navigator stroller

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Navigator is the world's first auto stop™ inline set to revolutionize the way parents think about safety & convenience. Auto stop™ allows for those hands free moments, when your eldest child pauses to take in an interesting sight, a mobile phone starts to ring or you simply need to rub a smudge off your glasses. With 26 riding options on a super slim frame, you can take 1 or 2 children anywhere with refreshing ease. Navigator - the world's first auto stop™ inline is leading the way in safety & convenience.

Not currently available in this region.


wow! features of the navigator buggy:

  • auto stop braking system: safe & convenient
  • 26 riding options to accommodate 1 or 2 newborn babies up to 2 toddlers
  • rear facing double kit option
  • cleverly engineered 'kerb pop' for ultra light handling
  • one hand fast fold & automatic frame lock

what's in the box:

  • frame
  • 3 x 12” air filled tyres
  • fabric set
  • easy adjust tail-free 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads for comfort
  • follow-the-sun hood with handy storage pockets
  • parcel tray
  • bumper bar
  • instruction book


tech specs:

  • weight - 12.5kgs / 27.9lbs
  • width - 59cm
  • fold dimensions 76 x 30 x 59cm
  • age range - newborn to 5 years
  • maximum load:
    • main seat - 20kgs/44lbs
    • double kit on front - 20kgs/44lbs
    • double kit on rear -15kgs/26lbs
    • parent facing double kit - 12kgs/26lbs


the navigator... great for small kids


we bought the nav and ummed and ahhed about spending the extra on the accessories (sun cover and rain cover $80 all up)
my bubs was small when we bought it and using blankets and thick suits was ok
i later bought the sun cover for upcoming summer, my son is now 19 months and his feet are in the foot well... the sun cover only just fit around his feet and the foot muff stretched around his feet
this pram is great for small kids
it may have the tallest seat, but once your kids are more than 80cms tall, nothing will fit :(

This pram is great for a small amount of shopping and zippy around the shops



I wanted to love this pram but unfortunately I wish I'd never bought it.
The wheels need pumping every couple of days, unlike my Bugaboo which I've owned for over a year and have only had to pump the tires up twice. I ended up purchasing foam tyres from eBay to fit this pram which I'm hoping to put on as soon as they arrive.
The back wheels squeak loudly whenever my toddler is in the pram. It's frustrating and I don't know why they do it considering he only weighs 16kg and he sits in the main seat.
The hood often unclicks from the frame when I move it forward.
The bottom seat is hard to get my baby in and out of. If my toddler climbs out of the main seat when we get to the park, the pram tips. I can't leave my baby asleep in the second seat while my toddler has a play.
I purchased two seat liners not knowing the pram already came with a liner for each seat. Now I have two useless but expensive liners sitting in my cupboard.



Love this pushchair. My toddler who is 2 and a half loves both the main and second seats. My youngest who is now 4 months old was very comfy in the parent facing option as well as in her carseat for riding as a double.
The only downside for me is that it is heavy and hard to get out of a car boot if its just me. I end up messing around and dropping it. if we were using the carseat and doubles kit my 2.5 year old would play and pull on the brake cables. I cant say i blame her to be honest as you cant attach toys or a little tray so she play or eat. She almost broke them once so its something to watch for.
I have used this on a bus as a single and a double not had a problem with it.
However all in all a great pushchair all terrain. Does what it says on the tin.
Just 1 more thing...the carrycot part doesnt last past 3 to 4 months... weve had to put our 4 month old in the doubles kit already as shes too big.



Lovely pushchair but not fit for purpose. Rain cover does not fit well so you can forget going out in bad weather. Really really wish I did not purchase this pushchair!!!

Looks great


I really like the look of the stroller and it works really well and is so adoptable and can be used in different combinations

Love this pushchair


Bought the navigator V2 a month ago and couldn't be happier with it! My 2 year old is so comfy she now naps in the pushchair on long journeys whereas before she wouldn't. The autobrake is superb! I'm very safety conscious and this puts my mind at ease that my pushchair won't roll far if I forget the break.
Only downside fore this is that noone can tell you what things you can use with this pushchair. Like the raincover for instance as you don't get it with the pushchair as you can others. Or whether you can use a cocoon from other models with this pushchair. It's very expensive and I think you should get a raincover with it. I'm due baby 2 December and it's costing a fortune and time to buy the second bits and pieces that I need to have a double.

Saying all that I LOVE this pushchair and I've had 4 before this one and this is my fave by far! Just a shame you have to a buy the raincover separately when the pushchair itself costs 400+ and that's without the second seat etc.

Worst stroller I have ever owned!!!


The brake line is broken which leaves me without a stroller entirely as one of the wheels is locked and won't move. Also I have had multiple issues with using attachments on the back. Whenever I put the second seat on it gets stuck and completely jams to the point that it feels as if we may break the seat to either recline or remove it. I would love to show you this problem but I can't as the second adapter is currently stuck on there and can't be removed. I thought the problem may have been with the seat and so I tried using my second adapter as I have purchased the adapter for the front and the back but unfortunately I can't use this at all because now the adapter is stuck on the stroller and can't be removed. I regret ever purchasing this stroller and wish I could trade it. It has been nothing but a headache since we purchased it in April. I am so disappointed and will never purchase anything from Phil & Teds again.

