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Individual replacement 12" tire for your vibe, verve, or smart lux stroller. 

You can replace your tire at home by first deflating the inner tube and removing the existing tire before replacing with the new one and re-inflating the inner tube. The inner tube should be inflated only to a maximum of 20-22 psi with a manual hand pump. If your existing  inner tube  has a puncture, you will need to order this separately. 

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  • inner tube set for stroller wheels

    12" inner tube set

    includes 2 inner tubes

Tyres wear out far too quickly


These replacement tyres were bought for an older model pram (Vibe v.1). The pram itself is great, but unfortunately it's useless with flat tyres. Despite making sure they are pumped up to the recommended pressure, the tread wore down to the canvas within 6 months resulting in numerous punctures.

The pram's user manual suggests replacement low profile tyres (300 x 55) are available at bike shops, but none that I visited stocked them or were even able to order them in.

I was able to obtain spare tyres reasonably quickly online from Phil and Ted's, and have no issues with their service, however taking the low quality into consideration they are poor value (32 AUD with shipping).

Vibe Tyres


We bought our vibe 6 years ago for my first child. We used the buggy for 4 years with two children only replacing the wheels towards the end. We then had our third child and within a year had to replace the tyres again. A great buggy but it looks like they've changed tyre suppliers and the quality has gone down hill.

Does P&T read product reviews at all? Seems not...


Looking at comments and confirmed on my Vuze, it is clear that tires do not meet minimum quality standards. And as mentioned by others, the odd reference 300x55 makes it difficult to find alternatives.

I would expect P&T to reply to consumers and at least to clarify which compatible references e.g ETRTO, etc, can be used so that good tires can be bought. Not doing so just means people will be not happy with the product.

You might sell more tires, but be sure you will sell less strollers. On to my Twitter account... maybe you listen this way...

Great new tyres!!


Our pram is about 5 years old. The wheels were the only thing that had really worn out. So pleased I bought new tyres it's given the pram a second lease of life!!

Horrible tire quality


I am constantly replacing the tires. The quality of the tires is horrible. Worst part is that they are a non standard size so you can't even buy 12" bike tires to replace them (which I tried to do to get better quality tires) but you have to buy their odd size 300 x 55. I am selling this buggy because the tires wear out every 3 - 4 months. I have had a mountain buggy for 5 years and never replaced those tires.

Still rubbish


These tyres are very thin and do not last long.
The only reason I continue to buy them from P&T is the size is so obscure I am unable to get any others that fit.

Bad quality


Lasted only a year the original tyres lasted 5 years

Very poor


Tyre wear unacceptable. Cheaper to get a new pushchair.

Quick delivery but....


I won't be replacing these tyres again rendering my pram useless. Phil and Ted used to represent quality but I find these tyres last a month only with regular use. You have also made it impossible to use any other wheel due to its completely oddball size meaning you're forced to have to keep buying poor quality.

Terrible Tires!


Got the Vibe 1 stroller as a hand me down along with bran new unused tires. Tires are already worn out and you can see the inner tube. Might try different brand tire- can anyone recommend?

Bad tires


I have bought the Phil and Teds - Vibe. The wagon is fine, but the tires drives me insane! You can only buy one kind, and it only last for 3 - 4 mounts! I have spend almost the same in tires, what the hole wagon cost me :-(

Even worse!


Used to be sold in a two pack, now I ordered and paid $5 shipping... But now they only sell individual tires! I have to order a second one and pay shipping again. Seriously? The tires are awful. Love the stroller, tires stink!

Horrible tires.


I just wonder, what would wear out a stroller tire after 6 months??!!
I do not off-road, and I always stay within the speed limit of 1-1.5 miles/per hour??!!
Purchased the first tire last month, and now I have to purchase the other tire?!
I am afraid I am going to have to get rid of this stroller, and I feel bad for the person that will buy it after me.

Frustrated and disappointed


We LOVE this pram - except for the unreliable and poorly made back tires! I've just placed an order for our 6th set of tires. And we've only had this pram for 3.5 years. I'm so sick of shelling out money ($48 for the set plus shipping) here as we can't get them anywhere else. I walk a 10kg baby and 13kg toddler in this pram about 4 or 5 times a week on footpaths - it's how we get to work/daycare. Not even going on gravel or rough surfaces and yet the tires have begun to wear (this time) after just 5 months of normal usage. Please Phil & Teds - you've got to do something about this!

Not a good quality!


I replaced all tires in july and now I have to order new ones because they don't last..

