face-to-face & snug attachment bracket set

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Attach your face-to-face ™ rear facing seat or snug ™ carrycot to your phil&teds sport, and nav stroller. 

Not currently available in this region.

Face to face


I never received it . I have emailed ye but nothing yet .

don't read the remark


The product got delivered fast, and may work fine, my remark in the order were i asked if it is compatible with the dot, was ignored, so i just paid shipping and for the product for nothing as it doesn't work with a dot stroller



I purchased these for my face-to-face seat and they work well.
They only negative is the a VERY tight to get on and off which I guess makes them secure but isn't great when you want to get the on and off quickly.

Carrycot brackets


I have tried to make contact but found no phone number. The brackets supplied don't have the little silver nodule that fits into the hole on the frame and therefore slides up and down the chassis. The original brackets supplied with the snug carrycot did have the silver nodules to provide a secure fit. The dog ate one hence having to replace them. Can the right ones be sent to replace them? Thank you


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