Disappointing purchase – not a good investment


I purchased the Phil&Teds Navigator Stroller in April 2014. After doing months of research I felt this would be a great option for my new child. I loved the ability to have the carrycot and the face to face seat, so I purchased both of those items as well as the car seat adapter and used these components only until April 2015 when I finally converted the stroller to use the main seat. After only three months of use, the main seat began showing signs of wear, which I would never have anticipated from a stroller that cost as much as the Navigator did. The follow the sun hood is terrible. It doesn’t connect to the stroller well, and when I am able to finally get it in place it bounces around and isn’t secure at all. The foam bumper has disintegrated, making it useless to even leave on the stroller; however, removing it leaves two large holes for my child to stick her fingers in. The rubber coating on the auto stop break has been crumbling for months, and the rubber material on the handle has split. The plastic wheel covers broke after only a few months of use, but I wasn’t concerned about that at the time as I found they were a hindrance anyway. In hindsight, that perhaps should have been my first clue to contact the company and return the stroller. The stroller is also heavy and cumbersome to collapse/open, however, I was ok with this as I figured it was an acceptable weight for a double inline stroller. Recently one of the back tires has begun squeaking. I am disappointed every time I put my child in this stroller which was purchased as I felt it was well worth the investment and would support my family for at least the next two to three years as our family grew. Sadly, after only being used as the main stroller for a few months the stroller has not worn well and already looks like it is several years old.

Super excellent and secure buggy


I had an explorer buggy, which saved my babies life. We were at a festival when a huge gust of wind picked up a marquee and it flew our way very quickly. The marquee missed me somehow but unfortunately hit the buggy and got it trapped. The buggy was dragged several meters away and then rolled over a couple of times. It was the most horrific experience seeing your daughter (who was strapped in) be involved in such an event. The blessing is that she was in a Phil & Teds buggy. The buggy was very strong, had the grab bar on which acted as a roll bar and was heavy enough that it didn't get air time. The only injury to her was a small graze on her forehead which went in a few days - incredible! Phil and teds very kindly offered a discount on a new buggy as the old one wasnt safe to be used. I'm just so grateful that I decided to use the P&T buggy that day as it saved my daughters life.



I love it! It's so smooth and light I can take it anywhere with me

Cute Stroller!


I got this stroller along with the adaptors and the maxi-cosi car seat. I love both products! This stroller is super stylish and sleek and looks great with the car seat. The car seat does not give a satisfying "click" when it attaches to the adaptors and seems to require some maneuvering to set it in there properly but once it's attached it is very secure. I've read a lot of people saying that the stroller is on the heavy side but that is to be expected with all terrain type strollers and double strollers. The instruction manual to put the stroller together was awful! But all-in-all I am very happy with the product : )

Great for the city


We live in Brussels, Belgium and needed a stroller for a new baby and toddler that would fit on public transportation and in small stores. The stroller is amazingly compact, and fits pretty much everywhere we go. It's easy to adjust to hold a baby and toddler, and (eventually) older baby and toddler. It also folds up easily, which is very convenient for air travel. The only complaint would be a lack of storage space and difficulty attaching bags to the stroller because of the placement of the hand brake. That said, this seems to be a necessary concession that we're glad to make for the sleek and adaptable design.

Great light weight pushchair


Really happy with the navigator. The automatic brake is excellent. Really easy to fold down flat.

Not as good as the older models


I recently had a new navigator to replace our sport model which was approx 5 years old. Unfortunately the navigator model is smaller for the children and rear seat is very small. I have an 18 month old that barely fits in the rear seat as it in more compressed into the footwell unlike the sport that sat further back. The brake system and the liners however are an improvement on the older mode and it folds away easier with the single hand folding. The hood is also more sturdy than the sport.

All in all I was a bit disappointed for the money

Every stroller should have these features!


I cannot imagine why anyone would rate this stroller anything but 5 stars. This is perfect for walking or running. Pavement, gravel, grass... it handles it all with ease. Some people end up with 5 strollers by the time they've had two kids, but you don't need that much because this has been great for running (though not a true jogging stroller), city and weekend activities. We have this and an travel stroller that folds up smaller for the car. AND it converts to a double stroller that easily fits through doors and narrow aisles of city stores. By far my favorite feature is the brake on the handle. it has not prevented me from using a velcro drink/phone/wallet holder and is so much easier to use than worrying about accidentally kicking the breaks. The only issue that have is that it does not stand on its own, but really, how many strollers do? and How often has that been an "issue"? Maybe once. I am a small person and getting it in and out of the car has not been an issue. Overall, I LOVE this stroller and the longevity that it will provide for my growing family.

Autostop break offers great peace of mind


I've been using the Navigator since November and have tried it out on hilly and mountainous terrain , from dirt tracks to gravelly lanes to snowy pistes where I live in the Dolomites. I bought it specifically for the Autostop break as I wanted to feel secure pushing my pram and baby around hilly and often icy and snowy areas. The pram is a very easy to move around, even one handed, and I have felt completely safe taking it down steep slopes, knowing that if I slip and let go, the break will kick in. The pram itself is quite large and heavy and you need to have a decent sized boot for it to fit in the car but I think this robustness helps, certainly on snowy ground and it doesn't feel heavy to push. The fold away and opening system are very good and I like that you can adjust the seat using the zip system to have baby in various positions from lying down flat to sitting up. When the pram arrived there was a small clip which was broken on the seat but Phil and Teds replaced the whole seat within a few days so I was very impressed with the customer service too.

Best stroller if you have dogs and kids!


After extensive research I purchased the auto-stop Navigator II, and I am so happy with it! We have two dogs and an almost two year old and as an active, outdoor, downtown family I am so pleased to have a more technical, yet stylish all terrain stroller. We were given a used Bugaboo Cameleon as our first stroller (great for urbanites) but it was time to find something that:
- went off road and maneuvered through snow
- maneuvered over streetcar tracks
- accommodated lots of unexpected stops with the dogs
- was tall enough for my husband (6'3) and myself (5'9)
- accommodated a second child
- and was compact for our front porch
This stroller fits the bill on all accounts! And we LOVE it!

Some tips if you're thinking of buying the Navigator II:
- use two hands when folding, yes you can do it one handed but the swing action is quite fast so make sure to practice so you don't damage the handle bar when you release the frame
- follow the PSI measurement when pumping your tires no more than 22 PSI and always use a bike pump. Happy Strolling!

