vibe, verve & promenade bottle holder

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Clip this bottle holder to the handle of your stroller and keep hydrated on the go!

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The buggy bottle holder is HOT! because:

  • frame-mounted clip-on bottle holder
  • fits anywhere on your stroller handle to suit you
  • a huge 1.5 litre thirst quencher at your fingertips! 
  • accommodates most bottle sizes and shapes


Compatible with the following stroller models: 

  • vibe 
  • verve 
  • promenade 
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    buggy cup holder

  • universal travel bag in chocolate

    universal travel bag

    for strollers, car seats & more
  • red hangbag caddy

    hangbag stroller handle caddy

    for extra storage

Doesn't hold


Unless I'm missing parts off this bottle holder, I haven't been able to "get it working." The bottle keeps moving around so I've not even bothered taking out for a 'test drive'.
Not sure who designed this but... back to the drawing board, please.
The item itself is sitting in the boot of my car... next stop, bin. I thought buying from P&T (since I have the P&T Sportsv2) would be a no brainer, but I will be looking at other brands of cup/bottle holders and doing a lot more research before making the purchase



I bought the bottle holder approx 1 month ago. I find it frustrating that the bottle moves around in the holder and on a few occasions has fallen out. I would have preferred a specific size bottle holder or a material one.


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