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In a nutshell

The Parade is a super comfortable and lightweight back carrier suitable for babies who can sit unaided through 18kg toddlers. With excellent storage, it’s perfect for day trips and is competitively priced

Made for Mums ( United Kingdom)

The phil&teds parade carrier is designed for older babies & children and features an internal lightweight aluminium frame.   If offers a back carrying position and is suitable for your baby from the time they are sitting independently (about 6 months) to 18kg.

The parade carrier is made from waterproof synthetic fabrics and comes in blue/grey & orange/grey colour combos.

Holly, Physiotherapist & Mum to 2 kids under 3

"The parade carrier was perfect for our youngest on our latest trip abroad. At 13 months old she no longer wants to face inwards and is getting too heavy for outward facing forward carriers. It was easy to pack away in our luggage and worked well for both walking around cities and off the beaten track. My 3 year old was also more than comfortable to ride in this and it was very comfortable for my husband and I to wear. We will be packing this every time we travel..a luxury we haven't been able to afford in the past given the size of most backpack carriers. What an excellent option to have!"

Holly, Physiotherapist & Mum to 2 kids under 3

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Bump Club and Beyond names our emotion, airlight and parade carriers in her top list of gifts for Mom and the kids!

"This goes up to 40 pounds of a kid, but it's only 4 pounds. So you can go hiking with it, you can use it for travel, put it on the carry-on above in the airplane... this is the parade, so we are big fans of that!" 

Nicole Locke, Bump Club and Beyond co-founder