Regret spending over $500


I wish i had never bought this stroller. I have the double kit for my two kids and they constantly fight over who gets to sit up high or who goes underneath. You have no room to put a diaper bag even with the conversion kit added on. The stroller is heavy and a pain to take down and for the amount of money your spending you would think simple cup holders would be included but no. The wheels are a hard plastic so its anything but a smooth ride. I like my $89 single stroller from Wal-Mart any day over this one. I definitely don't recommend it to anyone.

Not suitable as a double buggy


I spent a long time researching the various double buggy options but I'm really disappointed with the functionality of the double kit. The seat at the back is positioned in such close proximity to the front seat that it's unusable in the upright position. My 13month old daughter is therefore stuck in the reclined position so she can see out but she really dislikes it. The back seat is also not suitable for an older child (3yo) which I've noticed the older models allow. This is really handy when your older child gets tired of scooting for example and the younger child is in the front. The new braking system is neither here nor there. I find it unrealistic to walk along clutching the break in the whole time anyway. Overall, I'm afraid it's very disappointing.

light weight compared to most other strollers!


This is perfect for my two kids and I to go jogging! Compared to my other strollers it weighs much less and folds down smaller... Even smaller than my single stroller! I LOVE it! Works great on all terrain!

Great stroller, quality is less than expected


Bought this with the doubles kit for my almost 3 year old and 7 month old about a month ago. I replaced my double city select with this stroller. I had every accessory for the city select and had a brutal time deciding if I should switch, but so far I'm really glad I did, aside from a few complaints. I wanted to be active with my kids and this stroller is the bomb. I had gone for jogs (about 6.2mph so not fast) but it is lightweight and so easy to maneuver with two kids (about 45-50lbs total). I'm 5'5" and do not need to shorten my stride with this stroller whatsoever. My husband is 6'2" and also has no complaints with walking (he hated the city select for being too short so this is a big improvement).
The brake is something to get used to. I like it now, and almost always clip it down (so the brake is off) since I find holding it down makes my hand sore. I have always strapped my diaper bag to the handle bar and can still do that under the brake (so the brake can still function). If you throw a jacket or something across the sunshade the brake has trouble engaging.
Second seat can be a little tight when getting a baby in and out. I recline it which makes it easier. And on that note the recline for the main seat is terrible. Its completely obsolete technology, too many steps, super annoying.
Its a heavy stroller which makes it more durable, and I haven't figured out the best way to fold and unfold it yet. In an attempt to prevent the foam on the handle from touching the ground (so it does't rip) and the belly bar off the ground (so it doesn't get dirty, I have a snack tray on there) it is awkward to get it in and out of the car. But I'm sure with time I will get that down to a fine art. That said, I wish I had bought the charcoal instead of black because it is impossible to keep clean (the wheel rotates in and rests against the basket and sun shade when collapsed, and the main stroller touches the back wheels when collapsed. Black looks really nice though.
In comparison to the city select, the quality is obviously inferior on the P&T. Its a less expensive stroller and it meets my current needs, but it definitely won't last as long as the city select would have. My daughter randomly handed me a little metal grommet today that she said she got off the stroller, but couldn't remember where. I'm glad she didn't eat it.
-compact double stroller, easily converts from one to two and back
-quick, easy to adjust seat belts
-lightweight, maneuverable +++
-big sunshades (if you buy one for the jump seat, which I recommend)
-VERY easy to push and steer one handed (as opposed to the double city select)

-far inferior accessories (to the city select)
-awkward to fold and unfold
-quality concerns
-NO STORAGE WHATSOEVER (with doubles kit)
-don't trust the pockets in the sunshade to keep anything in, they need velcro or magnetic closures on them
-not entirely sure the brake won't break!

Easy handling for 2 kids + 1 puppy


We bought our navigator v2 when i gave birth to our 2nd child on jan2015, it was easy breezy to stroll around and have a light jog with it. The only thing that concerned us was it is heavy and a little bulky when putting on the car trunk. Also the rubber covering the auto stop is already wearing out. But other than that we can say that we love it, i can take the kids and the dog on a 5km stroll and pushing this stroller is so easy.

Amazing pram!


I bought a Phil & Teds Navigator in 2013 - such an amazing pram. I used this for our first newborn as it. I do agree that its heavy but its super strong, durable and love the sporty yet classy look. I love how much you can load these prams up and they never fail.
We bought a select city 2014 as I had pram envy for this pram :) $1400.00 later what a mistake that was. The Phil and Teds is a much, much better ride and is more comfortable to the user as well.
I love that our Phil and teds takes a beating but never has never let our family down. Never need anything replaced. I would recommend this pram to anyone time and time again.

the wee man loves it and so do we


The Navigator has quickly become part of our lives. Our boy loves watching the world go by from inside, safe and confortable. Meanwhile we find it very easy to use, steer, manoeuvre on a variety of terrains and of course if he's happy then so are we !!

Horrible buggy I wouldn't even give one star!


I purchased this buggy a few days ago after having and loving a baby jogger city mini gt , only changed as thought this was the better double buggy. There is not one feature on this buggy that I would say has had any thought gone into when it was designed . The recline of the main seat is hopeless and extremely difficult to operate esp trying to clip back up again. My toddler decided to wake from a nap while the clip was open , I did not know she was awake as it does not have a peekaboo window and the noise the canopy makes when moving would wake a nation anyway whilst I was walking along she woke and started to play with the zips that allow full recline and of course she went flying back and got a massive fright and now refuses to go into the buggy. The folding is not easy and does not fold with one hand also I can't see the handle lasting as it touches the floor when folded. I could continue with the faults but I actually feel cross and so upset that I have wasted my money on this buggy I've only had for a week and really hoping my store will let me return . If anyone from Phil and teds is reading this please contact me .

