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Mission: become a phil&teds head!



If you’ve seen one of  our cool jobs , dig out your C.V., give it a spit & polish, delete the name of the last company that you applied to, click the spell check button and send it across to our 'people's princess'... 





See she really is a princess (some say precious...).  
Even if there are no jobs that fit the brief, 
send us your C.V. in case something crops up. 


Once you've applied for a job, what happens?

Firstly, we call for you a chat.  Ask a few questions, find out if you have any issues with fancy dress (a regular occurrence at phil&teds Support Office!!) and what attracted you to us.

Second stage we invite you to come in and meet us, grab a coffee from our onsite barista, Kane and chat some more. Sometimes we ask you to bring some work, do a task or show us what you're made of!
Thirdly, we like you to meet a few other people from around the business.  We're a tight unit here and encourage collaboration, so you'd meet a few phil&teds heads from other teams.

If you tick the above boxes and have the following, we wanna hear from you...
phil&teds isn't about Armani suits and ties - we’re about a high performance culture, that has fun and makes money! We've built up global relationships with our customers: retailers, sales agents and parents - we’re real people, doing real things - ensuring parents escape nursery prison and live a life without limit!

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