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poussette vibe

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Donnez de l'allure à votre style grâce au design hyper chic en aluminium. 3 roues pour arpenter tous les terrains!

(Votre poussette sera livrée avec des gardes-boue pour les roues arrière – non visible sur les photos)

Not currently available in this region.


wow! caractéristiques de la poussette vibe:  

  • châssis en aluminium élégant et de grande qualité
  • tissus luxueux et moelleux pour un confort ultime
  • frein à main enclenché d'un seul geste
  • franchissement des trottoirs hyper simple pour plus de commodité
  • 6 hauteurs de poignée différentes 
  • position arrière possible 
  • vérouillage du châssis automatique pour un pliage plus sur

dans la boîte:

  • châssis avec 3 roues 12 pouces remplies d'air
  • tissu du siège avec harnais de sécurité à 5 points ajustable
  • capote ajustable avec visière rabattable
  • panier de rangement spacieux pour un poids maximum de 5 kilos pour ranger toutes les affaires de bébé


Tech specs

caractéristiques techniques:

  • poids - 14.2kgs / 31.3lbs
  • largeur - 65cm / 25.6"
  • dimensions de la poussette pliée - 86 x 65 x 31cm / 33.9 x 25.6 x 12.2"(avec ou sans le second siège)
  • âge – nouveaux-né / 5 ans

poids maximum:

  • siège principal - 20kgs / 44lbs
  • second siège à l'avant- 20kgs / 44lbs
  • second siège à l'arrière - 15kgs / 33lbs (face ou dos à la route)


Great looking, easy to push


Great looking pram, have had lots of compliments on it. Brake is fantastic and easy to use, pram is easy to push even one handed with two toddlers in double mode. Only cons I've found are: the silver frame is very easy to scratch which takes away from the impressive look of the pram; when there is a toddler in the back seat in double mode there is no room in the basket to hold anything as the toddler's feet are in the basket; there doesn't seem to be a way to fold the pram properly without the handle touching the ground and the handle gets scuffed and dirty; and the limited space in the back seat when in double mode mean my toddlers can't climb into the back seat by themselves, something they loved to do with the Sport - I have to physically lift them in. For the price though, it's a fantastic pram and would definitely recommend it, especially if you're only using it for one child and don't need the double seat.

Vibe Stroller


Thanks for the fastest delivery I've experienced ordering online. I ordered Saturday afternoon and it came Monday morning! Easy to assemble and light and easy to use. Exactly what I was wanting in a pram

Perfect for active lifestyle


We love this pram so much. It's perfect for walking with the dog on all sorts of terrain.

Easy to use!


We had the Phil and Teds Smart pram and loved it but had to upgrade to a double/convertible pram, we love this one too! It fits both children easily, smooth to push & for a double is quite compact when folded down.

Awesome Product


We have had our buggy for about a month now and we couldnt be happier with it. Not to mention the ease off shopping online and the super fast delivery. We in future will be shopping with you again.

Not impressed


I have only had this product for about 2-3 weeks, and in that times its barely been used. Already the material is seperating from the frame. Th shade hood, doesn attach to the back of the pram, so when child is laying flat, they have no coverage.

Good stroller except for the tyres


Had an Original Vibe stroller for a few years now. Has been pretty good mostly.
However the tyres on these wear out very quickly (5 - 6 months with moderate use)
Theyare a special size, so you are committed to buying them from Phil & Teds, No other tyres fit. Thet are very soft rubber and also very thin. So you will be regularly paying $50+ for a new pair of rear tyres. Check out the comments section for the replacement part to see the reviews. Dismal.

Fast Delivery, Awesoommeee product!!


I had a 2nd hand old version Phil and Teds Vibe and when they had there big sale recently I bought a new one and i love love love it... Easy to stear.. great storage underneath.. great for when my little girl is asleep and or awake... Fantastic that it reclines totally flat for when she sleeps...
Hands down a great pram which i know will last my little one for quiet some time !!
I was really impressed with the delivery time too i ordered Wednesday night hoping it would be here by the Friday as we were going away... And it arrived Friday lunchtime VERY Impressive!!!!

Fantastic pram!


We purchased the Vibe several weeks ago and are currently using it as a single pram. It is super easy to use, rides smoothly and is very strong and sturdy. Possibly a tad wider in the wheel base than I would like (I do struggle to get through some doorways in older buildings) but we're still very happy with it. Our 17 month old daughter loves her pram and sit really comfortably in it, the extra long sun shade is fabulous. We also purchased the second seat for our upcoming arrival as well as the car seat adaptors, we have already briefly tried our Nuna Pipa car seat on it which fits beautifully!