Auto-stop handle is outstanding


I love this stroller. We have a large dog and live in a hilly area so we love the auto stop brake. I agree that the hood could be shaped a little better but the sunshade is easy to use and I love that it zips on and off.
We did a lot of research into weights of strollers and found that this was one of the lightest.

We recommend this stroller all the time and have had multiple positive comments by others about the brilliant auto stop brake. It really takes any worry about walking on hills or walking a dog.

fantastic buggy. so thrilled with it.


Bought double buggy for 17th month old and new baby. It's fab from the fantastic quality and finish to the excellent design of both seats and easy handling... also great value compared to other double buggies on the market. Love phil and teds products and the fact you can but parts and amazing other products from them too.

Funky and versatile!


I have bought this buggy because of the large main seat, the comfort padded lining, smooth ride and the option for the double kit. I haven't bean disappointed! It's perfect for my 3 year old and 1 year old. Even the 3 year old fits in the bottom seat and he can climb in and out himself. He loves it! Yes, the reclining of the main seat is a bit fiddly, but I don't actually mind it that much at all. Clever accessories. I love the pannier bags (just wish they would have shoulder straps so can be used as a rucksack also...). I also bought separately a universal hood for the lower seat just to protect the little one from the weather elements. My husband doesn't like the bulkiness when folded, but I keep reminding him that it is designed to be a double buggy. Hence the sturdiness and heaviness of the pushchair. It's funky and very versatile buggy and will last you for few years unlike some other brands with tiny seats etc. Oh and the customer service is brilliant!

Had it know what I'm needed in a pram prior


Had I known what I was looking for in a pram I'm would not have purchased this.
Firstly the lay down function leaves so many wind and sun openings that I ended up purchasing the bassinet which is extremely narrow.
Secondly even when the pram is sitting up there are gaps between the hood and the seat not ideal if you don't want your child to get burnt.
If I had of known what I needed on a pram such as the items mentioned that were lacking and the ability to face both ways I could have spent a few hundred less and got something much more appropriate

I love this stroller!


I use this stroller with my two girls, 7 months and 2.5yrs and I absolutely love it. It is comfortable for the girls and so easy for me to steer. The inline design makes it easy to take shopping, to restaurants and out walking. It also folds up quickly and fits in the boot of my car easily. I would high recommend this stroller.

The only brand we trust our baby with


We bought our stroller 15 months back and it's been a great and most reliable travel companion. We've flown 5 times with our now 15 month old boy and each time we've brought this stroller with us. It may not be very convenient carrying it in flight but we wouldn't trust any other brand with our little one. It is very sturdy, easy to maneuver and we just feel that the little one is safe in it.

Very versatile


Practical and looks good.
Particularly love how the doubles kit can become a parent-facing seat for one child.

We love our stroller


We have the 2012 model and we have had it for just under a year with very few issues. Our little guy loves this stroller too! Very smooth driving, easy to push, easy to get around in the city, on grass, beach, etc. you see tons of Phil and teds in our city.

My favourite thing is this company, best customer service. They have replaced our bar when it broke (as we set it up) a wheel, etc. We love this company and its stroller.

The fold mechanism isn't the easiest, you have to hold it up otherwise it rests on the foam handlebar and gets scuffed. Maybe we just haven't figured it out fully.

Although it can be used with newborns we used the car seat attachments most of the time when he was too small to really sit up. The lie flat option worked well when he fell asleep n walks, at the beach, etc. and when he was a bit bigger (like a few weeks old, so still a great feature.)

We have the sun cover which really makes it better, even though there is a big sunshade we just found it was hard to fully cover him from the sun without it.

We have had to replace the tire tubes a few times but we wrote to Phil and tears and they helped us out. Great customer service!

we are very happy with our stroller.

Love it!


Best stroller I have ever used. Great features and I love the recline for my newborn. The emergency break is also a fantastic feature that I haven't seen before. Love my Navigator!! :)

a good investment


We bought this stroller for a couple of reasons: the double kit (which we haven’t tested yet) and that it really works well with a tall person and a long stride. In general we are pleased with it. The stroller is great off road, although on a couple of occasions a large bump has caused it to tilt onto only two wheels. It’s fairly easy to adjust it from lying down to sitting position and our daughter seems to find it comfortable. It is definitely heavy and awkward to lift when folded down, though, and takes up quite a bit of space.

Navigator with auto stop


I absolutely love my navigator. Its my second pram and so much easier to use that me other. The lay flat feature means my little one can sleep where ever we go. I also purchased the carry bag for the pram and it is fantastic too. extremely easy to clean as well which is handy for little grub.
I have never had a flat tyre and walk a lot with bub and two dogs.

Best option for to kids with small age difference


We started to look for stroller options when we got the news about our second kid with first one already at age 1. Navigator has been great to navigate and it seems no less larger with two kids in it than our previously used stroller for just one kid. Easy and compact enough to put in a normal sized boot of a car.

Solid and reliable


We have had this stroller for the past month or so and we are really happy with how it performs. It is very sturdy, and has lots of different options for how our baby can ride in it. Yes it is heavy and a little awkward to lift for a small female (my partner has no problem) but I would expect that from such a strong, well made piece of equipment. We also have the smart which we have given to the grandparents to use, because even though it was smaller and lighter, the Navigator is more adaptable to a variety of roading conditions (and is still small enough to use around town).

I'm in love with my navigator


I have had our navigator for nearly 5 months. I love it. It is as much of a pleasure to push over rough stony ground or deep mud as it is round the shops. We even took it skiing, and it was just as good in the snow. The frame and the fabric seem to be made to a very high standard, it is well balanced and the turning circle is excellent. I also have a second original phil and teds that is on it's third child, it is still in excellent working order, just very dirty. I would highly recommend it to anyone, particularly for country/farm/tough life.

