snoozing children wherever you go! 

twin capsules forward facing
  twin capsules one rear facing twin capsules both forward facing
Parents smiling at baby in parent facing position of promenade

Face you or face the world

promenade’s multi-function seat can face you for maximum bonding time or out to the world to give your child time to explore their surroundings.

single rear facing promenade
double rear facing promenade
sleepy rear facing layback & sleepy both forward facing

Supported every step of the way

Upholstered in plush textiles and with an adjustable foot rest, your child can ride and relax in comfort.

adjustable foot rest positions

Controlled fast fold for convenience

Use the two hand trigger controlled fold to make packing up easy after a busy day.

close up of tyres
Smooth to move

With puncture proof tyres and front wheel suspension for smooth and undisturbed travel.

family standing next to promenade

Both stylish and smart

promenade is both stylish and smart with sleek aluminium framing and stunning aesthetics.

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