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Premium urban inline stroller

Designed for your urban lifestyle, promenade stroller brings you the premium aesthetics & considered functionality that every city parent desires. 

Whether you have 1  newborn baby, twins or a baby & toddler, promenade adapts to suit you with convertible lie flat seats that rear face or face forward, and twin travel system compatibility.

55+ riding options
55+ riding options

With over 55 riding options, promenade stroller allows you to create versatile, comfortable seating for 1 baby, twins or 1 baby and a toddler. learn more


Promenade showed in various position options

newborn baby



newborn & toddler

2 toddlers



From seat to lie flat mode - one or two!

From the car park to the park

For easy transfer from car to buggy without disturbing your baby, convert promenade to a travel system using our range of car seat adaptors. Promenade is safety certified for use with a baby in a car seat and a toddler in the double kit on the back!

promenade with capsule rear facing
rear dk and rear facing travel system
  travel system for 1 baby, rear facing travel system for 1 baby and 1 toddler


single rear facing promenade
double rear facing promenade
sleepy, rear facing layback & sleepy, both forward facing
adjustable foot rest positions and plush fabric

Smooth to move

With puncture-proof tyres and front wheel suspension, you and your baby will enjoy smooth and undisturbed travel. The front wheels can be locked straight, or switched to swivel mode for ease of maneuverability. 

promenade buggy

Not currently available in this region.