Jack of all trades, master of none


Been using for almost a year now and Have a love/hate relationship with it. Love the versatility! And that we will never need another stroller even when baby 2 comes along. It acts as a travel system, however not the best, as I feel the infant carrier sits too high and is unstable when attached. Although, we've never had an incident. It is also heavy and does not fold easily or compactly. It acts as a jogger, but again not the best. Back tires are small, but love the hand brake. And it's an inline double. Haven't used it in this capacity yet but I think it will be great, other than when I have to fold it up and take it somewhere. love all the different riding options, but some of the ways they attach don't seem very secure. so, I always tell my friends, It does everything but isn't the best at anything. That being said I think it was the cost efficient, right choice for us.

stop break


i purchase this while pregnant i loved having the snug while baby was small. have only recently put seat on and i cant say i love it as much. i noticed it looks like the farbic is missing it needs a flap at the back it has Velcro on it so seems like they missed a piece. i brought the double sun cover so he can sleep lying down. i also dont really like the clip at the back for keeping him sitting up and the zips on the inside are annoying have to unzip to lower seat. other prams i know have a metal bar that pulls down. i love that i can go on uneven ground. easy to drop once learn how to.



I originally had a dash double that I also loved but the seat wasnt quite tall enough so brought a navigator double and I love it. Its so light to push has the back height and looks great best of all the brake on the handle is so much less hassle then the foot brake with the 2nd seat on

easy maneuverability


I've had my double Phil&ted navigator almost 2 years ago and just love it!!! I wasn't sure I'd ever use the second seat but my girls just love it!!! People walk by and realize I have a second kid in my stroller and they go nuts!!! It maneuvers really easily folds easily I do wish the hood went down further but the back expands so much and it has 5 point safety harness its a great stroller!!!

Love my Navigator!


This stroller is fantastic. I was lucky to receive a hand me down version, and through 2 children and the rough New Orleans sidewalk terrain it has held up beautifully. And on top of that, I've had a wonderful experience adding accessories from P&T even 7 years later. This stroller suffers through daily use, Mardi Gras parades, runs both on street and off and it rides and cleans up beautifully. So while, yes it is heavy, and large to get into a vehicle, it wouldn't have lasted otherwise. We also have the travel bag, which is awesome, as well as other products from P&T and they all do exactly what we need, in style!

wonderful stroller


I bought my Phil & Ted stroller in May 2014 and I love it. I used to have a double wide stroller that didn't fit through doors and was heavy. Several friends had the Phil & Ted stroller and they raved about it. I saved up and got it and I wish this was the first stroller I bought when I had my first child. So I would say if you are like me and gi out a lot...this stroller is worth it and more. I use it 3 to 4 times a week running to the park with my two kids, walking to the grocery store and all in between. I highly recommend this stroller it is worth what you pay. I have the car seat attachment and love it. We used it all the time when my daughter was little and we will use it when we have our or third child! We also have the stroller cover for traveling and we like it!

Decent stroller but could some improvements


Good double stroller for two kids since it is a wide as a single stroller. The recline positions are not very practical with two kids. My other stroller offers better/infinite recline options. With two kids there is little storage space in the basket. With some re-engineering, it could be an awesome stroller.

Not the worst...


I bought this stroller about a year ago, after doing a little bit of research I thought I was getting the best bang for my buck.
I love pushing it around the mall, fits easily through doorways etc. horrible for loading things onto it. Once you have your diaper bag in the bottom compartment there is no room for anything else. Also I had a few things break on it, thankfully the were replaced.

Smooth ride


i have had this a year and a half. Some positives are that it turns on a dime and it is very comfortable to push. I love the brake. The tripod wheels can be a bit tricky to navigate through rougher terain. Some disappointments are that the screws on the side have rusted and the brake rubber cover is falling off. The latch that locks it closed has broken off as well. I would have hoped for a little better quality considering the cost.

The must have for all go-getter parents


My wife and I bought this product as we love the outdoors and nothing we looked at came close to the quality of this product. Great features, robust and a real winner for all mums and dads.

I love my Navigator


This is my 3rd P & F pram and I still can't fault them. I have been through a lot of prams (4 kids and I am a pramaholic) and Phil & Teds is still my favour. The auto stop feature on the navigator is great. No worrying about forgetting to put the brake on. Easily to steer and great on all terrains. Worked great with Car seat attachment so baby on top and toddler in second seat. One hand fold system is a great improvement on the older models. It is a little heavy but honestly for how well it is put together and all the different features and options I didn’t find it an issue at all. (and no heavier than other double's I have tried). And best of all it is suitable from birth to 5 + years and two kids, my seven year old still jumps in sometimes when he isn’t well or is being lazy. No having to replace them pram when my little one is 2 – 3 years old because they have outgrown it, like friends have had to do. Only complaint is tyres go flat regularly and no pump supplied so I was stuck with flat tyres once when I was out. I now keep a little bike pump I picked up at Kmart in the pram. Also a permanent sun shade for when the seat is reclined would be nice.

Easy to ride


I bought the navigator when pregnant with my second. It's great for just one kid (although make sure your baby isn't to tall...) but not perfect for two.
The stroller is great to navigate with and quite easy to fold.

A bit disappointed


I bought this a year ago after convincing my husband that, with our second daughter on the way, we needed the new Navigator with all it's amazing features. Although the buggy is nice to push and manoeuvre, both around town and off road, it does have some annoying features. Firstly, the leg room in the lower seat is so lacking that my small 3 year old can hardly get in it. My 1 year old struggles too as her legs have to bend around the top seat. Even more frustrating is that the old version had so much more room!
Secondly, whilst the hand brake is a fabulous idea, mine sticks all the time. I have to ram the bar down with both hands before rocking back and forth to free up the brake. Finally, despite only light to moderate use over only 1 year, the rubber on the brake bar has torn and bunched up leaving it looking very tatty. I am really disappointed with the quality of the Phil & Teds Navigator but, aside from the niggles, the multiple double modes and menouverablity off road still seem to be the best on the market.

