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"... the Promenade. It's the high-end, fancy-schmancy offering from the company that first brought you capable inline transportation for two kids. In a first for Phil & Teds, the Promenade can be kitted out for twins!


It's packed with new features such an extendable sun canopy, velcro-less viewing window (how many times did I wake my babies with that velcro noise!), one-hand triple recline and airless EVA tyres."


"The 2012 Phil & Teds Promenade stroller is the company's most far-reaching effort to date on a premium, innovative stroller for parents wanting a premium product! The Promenade is an urban stroller with reversible main seat when using with one child, and one or two convertible bed seats." 


"The double version of this new stroller from the New Zealand company has two full-size seats that turn into bassinets too. We love that both kiddies can have the same amount of space. It's stylish, comfortable and safe..."

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"Well, kick sporty out the window, because the Promenade by Phil & Teds is their classiest stroller to date.  With a sleek aluminum frame and a four-wheel design, this is a really sexy single stroller. The seat is easy to recline and has a terrific canopy and swiveling belly bar."

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"Uber-fashionable pushchair brand Phil&Teds has unveiled a new in-line tandem buggy called the Phil&Teds Promenade. The new pushchair features a seat that converts into a lie-flat bed, and will adapt to take one or two children." 

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