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poussette verve

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Donnez de l'allure à votre style grâce au design hyper chic en aluminium. 4 roues pour arpenter tous les terrains!

(Votre poussette sera livrée avec des gardes-boue pour les roues arrière – non visible sur les photos)

Not currently available in this region.


wow! Caractéristiques de la poussette Verve: 

  • châssis en aluminium élégant et de grande qualité
  • tissus luxueux et moelleux pour un confort ultime
  • frein à main enclenché d'un seul geste
  • franchissement des trottoirs hyper simple pour plus de commodit
  • 6 hauteurs de poignée différentes 
  • position arrière possible 
  • vérouillage du châssis automatique pour un pliage plus sur

dans la boîte :

  • châssis avec 2 roues arrière 12 pouces remplies d'air et 2 roues avant EVA 7 pouces avec suspension pour arpenter tous les terrains
  • tissu du siège avec harnais de sécurité à 5 points ajustable
  • capote ajustable avec visière rabattable
  • panier de rangement spacieux pour un poids maximum de 5 kilos pour ranger toutes les affaires de bébé



Tech specs

Spécifications techniques:

  • poids - 14.4kgs / 31.7lbs
  • largeur - 65cm / 25.6"
  • dimensions de la poussette pliée - 68 x 65 x 31cm / 33.9 x 25.6 x 12.2"(avec ou sans le second siège)
  • âge – nouveaux-né / 5 ans

poids maximum:

  • siège principal - 20kgs / 44lbs
  • second siège à l'avant- 20kgs / 44lbs
  • second siège à l'arrière - 15kgs / 33lbs


Best double I have tried so far!


I had a Verve for my older two when they were 2 and newborn onwards for around 6 months (I only sold because I wanted a dot to try!) But in that time it was brilliant. I could use the double kit with its fab recline from the time my youngest was 3 months and he was very comfortable. My oldest also loved the main seat because it was so roomy! Days out across all terrains were a breeze too. If I ever needed a double again this would be the one I'd want. Another bonus was the all in one fold, although a little heavy... it made it so much easier to store and put in the car.

best buggy i've ever had


we have been using our verve in single mode for a couple of months now with our 19 month old, and are about to have a newborn and convert to a double, our double kit was part of our purchase from a mum and toddler event at Manchester with a fantastic sales team!!! we didnt expect to be taking a new pushchair with us that day, we were getting a different pushchair but the verve won us over!!

our pushchair constantly gets noticed out and about. its stylish, hip, abit bugaboo looking on the front wheels (which i love) and the raised handlebar has been amazing keeping bump safely under it.
it is long in length and can make bus rides slighly tedious if you cant get the first buggy space. the fold is amazing too, cafe trips need not be annoying and x-country walks are at ease.
we previously had a phil & ted sport v2, there is no comparison to the ease of folding this new style fold. well done phil & ted and thank you for creating a pushchair as amazing as the verve, that suits a family of soon to be 6!!!

I've had 5 pushchairs now and this is the best ive had. at first after having a 7kg pushchair it seemed heavy but now its not a problem at all.

only down side has been i have gone to a cosytoes company because the phil & teds didnt rock my boat, i wanted a girly cosytoes thats fleecy and floral, like buggy snuggle, if phil & ted did a more fun cosy toes range it would seal the deal for alot of people i reckon.
our verve is cobalt blue and i love it and would buy it again no questions or doubts about that.

Love it!


We purchased this buggy in July 2014 after looking at many different double seat pushchairs. We had phil and ted sports buggy with our first daughter and it was great but we needed something easier to fold and push. We travel internationally often and this buggy has been easy to fold up and store. It fits nicely in our car and is so easy to unfold and attach the second seat to. It is so comfy too for our baby girl. We have been impressed as we have used it in the city and in the country- even in the desert! The covers are awesome as complete cover and easy to put on. A great buy- we are very happy and would recommend.

Meeting all my expectations and more


I researched many strollers and brands prior to purchasing the Verve with consideration of price, quality, functionality and customer service if required. In addition this stroller is for our first child, knowing we would like to have more children in the future and wanted a stroller to suit our needs now and in the future. I am very pleased that my research led me to this stroller and brand. At this stage the stroller is meeting all my expectations and more.

Just perfect!


So happy use it for 2 years! Everything is perfect!

Brilliant double stroller


I bought this when my youngest was 18months and my olders was 3years to replace our existing double stroller and we wish we had done it sooner. This stroller is so easy to puch even with 2 toddlers in we were amazed!!
The rise is smooth thanks to the airfilled tyres and the second seat actually reclines if you have 2 sleepy children!
Another huge advantage is being able to collapse the stroller with both seats still attanted so its quick and efficient when trying to put it back into the car boot in the rain!
I would and have reccommended this stroller to all of my friends whole heartedly!

Cruise for the babies


I feel this is a good one for the kids. The tyres, shock absorbers and the space should make it comfortable for them.

Perfect stroller for 1 or 2 kids


We bought our verve off phil and teds online shop a few months back it is so easy to clip on the second seat and so easy to pop up and down...LOVE it

Outstandingly easy to use


This was a truly great purchase. The stroller not only looks great but oozes quality too. For me one of the best attributes is the easy folding system; this is great for getting the Verve in and out of the car. In action, it could not perform better. This stroller literally can be pushed with 1 finger ! Well done Phil & Teds, a top product !!!