Worst tyres ever


The tyres started cracking after less than a 6-month use. they were completely ruined and the canvas was out after 16 months of their use. Terrible. The shop knew about that problem, because they had many people coming back with that problem.
The break needs adjusting all the time otherwise an awful cracking noise is coming out. When you pay so much money and the ads are so good, you expect a lot more from it. Tyres are the simpliest thing, but without them, the stroller is not usable - like cars

Replacement tyres


I had to buy replacement tyres as the original ones got repeated punctures from thorns which perished them after less than 12months use. There are no hard tyre options so I would steer clear of the smart lux all together.

Not Good!


I have had these tires on for two months and they will need to be replaced in about a month. Given how much we have spent on the pram that is silly that we would be expected to replace the tires for $50 every couple of months. This is a faulty product and something should be done about it.

Eats tyres!


Ditto. Our Vibe 2 eats rear tyres like nothing else. Looks like a very soft compound and tracking issues as the front hardly wears at all. Thought we were extremely unlucky until i read other reviews. Raised it with P&T early on and got fobbed off. Very dissapointing and product doesn't live up to expectation of a premium product.

Constant need for replacements.


The replacement tyres on the Phil&Teds are of very weak and poor quality.The tyres are specific to Phil&Teds only so there is no substitute options available.My last pair of tyres needed replacing after only 2 months of average use with the Vibe. I will not recommend or purchase any more Phil&Teds products. Very disappointed.

Tyres wear out TOO quickly


I have had 3 children and whilst our Vibe v2 has been a brilliant pushchair, I have easily spent the cost of the pushchair again on tyres and inner tubes. P&Ts need to make these tyres more hard wearing.

Very poor quality


I spent for the tires more than cost of stroller. Very poor quality. Wear and tear 3 month

Terrible Tyres


Very similar experience to all other reviews that we have read, tyres are useless in terms of any quality or durability, we are now on our SIXTH set of tyres in less than a year

Horrible tires


I bought the tires not even a month ago and they are already starting to wear out. I go through tires too frequently. They are made poorly. If the stroller wasn't so expensive I would switch to a new stroller with better tires!

Good value, good quality


A bit of a delay getting these but well worth the wait. It's a great indicator of how good a buggy is when you use it until the tyres go bald.

Customer service overload!


The online shipping for my wheel was going to take 4 weeks but staff were able to source me a wheel (from lying around head office?) immediately. Saved my bacon as I have 2 preschoolers and a newborn to lug around. Thank you so much

a disaster !!!


It is the third time in 6 months that I have to change tyres on my twin ! It costs me 25 pounds each time to change each tyre !



These tyres are for some reason made of a super soft rubber compound. This combined with the extreme thinness of the tyre means they have only lasted about 3 months before the canvas was showing. Will try and find a tyre that fits somewhere else as these are a complete waste of money and time.



Extremely difficult to replace the inter tire, and we've actually busted the inner tube just trying to replace it. MY most recent replacement tire lasted 2 weeks before the inner tube busted again. I love my Phil and Teds and used to recommend it to everyone, but now can't wait to get rid of it and get another brand. Very disappointing for so expensive a stroller.

such a comfortable buggy


brilliant has served us well.purchased 2011 tyres only now need replacing an honest review

Shame about the fit


I bought two new tyres for our buggy as the old ones had worn right through to the inner tube. I was quite disappointed that I could only buy them online as needed them right away. So ended up being without the buggy for several days. Firstly I had taken the wheels into our local bike shop and that is when I discovered that only tyres purchased specifically for the Phil and teds vibe buggy would fit. So I now have the new tyres fitted and are hoping that I will get better wear out of these ones.

Poorly design equals tire replacement


The verve stroller frame is poorly designed causing the tires to shread and need replaced every 2
Months. Just like a car would wear down the tires when out of balance. I would not recommend the stroller to anyone.

The Tyre of a Thousand Swears


Cost us hundreds in new tyres, $32 Aussie each by the time they are shipped here. Every time my wife or I go for a walk it's "Make sure you have your phone on you in case a tyre goes and you need to pick us up".Getting them on the rim is a whole other issue.Once you order something, Phil and Teds pester you for a rating/review. Glad to see they take on board the feedback.

problem with the tyres


i have problem with the tyres, i have to buy a new tyre every 2 months, im sick of it and the tyres not cheap at all, have verve type and use it for a 2 years child and 8 months baby way less than the recommended weight. i wish they will improve the quality of their tyres.

TOO EXPENSIVE, wear out too fast!!! HATE


I keep replacing these and am so sick of it. Just make the tires with better tred. Problem is you can't but them anywhere else bc of the weird size. SOOO ANNOYED!!!

