Limited availability

vibe v1 & v2 seat fabric

Replacement main seat fabric for your vibe v1 and/or v2 stroller, including harness. This has a slide-to-adjust seat recline system as opposed to a squeeze-to-adjust system on some versions but will still be compatible. The cushioned seat insert is not included with this seat fabric.

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

Not currently available in this region.


This seat fabric can be replaced by undoing the domes and screws holding the sling on the frame before half-folding the stroller, then sliding the fabric out through the guides from the main hinge of the frame (the point at which the stroller folds in two).

You will have a v1 or v2 vibe if your stroller was manufactured prior to 2014.