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metoo highchair - free repair kit

We are making a product part freely available for metoos manufactured before March 2010, consisting of a set of the rubberised table clamp sheaths used in the production of the newer model since March 2010. The kit will be available to all users of older phil&teds metoo chairs currently in market.

We’d like to reiterate that older metoos are safe when used according to the instructions. However we have recently received some reports, from the USA only, of users of older metoos either inadequately clamping metoos to tables, or attaching them to inappropriate tables, and sometimes both. If a chair is insufficiently clamped a metoo could dislodge from a table, and injury could result.

We believe that users may not be adequately tightening the clamps for fear of damaging table surfaces. The rubberised sheaths added to the metoo design in March 2010 were introduced to provide greater protection for table surfaces. We’ve found that they encourage users to feel comfortable about tightening the clamps fully.

Though we can’t police whether users clamp metoos to tables according to the instructions(basically: tightly; with full clamp pressure; and NOT on certain tables) we believe that the addition of this part will make fastening even more effective.

We will send free self-fit kits on request to any metoo owners, and in bulk to our retail partners.

This only applies to metoo chairs manufactured prior to March 2010. These chairs can be distinguished from more recent production by their exposed aluminum clamps. The new model metoos have the rubberized sheaths in place already.


Product affected Product NOT affected
The bare aluminum table clamps The rubberised clamp grips covering
the table top clamps


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