Love my Navigator


I bought the Navigator with a sibling seat two years ago when my children were 4 months old and 2 years old. Now they are 2 and 4 years old and I am still using it for the 2 year old and sometimes the 4 year old takes a ride as well. I live in Iceland and I have push this buggy through a lot of snow in all kind of bad weathers without any problems.

Great value


It's difficult to choose the perfect pram but this has been pretty close. I use the pram daily and I love how it has converted as my children have grown. I often walk on gravel and bark paths and this copes so well over all terrain. The pram is heavy and chunky to put in and out of the car but considering it has two seats it has to have a bit of weight! This has been a great buy - value for money!!

Best walking pram!


I've had this pram for two years now, it is the best pram I've ever owned. It's so lightweight and easy to steer, folds down easy and doesn't take up much room at all in the boot of my car. I now have the attachments to hook up my baby capsule for my unborn baby to use also. I will never use another pram again.

Love my buggy


I bought this a year ago for my 2 young children. I have found it more useful as my youngest was getting older though. When he was a newborn the double feature meant he couldn't see anything and it was hard to see him. The carry cot part was good but my older son couldn't ride with it.
Tyres are great on this buggy and have taken a lot of bumpy rides.
Very easy to push and handle bar break great with toddler liable to run off at any moment.
One issue I have found is that when using double seat rain cover could do with being a couple of inches longer. Other than that I wouldn't have coped without the double buggy and the buggy board that goes with it!

Good brake system


I brought this stroller a year ago the best thing about it is the auto stop feature. I find it very heavy to lift in and out of boot and that it then takes up all the boot space. Problems with rusting and squeaky wheels following phil and teds care instructions. The fabric of the main seat rip very easily with the second seat in the rear facing position (one of the positions that can be used according to phil and teds with this stroller and reason I brought it). Phil and teds did send me a replacement seat. The double suncover and raincover do not fit correctly you can't attach them to the front of the stroller as velcro too short, I had to buy velcro extensions. The handle bar and frame get easily scratched when folding. The braking system needs transferring into a new stroller design as that is the only good point about this stroller.

Smooth ride!


We bought this stroller especially for the bad sidewalk conditions in our neighborhood. We can take our son for a walk and he has a smooth ride, even on the most bumpy terrain!



I've had my navigator for 4 months now. After you're done breaking your arms and smashing your fingers between the bars to unfold it, it's great. But folding it back up is also a workout. It's really heavy and awkward to fit in our trunk. BUT it's incredible when jogging and getting through narrow places. It cuts around corners very nicely. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't so difficult to fold and unfold!

Amazing Stroller


I've had my navigator v2 s few weeks now and its wonderful. Its light, easy to fold and soooo easy to push. It is amazing off and on road and my little boy is so comfortable in it and he is a big boy so was struggling to fit in his other prams. I've had 6 different prams since he was born (9 months ago) and this is the only one I love. I heard a few people complaining about the handle getting spoiled when you fold it down and I don't know how because you can fold it down with one hand you can use the other hand to hold the handle and stop it from hitting the floor. Over all an amazing stroller and the break is awesome! Love it!

Looks nice but......


I have been using the Navigator 2 for 10 months since the birth of my second child.

Both of my children are small and I can not see how its going to fit both of them for much longer.... if the second seat is upright there is a 2.5 inch gap between the 10 month olds head and the back of the front seat (its upright too...). Looking at other Phil & Teds in the park there seems to be much more room in other versions...

The inline break is just a faff too much. You can not add any carriers to the push bar otherwise the inline break doesn't close back down. Im forever tripping over the buggy as its not quite firmly down.

The whole frame is so scratched from my attempts to fold it down and heave it into the boot of the car. It does fold down quickly but Im forever fighting with it to squash it down to fit into the boot. There is a knack to getting it in. It does feel very heavy, after two cesareans I couldn't lift it into the boot for the first 3 months...

It does drive very nicely but I wouldn't and haven't recommended it to anyone. Oh and the rain cover doesn't fit.

Takes a beating like a champ!


We purchased this stroller six months ago after wearing through one jogging stroller with our two-year-old. Originally, we purchased it because it was the only inline double stroller with a lockable front wheel that we could find. As an added bonus, we thought it looked more durable than our previous stroller For now, we are not using double kit, but we love this stroller! We travel internationally for work often and this stroller is our luggage cart and child mover at the airport, and my primary mode of transportation in foreign countries.It travels over gravel, dirt, sand, grass, cobblestone, and uneven road/sidewalk with ease. I was worried about the "tippy" feeling that some other reviewers had talked about, but we have not experienced that with this stroller.

I love the autostop feature most of the time- sometimes the clip that keeps the brake off shifts while I'm walking/jogging and if I don't actively press on the auto stop bar the stroller stops abruptly. The Kerb-pop feature is really nice for uneven sidewalks.The bottom basket is nice and open which is good for fitting bigger items underneath, but it means that sometimes smaller items can fall out. The stroller folds up small and fits into most airport scanners. After six months of use, we have lost one plastic wheel protector at an airport, and the red rubber grip on the brake is starting to rip in some places, but both are cosmetic issues. I imagine we will be using this stroller for years to come. Another great feature of this stroller is that if one part breaks, you can purchase individual parts online. With the purchase being such a big investment, that is a huge perk!

Navigator stroller


This stroller is amazing! I love how easy it is to push and the great braking system! The material is easy to clean and maintain. The seats are roomy and comfortable with good storage space beneath! I highly recommend the purchase of this stroller and other Phil and Teds products!

Love the auto stop feature


This thing is great, I love the auto brake. It seems to make the most sense when using the add on seat, with the extra weight it's nice for my wife to have the added reassurance that if she finds it too much on a steep grade that the auto brake will kick in. Such a great idea, and a necessity for our family since we live up a mountain

The more I use it the more faults I find.....


