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life @ phil&teds


No two days are ever the same at phil&teds. Ever. Strap on your helmet, it’s time to ride! 

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get into whatever needs doing then you’re what we’re lookin’ for. Our people are not scared to put their hands up or take on a new challenge. From Newtown to New York, phil&teds has been making kids stuff for over 15 years, so parents can escape nursery prison and live a dynamic life with kids in tow!  Our phil-osophy is adapt&survive and we can honestly say - some claim this and seldom possess it - we have unique spirit and culture and live by that ethos, daily.

At phil&teds, we hire the best people we can and give them opportunities to make their talent dance – we call 'em phil&teds' heads.   

Our people live our values daily (lots of them are parents too!). Heck, we know we're not for everyone (sigh), but read on and if it makes sense then send your CV . But if you're reaching for the Prozac, then at least now we both know....

Sales & Foreign Affairs – these are the guys in shiny suits. OK, not really, but the sales guys manage relationships with our most excellent retailers and global Sales Agents. Take the orders, provide the product training and assist our business partners with merchandising our wares, not to mention a tonne of other stuff!

Supply & demand – the guys who make things move (logistics, inventory and warehousing), buy the million-odd bits and tend to be the wheeler dealers (we call them procurement); and manage crucial comms with our factories.

Operations - IT: these guys keep the little lights flashing on our server thingys, superted and superPHIL; HR - they run our phil&teds flight plan, learning & development, contracts and manage anything else that might pop up, like our most excellent parties - ask about the Company poker tournament, the brew machine & volunteering at Ronald McDonald House.

Finance – they're the guys who count the money and pay us, so we’re especially nice to them. Sometimes a bit buttoned down, but we like that.

Product Design – the guys who look for a customer product problem that needs solving. They make the master plan into something we can share with the market. Inside our design team we have industrial designers, product developers, engineers, production specialists, compliance guys and trouble shooters to make sure the quality is always number one. They've got the product innovation awards to prove it.

Web - these guys make sure our web platforms are humming, customers know what's going on & SEO'ing all over the world wide web!  They look after our online webshop's, social media, content creation, graphic design, digital marketing and building super-cool, innovative ways to make our customers' lives easier, online.

Marketing – the guys who have long lunches and are ever thinking about how retailers can move more product, better. They are also pretty snazzy at telling our story and ring our bell when we need to. Marketing includes our product marketers, PR, creative connector, and category marketers.


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