Emotion baby carrier with Kelly and Freida

"I love this product. I have three children, and up until I tried this front pack, I was not a regular user of front packs. My first two children often became upset when I tried to put them in other packs, so they were not something I used. I found that when I was alone (which was more often than not) it was extremely challenging to negotiate the two different front packs I was using. I would awkwardly try to hold the baby while fastening all the attachments to get the right fitting, which would inevitably result in a crying fit from the baby, and it was just too hard.

This is the primary reason I love this one. All the adjustments are made before baby pops in, and I could easily put her in by myself quickly, so we were always off to a good start. I love the versatility of it. I used it from when baby was one month inward facing, and then when she became bigger, outward facing, where she loves to view the world." - Kelly and Freida

GOLD! Winner of a Prima Baby Award, 2015

Our emotion baby carrier was judged the best baby Front Carrier in the Prima Baby Awards, 2015! Here's what the judges had to say about our Gold award winner:

"Designed to nurture and protect both your baby's body and yours, the Phil & Teds Emotion carrier allows your little one to sit higher on your chest. It also supports baby's spine in curved "C" position and knees in the 'frog position' above the hips. It also has an ultra-adjustable integrated head support and a clever one-handed clip system to secure your baby." - Prima Baby Awards

"Finding a really good baby carrier without spending an absolute fortune seemed impossible! In the past 4 weeks we have bought, and returned, three baby carriers. It has been like Goldilocks of the baby carriers, too big, too small (my 4 week old didn't fit into one of the baby carriers we bought), uncomfortable for my husband, until we found this baby carrier! We could not recommend the phil&teds emotion carrier more. It is very well made and is so comfortable for baby and parent. One of the great things about this carrier is that it fits me as well as it fits my husband. We found a lot of other carriers are sized for women, which didn't suit us as my husband loves to carry our children as it is his way to bond with them."

Danni Sidgwick ( UK)

"The zip fastening makes it much quicker and simpler than other carriers. Whilst still being secure - the magnetic clips are easy to use 1 handed. The Emotion is well thought out and put together... For the price, this is a comfortable, practical, easy to use stylish carrier and I have received many compliments about it."

Wendy Morgan ( UK)

Emotion baby carrier with baby Hazel

"The Emotion carrier is fantastic. Unlike other carriers I've tried, it's comfortable and easy to use. I didn't use a carrier with my first child but the Emotion has made me a carrier convert.
The ability to undo one side and be able to slip it over my shoulders make it easy to put on with no tangled straps to contend with. The strong magnetic clip makes it quick to clip baby into the carrier. This ease of putting on the carrier is a big plus for me because I had been put off in the past by difficult to use carriers from other brands.
The carrier is really comfortable for me and baby. The padded shoulder straps and wide waist band mean baby's weight is well supported and the straps don't dig into my shoulders.

One of my favourite things about using the Emotion carrier is that I can kiss baby's head as we walk around because she sits high enough to do so. My little girl loves going in the carrier because its like she's getting cuddled as we do our shopping or walk in the park. Sometimes she'll fall asleep and peacefully snooze, and other times she'll happily look around and absorb her surroundings. I find using the carrier really useful when doing tasks where I need two hands like grocery shopping; or when I want more freedom to move like at playgrounds with my older child. I  enjoy using the carrier so much that I found myself dancing as we did our grocery shopping recently.

On a recent trip the carrier was brilliant for use at the airport. It enabled me to carry bubs through the crowds and feel like she's secure and protected. It was also very handy to be hands free!
And to top it all off, the carrier is a sleek design that looks great. It's a nice balance of padding for comfort whilst not being bulky." - Mel and Hazel

Mama Love NYC

"From the moment I removed the Emotion from the box, I was delighted by how lightweight and malleable the material was! The carrier uses a high performance cotton blend construction with breathable sides. It is super soft and easily folded up small enough to fit in my diaper bag for our trip to the park.I liked it already! 

I especially loved the clever one-handed clip system to secure baby in the carrier.  These clips pop in almost like a magnet, easily with just one hand. And to unfasten the clips, you simply press a button and the clip effortlessly pops out. I have yet to use another carrier that has as seamless a closure system at the Emotion.  

Another feature I loved and haven’t seen on any other carriers on the market was the removable bib feature. The Emotion includes 2 removable bibs for quick & easy clean up of drool and spit up.  My daughter is teething right now and sucks on everything imaginable. After 30 minutes in the Emotion, the washable bib was soaked and the carrier directly underneath her mouth was perfectly dry.  Even if my daughter had been sucking on the fabric, I don’t have to worry about any chemicals or dyes with this carrier. phil & ted's uses Oeko-tex® certification, so moms and dads can relax knowing that the fabric surrounding your baby is first-class." - mama{love} NYC product reviewer, Liz Zuckerberg and Elia

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Bump Club and Beyond names our emotion, airlight and parade carriers in her top list of gifts for Mom and the kids!

"Emotion - baby can face outward or inward, which is nice to have that versatility." - Nicole Locke, Bump Club and Beyond co-founder

consumer review

"I brought this baby carrier when my son was born. A month down the track and we would be lost without it. He doesn't settle easily during the day so I pop him in the front pack and can still get things done around the house, or go out walking. He falls asleep easily and it's very secure and comfortable to wear. I have a bad back so the straps are strong and supportive." - Pollyana

consumer review

"Love this carrier, so easy to fasten with zip and super comfy for bub. Bub sits at a great height and the dribble bibs provided are very handy! Easy to wash and wear, definitely worth it!" - LozzyB

expert review

"My baby loved being in the carrier. I call him a rubber necker. He needs to see and know everything that is going on around him. He would get very excited one he went in it...The carrier is a perfect fit for the baby. Baby is well supported, and padded."

Praveena, Nurse (paediatrics & surgery preassessment) & Mum to 2 kids under 4

OHbaby Magazine have put the phil&teds emotion carrier to the test & given it 5 stars! 

"My son was 10 weeks old by the time I strapped on the Phil & Ted's Emotion carrier. It is seriously comfortable, sturdy and looks great.

There is no fussing and struggling to get him secure. Lift him straight in, attach the magnetic clip and you already feel he's safely secured. Unloading is very simple which is great when I put him straight into the bassinet asleep!

Wide elastic load bearing strap around the waist, comfortable shoulder straps, a seat adjustment strap under the baby's bum is great to get the height just right. It fits the larger body build too.

After our walk I was able to feed him a bottle by just releasing the magnetic clip and leaning him backslightly when we sat down. So glad we have the emotion!"

Emotion baby carrier with Sarah

"We took the Emotion front pack with us on an overseas holiday.  It was easy to adjust and even easier to put our little man in and out of it.  He fell asleep quickly so it must be really comfortable!  We would definitely recommend this front pack to other parents." - Sarah

Editor's Choice! 

"We got the chance to scope out the latest and greatest in baby gear at the 2014 All Baby & Child Expo in Las Vegas, and we’re excited to announce our top picks. Because after your wonderful little miracle of life, we all know it’s the awesome gear that makes parenting totally worth it.

The Emotion carrier joins the already popular Metro and Escape carriers from phil&teds, but offers a more traditional style." - Anisa Arsenault, The Bump