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snug carrycot sunhood

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wow! features:

  • add a splash of colour to your  snug carrycot !
  • domes easily on and off your snug carrycot
  • (more wow! features below)

Not currently available in this region.


add a splash of colour to your dot & navigator snug carrycot with a coloured sunhood. 


more wow! features:

  • golden kiwi, sky and cherry; a perfect match with the legacy navigator stroller
  • chilli, apple and flint: a perfect match with the legacy dot stroller

what's in the box:

  • snug sunhood


  • dot & sport 2015+/navigator snug carrycot only



HiI just wanted to thank you for your reeivws. I found it very helpful as I have been looking to buy a new pushchair for my baby boy. Now considering my last purchase (a disaster buggy, lovely looking but a total nightmare in handling) I am now much more sceptical in just ordering one online. I am aware that there is NO perfect buggy that would tick all the boxes because of everyone's different preference. However I just wanted to ask how to you find the handle height, is there any chance perhaps you could measure what is its height from the ground? You see I am 5'11 so height is fairly important to me.Thank you

Cool colors!


I love the sky blue :)



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