Tough to get on


We were disappointed that we needed to replace the tyres on out Smart Lux so soon. As other comments stated, when you pay so much for a stroller, you expect a few years of trouble free strolling. That aside, we found these tyres really tough to get off and on the wheel, when it came to putting the inner tube back in it was so hard we ended up puncturing it! We gave up and went to the helpful guys at Bike Barn, they had the tools to get it on.

Really Bad


I have the new Vibe 3, EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to put air in all 3 tires. Please please please remake the tires, I'm about to go buy another pram just because of this as I walk every day and it's very essential to have decent air filled tires.

Poor quality


Im so disappointed with these tyres. I only use my Vibe moderatley and have had to buy new tyres every few months. Its ridiculous and we cant afford to keep buying new tyres so now have to sell our stroller. I did love my vibe so Phil and teds need to make a better quality tyre!

poor tyres


I have a Vibe stroller. I have to keep replacing the tyres for this stroller. I spoke to someone at Phil and Ted about how I have to keep replacing them and if they could do something about it. The salesperson told me that my stroller might be unbalanced. I do not think it is as it has even wear on the tyres. I have to keep buying these tyres while I have this stroller. I know other people with other Phil and Ted strollers and Mountain buggies and they have never changed the tyres. It is expensive and adds to cost of owning this

Sick and Tire(d)


I have had the Phil and Teds Vibe stroller for five years now. I have replaced the tires so often the local bike shop stocks 12 in inner tubes and tires specifically for me. It is unfortunate that the tires, of all things, hold me back from recommending this stroller to anyone. If Phil and Teds were willing to replace the frequently worn tires at little or no cost, I would definitely recommend. I have already spent the same amount in tires as I have in buying the stroller!

Tyre quality questionable....?


Love the Phil&Teds range and our Phil&Teds Vibe has had a massive workout over the last four years, but it is still good working order. However, we seem to be ordering new tyres every few months when previously they had lasted a year - what is going on Phil&Teds???

Quality control anyone???? Not great given it is $75 plus postage for a new set. Lift your game!



Absolutely horrible! I am now about to replace the tires again from two months ago.
I think I will buy a different brand stroller now because I no longer want to deal with having a blow out with my kid.
Soooo disappointing!



these tires are not very good we are going through rear tyres even 4 months or so wish there were more options to choose from with some thing better quality

Need improve quality


We have to replace the tire very month to carry our two young kids. One is 2yo and one is 11 months. Need tire with good quality

over priced


tyres are over priced and don't last it's a shame seen as it's such a great pram
fast shipping was a plus

vibe tyres


I have to replace the rear two tyres every two months. And that's only from carrying two young children - one is two years old and the other is 5 months. So they're not very heavy. I find this very frustrating and expensive. Could the tyres not be made more durable or else have other options?

easy ordering


Quick and painless. We were up and going within days of our online order

A disappointment


We've owned our Verve double pram for just over one year and have been going through the second set of tyres (which wear out incredibly quickly) until yesterday one of them exploded. Note that I usually use another single pram and only use the Verve for longer outings. We've also had issues with the frame but luckily Phil and Teds acknowledged it was a warranty issue.
It's a big disappointment as I do like the pram in general.

Legit Tires


The tires are special size and got her pretty good timing.

Vibe Tyre


This is at least the 6th Tyre that I have purchased for my Vibe in 4.5 years, they wear out so quickly on the back two wheels ( never on the front) and I think it is because the Brake has always been faulty on my pram and it rubs on the tyres. So far on my Pram Phil and Teds has had to replace the Front wheel ( did turn properly) the Brake on my pram handle ( would get stuck) then the whole frame came apart where it had been welded, so they had to replace this as well, now I am spending a fortune on ordering new tyres online and getting them fitted at the bike shop as they keep wearing out every few months. I certainly would not recommend these Tyres or the Phil and Teds Vibe, we have had nothing but problems.

soft rubber wheels


Ive ended up buying 7 tyres over 4 years.... The rubber is to soft and wears out quickly.

Need better quality tires


I have to replace the Vibe tires every year. I wish the tires were a bit more durable and would last a little longer. Other than the tires... I love my Vibe, I even use it as a jogger. It's rugged and the bigger tires can handle rougher terrain better than say a conventional Graco type stroller. The double stroller is great too, better than a side by side double, a double wide would be troublesome getting around it's just too wide for doors, aisles... The vibe looks great, I love it. I only wish the tires would get some quality control and they made them last longer.

Rubber compound too soft


I had a Verve for only 18 months when I had to replace the rear tires/inner tube. When I changed out the tires, I noticed that the inner tube had mated to the tires so both had to be changed. The rubber compound is too soft for a stroller so it wears away quickly. This is compounded by the extreme negative camber of the rear wheels. The stroller is very well engineered but they choose to go with a soft rubber at the expense of longevity.


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