Made for Mums

"The Phil and Teds Metro is a very stylish looking back carrier. It’s very neat looking with clean lines, and definitely hits the right note for trendy city types.

Once the adjustments are complete, this carrier will adapt to fit almost any size of parent - or any other obliging sole you can find to carry your child!

There are lots of pockets within this carrier. We managed to load up a day’s worth of nappies, wipes, baby food etc and our waterproofs without running out of space.

The kick-out stand makes the Phil and Teds Metro stable enough for loading and unloading, which is great when you’re trying to use the carrier by yourself. I even used the carrier on the school run - not something I’ve ever done with our other carrier. The Metro is so easy to put on when you’re on your own." - Kathy Nall, Made for Mums

Rave and Review put metro through it's paces

"It's a lot more sleek. It's  lot more streamlined and compact than a lot of other full-on, full size child carrier backpacks. You get nice padded straps as well as a waist belt, which actually takes the weight of the child and the backpack off of your shoulders and down onto your hips, which makes it so you can carry a lot more weight comfortably for longer distances and longer periods of time." -

Note: The hood and rain shield for metro carrier is sold separately.

Consumer review

" My partner is really tall and I am short, but it takes less than 20 seconds to adjust the straps to the correct height, depending on who is using it. The base loading technology is great especially when you need to take the pack off when you’re out and about. It has just enough room to pack in a spare change of clothes/food/drink etc. The metro can easily be packed for a day at the beach and when James is tired of walking he can just hop in. The sun shade is protective in the summer and helps shield against the wind and rain in winter.

I use my metro carrier almost daily as we live on a farm. It is really handy when you have to shift stock, put up fences, feed out and do jobs that you need two hands for. When James was younger I pruned our Feijoa orchard with him in the pack. We recently went on an overseas trip to Europe and Canada. It was helpful to have on hand at the airport and could fit in the overhead locker on the plane with ease. We took it everywhere we went!  At the suspension bridge park in Canada it was particularly handy as pushchairs were not allowed. It would have been a long way to carry him!" - Melissa, Mum to James

"We keep the metro in our trunk (it doesn’t take up much space) so we always have it on hand for running errands around the city where the streets are busy with people and when we are ready to hit the rough, less buggy/stroller friendly tracks when we need to. It’s so funny, often when we reach the summit of our climb our little passenger will let out a big sigh, like he just walked all the way up the hillside on his own. It always cracks me up with laughter. Even though my lungs will be at bursting point and I’m out of breath, it will still put a smile on my face. He absolutely adores getting in the carrier, and the good thing about climbing up hills is the amazing view from the top. The lil' man is like our very own cheerleader encouraging us on with every step. While we have a ways to go to reach our fitness goals we are definitely on the right track and it feels awesome!" - Casey, Mum to Niko

Frank in his metro child carrier

Cute little man Frank tests out the snoozability of the metro child carrier - luckily Dad Dan is on hand to carry the load while Frank sleeps on the job!

"Indie loved rubbing Parks neck and head and it was the cutest thing. I love seeing their relationship grow each and everyday and see the love those two have for each other. It also is super easy to get Indie in and out of for photos, diaper changes or to head home. Park, Indie and I have loved it so far!"

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