vibe & verve double kit

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wow! features:

  • luxury heat pressed seat lining for added comfort 
  • one hand seat recline for a snoozing baby!
  • inline functionality (more wow! features below)

Not currently available in this region.


this double kit is the second seat for your current model vibe or verve stroller, manufactured from 2014 onward. 


more wow! features:


  • safety tested for use with a car seat at the same time
  • compatible with verve strollers or the 2014 vibe stroller only


what's in the box:

  • vibe/verve double kit
  • double kit mesh shade for extra sun protection

Tech specs

maximum load:

  • front position - 20kgs / 44lbs
  • rear position - 15kgs / 33lbs
  • rear facing - 15kgs / 33lbs


Too small for a toddler and has no sun mesh


We tried our DK for the first time today with 19months old daughter. When she falls asleep her head just falls down, because the seat is to short. My due date is in 2 weeks so the next baby will not sit for another at least 6 months and the older one just can't sleep in DK comfortably.. I'm very sad and frustrated. Plus there is no sun mesh for the lower position. Well overall I'm a bit unhappy we didn't get Joolz...

Nickel and Dimed


This cozy $200 but they can't even include a pair of hinges (sold separately on this site for a whopping $9) so the second seat can attach to the front of the stroller as demonstrated in images on the kit box itself! Extremely frustrating.



The harnesses on the accessory seat are too short for toddlers and they now do not sell extension harnesses

No Regrets


I purchased the Phil & Teds Verve (in red).. I LOVE THIS STROLLER!!!!!! people stop and compliment me all the time. I have no complaints. It rides smooth, and its stylish. Closing it is fairly easy and the wheels are sturdy. Its a lil heavy though, but thats expected.


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