push Adaptable strollers for 1 or 2 kids

meet the world's best inline strollers

our inline stroller are perfect for your first baby, and grow as your family grows into a buggy for two!

compact single

small, stylish, simple!!


the power and freedom to run, jog or walk.


easy to push

the clever design of our inline buggy puts the weight of 2 kids in all the right places (not out on the nose), so you can glide turn effortlessly - no gym workout required!

easy click double kit

easy to pop up   over kerbs

you'll do this many times a day! our inline buggies are famous for a super easy 'pop' up over kerbs.

inline buggies with kerb pop

superslim jim

our inline buggy sits within the footprint of a single stroller, yet takes 2 kids! in fact, our buggy width is slimmer than most!

our inline buggies fit through small spaces!

lightweight   compact fold

we've designed most of our range of inlines to compact stand fold with seats on,   still fit your shopping in the car boot.

our inline buggies fold to a compact size!

super size seats

our unique seats are more spacious than most, so you know your child won't outgrow their buggy; big kids still get tired too!

our inline buggies have larger seats than most!