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TS33 - Chicco Keyfit & Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35

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No need to disturb your baby - this car seat adapter lets you click & cruise. Move your car seat from car to stroller & back again!

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The travel system is HOT! because:

  • move car seat from car to stroller without disturbing baby
  • car seat 'clicks' easily on to your stroller
  • compatible with Chicco Keyfit and Graco SnugRide 'Click Connect' 35 car seats only (not compatible with SnugRide Classic Connect)
    • black classic
    • DOT
    • navigator
    • S4

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is this what I need?


I have the EX-V1-5- explorer buggy stroller, and a chicco keyfit carseat. Is this the adapter that I need for my equipment?
If so, can i use it in the front with a doubles kit for a toddler in the back?

Great part


We use this with our keyfit 30 and love it. Once you get the hang of putting it together it's super easy. The car seat clicks right in and you know it's secure. I read a review concerning wobbling, and I think it is a bit top heavy and does shake, but it's great for rocking the baby and we have had no problems walking off paths or navigating typical stroller environments.

I do have a question: What is the weight limit for using the adaptor with the key fit 30?



Does this work with the Sport? Also are you able to use the second seat with the car seat adaptors? I read somewhere that you can't?

Will it work?


I have the Chicco Keyfit 30...I'm not sure this adapter will work with my carseat, though I know it will work with the basic Chicco Keyfit. Can anyone from Phil&Teds verify?

Sport Double Compatibility?


Will this work with a Graco Click Connect 40 and a Phil&Teds Sport Double stroller?

Will this work with the graco click connect 40?


I know this says the graco snugride click connect models.. Does that include the 40? Hopefully so!!



This definitely works, but it's exactly what it says it is, an adaptor. While it locks the car seat in place, there is a lot of wiggle room, which makes for a very bumpy ride for the poor babe, especially on sidewalks. If you're set on this stroller, then this product is great, considering it's short use, but it's definitely not an ideal match because of the aggressive shaking.

love it


Th e color is perfect. Its very simple but that's exactly what I was looking for.

Fulfillment = Lame


I understood there was a 1 week delay on this item at the time of purchase, even with that 1 week delay the TS33 did not arrive until two weeks after the predicted delivery date. I did email customer service, which pleasantly responded promptly the same day via email. They explained there was a backorder problem and that the shipment had just arrived that week at their facility. After that email I received the item a week later. However, I received the shipping notification a day AFTER the TS33 was delivered. I like my phil & teds stroller but all the attachments are really not that easy to connect and change out, but I was still optimistic until this annoying experience.



Well, I would love to be saying how much I love my adapter, but after waiting a month to receive my product, I go to try it out and soon discover that they sent me the wrong adapter! I am having my baby in 3 days and now I have no safe way to transport her in her car seat. I am livid!!! As if that's not bad enough, I spent the past hour trying to fill out the stupid online request to report that I received the wrong product. After they finally get to my request, I will likely have to ship my product back and wait another month for my hopefully correct product, at which point my baby will be a month old, and it will be too cold to even take her on walks. Lovely. Good job P&T. Thanks for ruining what should be a happy time for me.

still not here


I ordered this product on July 29 and it has yet to arrive. It is now August 18. :( I wish it had arrived in the 10 - 14 days estimated on the website, as my little one was born on the 10th and we could use a walk!


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