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ride close. ride free.


An innovation winner!

The freerider is an ingenious design – a simple concept, offering dual functionality that transforms a stroller board into a kids scooter in seconds (no tools required!).


Two unique features that make this possible:


An attachment system that fastens to the rear tube of the buggy.

connector 1 connector 2 connector 3 - now available!

2-mode rear wheel system

Switches full swivel castor position used in stroller board mode to the fixed position used while scooting.

Back wheel of the freerider buggy board, showing fixed and swivel positions

stroller board

  • stroller board attaches via a connector that fastens to the rear of the buggy;
  • the connector can be positioned anywhere on the rear tube dependent on the users preference;
  • 2-mode rear wheel castor – swivel for using as a board to follow the buggy in any direction;
  • clip-in handle bar can be taken off for folding up the back of the buggy;
  • toggle that fastens board up the back of the buggy;
  • grip pad – anti-slip surface on the deck.

kids scooter

  • quick release button attaches or detaches stroller board from connector;
  • rear wheel brake for use in scooter mode;
  • skate board truck steering;
  • 2 mode rear wheel – fixed wheel castor for scooting.

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