Compact size and life saver


I had one for three years and we ruined it going out, traveling or even inside the house. Had to buy another new model, never hesitated. I shipped it all the way from USA to my home country Egypt as I was there at the mean time and will never come back with three kids and no stroller. I even paid the freight fees but really it worth all the money. I call all the phil and teds double strollers the life savers. I garantee myself that your life will change after using this stroller.

Great features but disappointing wearibility


This pram has the design features we needed in a double buggy, and its great having the break on the handlebar. However, the metal frame and plastic has scratched a lot in the 4 months we have had the buggy, from just folding it up and down to get it in and out of the car. I previously had a mountain buggy, and it was hard wearing and doesn't look as old as the verve despite having had the MB for 2 years. Also with the mountain buggy I never had a puncture, and with the verve I have had one.

couldn't be happier!!


I have looked around and purchased other double strollers. O was never completely satisfied with other doubles. I finally purchased this stroller and am so happy I did! It folds so much more compact then I thought and much more then other doubles. Its very easy to maneuver with both kids in it as well. I thought my son would be frustrated sitting in the back but it turns out he is completely fine with it! I am so happy we purchased this stroller!

Not what I expected


Overall happy, the cons the stroller is heavy and when you collapse can easily scratch the chassis..... The rain cover doesn't fit too well.. The pros are its well made, a dream to push, the brake is great, the storage underneath is large, it sits upright and also lies flat, we also got the sleeping bag which my boy loves...... Overall happy but we now need another light weight buggy as it's just too heavy to throw in and out of the car.

No Regrets!!


I absolutely LOVE THIS STROLLER!!! Folks stop me and compliment me on it all the time. It rides smooth and the wheels are sturdy. Closing it up is fairly easy, its pretty heavy though, but thats expected. I love it, it was worth every dime.

Amazing double stroller!!


Once I found out I was expecting my second child, immediately I went on the hunt looking for the best double stroller with great reviews! This stroller is worth everyyyy penny! My kids love the smooth ride and I kid you not, everytime we go out I get looks and stares from people that are so attracted to the design and beauty of the stroller. They are in awe, and pleasantly surprised to see my little guy sitting comfortably in the back seat. They always say that they have never seen a double stroller built this way. And without a doubt, I tell them it's one of the best double strollers out there. My favourite features are: the braking system within a click of a button, the wheels which make a very smooth ride and very easy to maneuver, and the folding of the stroller which is compact for a double stroller. It's also comfy, very sturdy and can handle any terrain! The only thing I would change on this stroller is for the front seat to be bigger. My 2 year old is tall for her age and it seems like she could use some more seat space. Although now when I look at the pictures posted of the stroller on the Phil & teds website the seat appears to look a little different, assuming because it is the 2014 model (bought mine in 2013). So maybe they added a change or two. Other than that I absolutely love this stroller and will never turn to anything else :) Thank you Phil & Ted!

So happy we bought it!


I bought this pram 18 months ago when my 2 year old became very sick. He was a big boy and this was the tallest pram we could find. My son loved it and was always really comfortable in it, whether on the foot path, at the shops or in hospital. The big basket underneath, easy but reliable brakes and super comfy seat meant that my son always had a comfortable retreat, no matter what was going on. Worth every cent.

Awesome gorgeous double stroller


I won this stroller with the double kit in Cherry Red. It is very well put together and the red color is gorgeous. My son loves to ride in this stroller, it is super plush and very comfortable for him. I like the padded shoulder straps, that helps protect his neck from chafing. We've already had to clean the cover and it was really easy to remove and re-install. The braking system is really nice. I hated having to mess with the foot-operated brakes on my old stroller. This one just takes one push of the red button on the parent handle and it stops immediately! Also I appreciate the parent arm safety strap. I love how easy the wheels come off.

I only have the 1 kid now, so I haven't tested out the double kit with a 2nd child. I did install it (super easy) and learned how to fold the stroller with the double kit installed. Nice! All my friends are so jealous and I've been bragging about all the different combinations this stroller can do.

Some of the things I would change: It has a high learning curve with opening/closing it, and the auto close feature tends to auto-close on me when I'm trying to open it since there are 3 different locks you have to deal with just to open it (the black side flips, the auto-close latch, and the silver metal circular thing). It seems like 2 locks would be sufficient, or an easier way to temporarily disable the auto-lock when opening. I really wish it came with some sort of parent cup holder. Also my previous stroller had handles to carry it when folded up, this one doesn't. Because it's so awkward to carry when folded since there's no handles, my husband just rolls it when it's in the folded position and pulls on the child's grab bar, but in the process he has scuffed up the parent handle because the parent handle drags on the ground. And if the parent handle is not in a specific position, it will not stand on its own when folded. I do wish that the interior of the canopy was not tan. Black, red or even grey would have been a much better color choice. Also my toddler's legs aren't long enough so they kind of float in the air, a foot rest of some sort would be nice.

Overall it is a very nice stroller. If you have 2 kids, I highly recommend. Just know that with the double kit being occupied, the storage area is pretty much nothing.


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