The double side of this buggy is USELESS, the double cover doesn't cover the 2nd seat at the back so due wind and rain getting in I can't use the buggy outdoors. I contacted the support team and their solution was to get a seamstress and attach a piece to the cover so that it would go around the double seat, I didn't pay a few hundred euro to have to take out the needle and thread.

When my second child was born I couldn't have him lying down as his legs wouldn't fit between the second seat on top and the lying down position. I had to have him on his side and curled up with his head touching the surround at the top. I stopped using this position and just put him in the seat even though he's too young for it. The support team didn't have any answer for this.

The straps are also very tight, I have my 2 year old toddler in it today and with her jacket the straps are very tight, can I not put a coat on her in this weather????

I'm very disappointed with it's ability to act as a double buggy and the response from the support team. It's also very heavy and regularly have to use a blanket to stop wind/rain getting in the back flap also. I wouldn't recommend this buggy.

Perfect for home & travel


I bought the double Navigator pram prior to us moving from Western Australia to Morocco for a few months. I cannot recommend this product highly enough because I could never get around without it - I have tried and failed! I have 2 large robust boys aged 2 & 4. I researched extensively and purchased this product online. When it first arrived I assembled it quickly but thought it looked a tad flimsy for my needs and almost returned it. Fortunately I could not have been more wrong! This pram went through every challenge imagine able in Casablanca and beyond by easily moving through huge & infinite kerbs - thanks kerb pop I presumed you were marketing spin but you really do work wonders - pot holes, sandstorms, crowded markets, farmland, trams, trains, shopping malls, cafés, beaches & folded up neatly to fit into the back of a VW Golf hatchback. The main appeal of this pram for me was the reclining doubles kit which meant that both children can sleep in it when necessary. Plus it is so easy to push and steer and narrow enough to push through crowds. I continue to use this pram almost daily here at home in Australia because I often walk long distances. It was a great investment!

Perfect for us


We bought the Navigator with doubles kit before the arrival of our second child and couldn't be happier with our choice. Our two year old happily rides in the front seat, despite being on a "stroller strike" for the previous six months with our old single stroller. We think she likes the higher seat position/view from above. I had expected some awkwardness placing our baby in the rear lay-back, but it's been fine. We are a car-free household and live in a city with many cobblestone footpaths, so our strollers take a beating. The Navigator has held up great so far and pushes like a dream. Very happy!

My first and only stroller I'll ever use


I am quite the baby product connoisseur so you bet I did TONS of research before purchasing. It was between the BOB or phil&teds Navigator. I am so pleased I went with the navigator. We live right in the middle of a city and we walk EVERYWHERE including the grocery store. I can easily manuever this stroller everywhere we go without a problem, even get through doors by myself without constantly having to ask someone to hold the door for me. Highly recommend!

Love it!


I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and I LOVE this stroller. Not only does it have many different ways to carry the kids, but it also fits perfectly in my 2 door sports car!

Smooth sailing compact folding stroller


I've used this stroller with my infant and toddler and with my toddler and 4 year old. It suits my children in so many situations to keep them comfortable. Whether I have 2 sleepy kids or one that needs to sleep and one that wants to watch, I always have what I need to best care for my kids as long as I've got my Phil and Teds stroller and double seat along. And it's always with me!! I never take it out of my van, in which it fits sideways standing up in my van trunk so it hardly takes up any room. I've rumbled up mountainous trails, sailed through many malls, and pushed through the sand at the beach like never before. This stroller surpasses any other stroller i've compared and I'd buy 3 of them if I had to!

Perfect for me!


I recently had another baby and my older boy is 2 yrs old. He are always outside and going places. I hate big bulky things so I was worried about finding a dbl stroller I would like. This stroller is compact but roomy! I get compliments all the time. We take it to the beach, playground , the ranch, running, carnivals etc... No problem in crowds bumping ppl. Easy to maneuver, easy to pack up. Everyone always thinks the kid in the back gets a bad view... But honestly everyone fights to get that seat. Cousins and friends always want to ride in the back. It's so easy to push (I even push it in the sand at the beach). There isn't a lot of storage space though... So I bougt a bag that attaches to the handles that has cup holders and such and its worked out perfect. I don't even need to carry a diaper bag. Just have things in that little bag. Note also that the visor for the back seat doesn't come with it. Need to buy separately and my little one is usually in the back and it's sunny so I use a Muslim blanket for shade. There is a screen that they sell that attaches to the back seat but we are in hawaii and shipping a $12 item was over $50 and I didn't want to pay that.
Also ..... Suuuuper easy to clean! Love that

Light weight!


Bought it right before my 2nd baby got here. I like how it can go from double to single vice versa. Easy easy to maneuver. A few things would be needed to make the stroller perfect - parent cup holder, kids cupholder, removable washable fabric seat and if the 2nd seat can be folded wihile it is attached to the frame.

Pushes like a Dream!


This stroller is fantastic. The push is AMAZING, even with 2 heavy kids. The fold is compact for the size of stroller. The second seat is easy to attach and remove.

Great all-around!


I don't know how we lived before this stroller! It's perfect for my 3.5 year old & 18 month old. It navigates everything from city sidewalks to fields. You can definitely use it to jog with 2 kids. We made the mistake of getting a few cheaper strollers originally, I wish we'd had this one all along, it's the only one we need.

Best stroller


This is truly the best stroller. This is my seventh stroller and I wish I would have started with this one. This is the easiest double stroller to maneuver and it can go in any doorway and in aisles in stores!! The double seat in the back comes off easily so it can be a single stroller when you need it to be. Otis a very brilliant design!!



