storm cover backflap

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Velcro & elastic attachment mechanism

Compatible with your

  • black classic 
  • explorer 
  • DOT 
  • s4
  • phil&teds nav
  • sport 2015
  • hammerhead

Not currently available in this region.

Poorly designed, an aparant after though.


Held in place as much by luck as design, the elastic bottom barely grips the seat an a slight wind will make it flap around.
Very dissapointed in the item vs the price.
A big let down to the quality of the buggy.



Why was it necessary to buy this? Already having had to buy what was described as a storm cover I found that there was a great hole over the baby's head when lying down. Customer services on the phone told me about a back flap. I thought that meant using a strap adjustment. No - buy another piece of kit.

Pretty Useless


I bought the flap to cover the big gap at the back of the buggy and it's useless the slightest breeze lifts it leaving baba exposed to draught and wind very disappointed

Absolute rubbiah


As a huge fan of P&T prams i am so disappointed with this. There is just one strip of Velcro that attaches to the hood and then it just flops down. There is a slightly shaped elasticated thing at the bottom but it does not secure it in place at all. It is fine if you put it on the pram indoors and don't go out but once outside the slightest breeze or draft from passing cars it flys up exposing baby. Completely useless and a waste of money. Older models have toggles to secure which is a much better option.

need it in material so it's dark


I brought this as I wanted my baby to lay down it solved the wind problem but it's too light. need it in material.


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