sport and s3 seat fabric

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Replacement seat fabric for the sport (v1 or v2) and s3* stroller, complete with harness. This seat fabric will ONLY fit on a sport or s3 stroller frame. 

Not currently available in this region.


This seat fabric can be replaced using a standard screwdriver. Once the screws holding the fabric onto the frame have been removed, you will need to remove the handle, half fold the frame to unhook the seat at the bottom before sliding it up the frame and completely off at the top.

*The s3 stroller was a model sold exclusively through Costco, USA

**The sport seat cannot be replaced with the fabric from any other stroller model 



I bought this a month ago to give my old buggy a facelift for my baby due any day now and I'm delighted with the improvement it has made to my buggy!!

Stoked with purchase


Well pleased with price of replacement. Fitted perfectly. Was good to have help in description to identify correct model to order. My pram looks like new! Am very very pleased with quality of all parts ordered!

Ideal replacement for a sun faded pushchair


Looks like a new pram,purchased basket and foot rest at same time,perfect,one happy mummy, easily changed just needed a screwdriver..and a helpful toddler of course best price direct from phil and teds

Buggy looks like new!


I bought a second hand buggy and decided to buy a few new parts to spruce it up. The new seat and hood made all the difference! Both were easy enough to replace and well worth it.



I bought the replacement seat, hood and basket for my Sport as mine was very faded from using it all the time and we had the pram quite a while. I was looking at buying a new one when i came across the set. They were all so easy to replace and my Sport looks like a brand new pram. I am so pleased with it. I bought a new handle bar and replacement hub cap for the front wheel and it looks brilliant! My toddler is very happy!

Easy to fit, great bit of kit!


Brought this to replace a very faded seat cover (also purchased a replacement hood) it was so quick and easy to change over and now looks like a brand new push chair again.

Very easy to replace!


My original seat was very faded from being in the sun so much, so I needed to replace it. I was a little worried it would be difficult to replace, but it wasn’t at all! Super easy!


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