I did my research and thought this would be the best option for me.... but not convinced it's not as user friendly as it could be far simpler... hate the no basket room and the hood does not fit on the pram where it should.. keeps popping off every time I try to connect properly.... I do love the way it feels to push! Absorbs the bumps and steers well! Just hate how it folds down with handle into the ground just way too many things bugging me!

Fab stroller!!


I brought this for my daughter when she was 10 months old as we are keen dog walkers and needed something to handle all terrain. This stroller ticks all the box and its fabulous if your family is growing as you have the option for the second seat! One niggle, with the foam handle its easily damaged when you close and open the stroller as the handle bar sits on the pavement and when you pick the stroller up, you will find the foam handle therefore rubs on the floor and it starts to rip and tear

Amazing steer ability


This was our THIRD stroller and first Phil and Teds. My husband fell in love when we has to push it around a field. I love the release handle to stop. We will be using the double seat starting this fall and anticipate it'll be easy and effortless.

Brilliant for busy families!


I was sceptical of the phil and teds at first and wasn't sure of using with a newborn but I have been converted!I adore the navigator, from the multi functions/positions to the brilliant handling (you don't even know your pushing it!) and the awesome brake! we have used with a newborn and two and a half year old, with the snug carrycot it was brilliant so cosy and convenient being able to take baby out without disturbing sleep with the bigger child on the front in the second seat. Now my littlest one is in the main seat and the multi recline is so handy and my two year old loves being able to hop in the bottom when he needs a rest but the very best feature is the brake! Doing the School run with baby and toddler in the buggy and my five year old walking can be tricky at times and being able to stop the buggy so quickly and effectively is brilliant it makes safety at the roadside easy! Only one downside is it isn't really designed for holding a conventional change bag as the weight on handles makes it tip but I love the saddle bags on the side for a day trip and can recommend the shopping basket pack bag for day to day use.

Great user-centred design!


This is a well made, intuitive design that is robust enough for anything I imagine doing with a little person on board. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions and tool free assembly a real bonus. Clearly P&T have invested in design, and it shows. Would like to know a bit more about where/how it is made (consumer ethics are important to me) but otherwise completely recommend this system.

So far love this stroller!


After spending many hours researching the Navigator, I finally decided to give it a try! I have been a fan of Phil and Teds strollers after owning the Sport model, and again I am very pleased with the newer Navigator model. It is very easy to assemble and seems to be well made and durable. I love the hand break. I was worried it might be a pain to hold, but you can slide a clip over it so it feels like a normal handle bar when you are walking. I had read that it was very heavy, but honestly I did not think it was bad lifting it into my SUV. I also really like the reclining second seat and the easy fold.
The only thing that I do not like, is the lack of storage. With one kid the under basket is great, but with the second seat it is hard to fit much when your toddler is riding in it. Phil and Teds does have extra storage accessories though that I am about to try.
All in all, this is a great stroller I would recommend it to anyone!

So so..


Had my Navigator v2 for about 5months now. Can't say I love it! Stroller is awesome to push however it is quite heavy! Hard to put down without scratching as you have to quickly catch handlebar and the most disappointing feature to me is the back of seat (where hood meets top of seat) There is no cover to block the wind when reclined. Terrible!! I purchased the shade and rain cover thats supposed to go there but the buggy has no hooks for cover to hook into along the sides (v1 has hooks along side) so it is pointless! Very unhappy with this as I often have to use a blanket due to a big gaping hole!

I'm loving this stroller!!


I received the Navigator stroller in graphite a couple months ago and we are loving it! Previously I have used the more traditional 4 wheel strollers, which have been a pain to steer. I love the 3 wheel design--it makes steering a breeze. I also love that it has the option to add a second seat so that this would work for families that have more than 1 young child.

The auto stop function is pretty neat and works very well. One thing that I really like is that you can adjust the height of the handle. I am average height (5'6") and strollers that I used to use had only one position, which was typically too low for me. Now I can have it at the right height.

My daughter really enjoys using her stroller--she is very comfy and has enjoyed the ride when I walked her brothers to school.

If you need an excellent quality stroller, I highly recommend the navigator.

love love love this stroller!


This stroller is absolutely amazing! The cargo space under the stroller is large and it is easy to get things in and out of it, which is a HUGE plus for me. The sunshade is huge and moveable, so it is easy to cover baby when the sun is in his face. It is a bit bulky but not too heavy and only requires a light touch to push. Love how easy it is to open and close. The hands free braking system is great, and there is also a clasp which can hold the brake down if you don't want to use the hands free system. I have not tried to have my son nap in this stroller yet, but can't wait to try it since the seat can lay flat! Highly recommend this stroller!

Just a test review - ignore this


Just testing - ignore this - I really don't want this going live.

Love it!


I love the slightly higher seat. My little man is quite tall and this works really well for him being slightly more upright. Its really light to push and seemed to just pop over the kerbs really easily. I was really impressed with the new auto stop function. This is a fabulous technology, thanks Phil and Teds for bringing this to us busy parents and allowing ease of use, great safety and extreme comfortableness for my son.

Handles like a dream


On initial viewing it looked as though the brake would take a bit of pressure to squeeze it down but I found it was extremely easy to use and comfortable especially given the material used on the handlebar itself. The handlebar in combination with the red bar gave good grip and I never felt like the buggy was going to slip away from me.It was very light to push.

A very very clever piece of kit


Now that I have a baby and a young child (3.5yrs old) I find I stop a lot more when out on buggy walks - to look at things, help child on and off things and to keep him safe at road crossings etc so I feel very comfortable with the auto stop to keep my baby safe while I was dealing with a distraction provided by my older boy.

Very impressed


It's not unusual for a toddler to run off at the park. At least with the auto stop, there is no brake fumbling before you can shoot after them. We were surprised at how light and manoeuvrable the buggy was with almost 30kg of boys in it. We also like that the double kit is easy to connect, and that the seat tilted back


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