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e3 rear wheel

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Replacement e3 rear wheel including rim, tyre (tire), inner tube, bearings and axle (assembled).

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

Not currently available in this region.

This e3 rear wheel is compatible with the following stroller models:

  • e3 v1 
  • e3 version 2  
  • e3 twin 


Once this limited stock is gone, we will no longer be manufacturing further e3 stroller parts. Unfortunately if we are out of stock of what you are after in your region, the part is no longer available.

Didn't get what I ordered


I ordered a wheel for my grandaughter's e3 pushchair which according to your site would take 3-5 business working days. I did not receive the wheel and after 10 days of waiting tried to contact Phil and Teds to enquire why as I had paid for it. I initially could not find a contact telephone number on the site at all. I emailed them and was sent a message back with a ticket number and the contact telephone number. I rang and still was on hold as the lines were very busy, this was worrying! I rang the next day and spoke to a lady who could not answer why I had not received my email and took my mobile number saying she will get back to me. I then received an email saying they no longer stock these wheels so was unable to send one out to me. SO WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS AND MY MONEY RETURNED. I believe that if I had not rang to chase this up I would never have seen the wheel or my money. I personally feel that the customer service is a mess and a major lack of organisation within it.


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