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phil & what?


Our common phil&teds head gene: we care!  We focus on three phil&thropic areas because we can make a difference to the lives of people around the world. phil&teds heads love to support authentic, relevant organisations such as The Women's Refuge , Ronald McDonald House(s), Australia's St Kilda Mums and 'Changing Lives' in Thailand; and more!


some phil&thropic facts


Did you know that phil&teds' very own chief cook & bottle washer (CEO) donates a massive $20K a year to the NZ Surgical Research Trust? And we’ve just signed up to another 5 years of partnership.  Pretty generous right? But wait, there's more…


Did you know that in the last four years, phil&teddy bears has made surgery that little bit more 'bear-able' for over 6,000 little people within New Zealand?


Did you know that throughout 2012 and 2013, we refurbished and delivered over 70 buggies globally under our 'Buggies for Good' initiative? And that every one we send out, or collect from a generous gem in NZ, is free of charge thanks to the support of Peter Baker Transport?


Did you know that since the programme launched in 2009, we’ve refurbished and re-homed over 500 phil&teds and Mountain Buggy products?! Which means organisations, fundraisers and community projects are now able to support their cause more easily, thanks to phil&teds and Mountain Buggy generous gems!

buggy gifted on stage at presentation

Buggies For Good



We collect pre-loved buggies from generous gems around the world, our clever little engineers give them the once over to make sure they’re in good working order, then we donate them back into the community or to organisations.  Read all about the programme  here
If you have a request or know an organisation that we could help, please flick us an email:
Since launching in 2009, we've housed over 500 buggies.

bfg and surgical trust supporters with buggies


& NZ Surgical Research Trust

We strongly believe in the selfless work of New Zealand's  Surgical Research Trust  and their groundbreaking research. A phil&teddy bear is given to each child undergoing surgery at Wellington Hospital, to help to put a smile on their face and to provide a friend for comfort during a scary time. phil&teddy is there to make a child's recovery just that little bit more “bear-able”.   Read more from our phil&thropic leader!  We've also funded groundbreaking research and a phil&teds funded research project won an accolade from the University of Otago, Wellington Summer Studentship for 2012/13 -  read more.

young lad hugs phil&teddy bear with female adult
kids in need receive phil&teddy and bedside visits from stars of the Phoenix football team at Wellington hospital

Royal NZ Ballet

China tour sponsorship 2013

Thanks to over 10 years of building reciprocal business growth relationships in China, phil&teds took the opportunity to export some of ‘New Zealand into China by supporting the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s tour’. At first glance it may seem an unusual sponsorship choice, but phil&teds is well known for a ‘business as un-usual’ mantra, and decisions such as this are never without sound motive. “There’s so much to this,” says chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower. “We’ve long bridled at the perception that China is an unsophisticated ‘factory for the world’. It’s a country with a tremendous cultural history, and a currency of high performance business."

“At phil&teds we’ve built a high performance culture benchmarked daily against tough international competition. You gotta be the best! And we like to think that mirrors Royal New Zealand Ballet. So we want to celebrate the innovation, performance culture and abundant creativity of the Company, and it’s truly thrilling to see that reflected in Chinese media,” says Gower.

female dancer in white tutu waits in the wings about to enter stage right
Left, Chinese guests and phil&teds CFO - Right, seated scene on stage in Giselle
dancers and ballet staff pose with sponsors

Dancers and supporters of the Royal NZ Ballet

live crowd at the ballet - RNZB Gisselle billboard in China

Royal NZ Ballet senior dancer, Qi Huan outside the Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, China