double kits (second seats)

  • recline-able! SPORT-2.0-apple-3qtr-double-kit-1200x1200

    sport 2015 double kit

    second seat for current sport st...
  • phil&teds voyager luxury double inline stroller and double kit 3/4 view in charcoal marl

    voyager double kit

  • easy to attach! phil&teds Dash double kit second seat in black

    dash double kit

    second seat for your dash stroller
  • parent facing! phil&teds DOT double kit - adapt to take 2

    DOT double kit

  • phil&teds verve urban luxury inline stroller double kit - black

    pre-2014 verve double kit

  • VDK_V1_55.jpg

    vibe double kit

  • 2nd seat protection! double kit sunhood

    double kit sunhood

    for the second seat