Like my vibe


I haven't been able to use the double feature yet since our second baby is due in a few months, but so far I really like my vibe. I really like the slim design and quality. Wish it had suspension like my Bob stroller though. Other than that, really like it.

Stroller delivered ASAP. Extras - still waiting.


Stroller is easy to assemble and easy to pack. That is without "2nd-baby extra seat" and extra warm bag for the toddler (though safety belts fit perfectly) - those extra minutes to disassemble are hard to find. Stroller is well made, but the side clamps pin is bent after one use (ours delivered as bent initially?). This does not affect performance under load ( and we can substitute it ourselves). Is it worth it? 3.5/5 is my rating on value for money. There are things to improve, and to become worlds best. Thank You!

high price and still need to buy needed features


I bought this with the expectation this was a excellent pram with many features. However, when my son come along i realised that you actually needed to purchase very expensive accessories to use the features. For example, when baby is in lie flat position there is no backing leaving the baby completely exposed. To fix this you need to purchase a $30 backflap that frankly should be included with the pram.
I should have bought a mountain buggy with all this included.

Feeling stoked!


I brought the vibe stroller plus the second seat plus the capsual with pram attachment and car base. So happy with how fast everything turned up and it's all so amazing and easy to use and I've been testing it out in egage anntipation for our baby to come in Feb! Thanks so much phil and teds

Great stroller but often needs new tires


The stroller is great, easy to handle and everything else that is promised. Except for the tiny detail of having to buy new tires for the back every 4 months or so.

Excellent pram


Brilliant, stylish, lightweight and compact. Love it!

This is the one!


Stop looking- this is the one! I have had my vibe now for five years and it is the best decision I have ever made. No ageing or fading... It still looks and feels brand new. So versatile and so much lighter and easier to push compared to others we tried!!!!

Superb pram


Owned this gem for two months now and it's awesone. bub loves it also. !

Good Features


I bought this product last 2 years ago and I'm happy with that. Unfortunately, when I want to buy the wheel, It was hard because the shop said this product is old product and I need to buy online which I did buy online. At that time, my ordered was gone and arrived 3 weeks latter after I sent an email that I didn't received it.I also said it's hard to changed the Tyre by yourself. Overall, this product is good and I love it.

Heavy and impractical


I bought this pram online and I really regret not going to look at it in a shop first. I am a busy mum of 3, and need an easy to fold/light weight pram for a newborn and toddler that is easy to get in and out of the car. Unfortunately, this pram fits none of these requirements. It's a huge pram, compared to the older style vibe, it's so heavy, I can't even lift it into the boot when folded. Wish I'd bought a mountain buggy duet or another bugaboo which are much easier to use. I am probably going yo have to sell it. Only used it twice!

It's so easy!


I brought this four months ago and baby has been in it every day of his life (8weeks) it's light easy to use its safe it's hard wearing. We live rural so when we go out for a walk we hit loads of bumps and the vibe just goes with the flow. The framing is light weight which makes it easy to fold into the boot. It's also cool how you can fold in half and it stands upright. I couldn't remember how to work it once baby was here quick YouTube video and reminded how easy it is. We love the vibe

My favorite stroller!


I purchased the original vibe in 2008 for my 1 and 3 year olds. Absolutely loved it!! This past year I had one little part on the frame break and phil&teds customer service was great to deal with. Instead of replacing the one part they gave me a whole new frame! I have the vibe2 now and still love my stroller. I am expecting baby #5 soon and expect this stroller will last until we are done with the stroller age years. I love how versatile it is and can be used in the city and out in the country. I have used it for jogging too. My only complaint would be that the brake is in a bad location on the handle bar and it gets pushed accidentally at times. Phil&teds by far has the best customer service and definitely seeks to keep their customers happy!

Good for 2 kids


We bought this 3 years ago with the second seat and so glad we did. We now have 2 kids that we're able to stroll around. My only complaint is that the back seat is a little small, but that being said my 9 month old is quite big. I Use the stroller for running and have had to shorten my stride or I kick the back seat.

Compact & Versatile


So happy I decided to go against the odds and purchase the Phil & Teds Vibe. This stroller is extremely compact and versatile even with the double kit! Compared to others on the market it is an absolute pleasure to get in and out of the car which I was worried I'd struggle with being heavily pregnant. Folding with or without the double kit is a breeze as the vibe folds the same in either situation. This pram is easily maneouvarable even when maxed out with weight. I personally will not be considering other brands anymore when it comes to needing a double pram!

I recommend this pram to everyone!


I have had this pram since 2009 and still love it. It's now carrying my 3rd baby and is as good as when I bought it! It's easy to use, adaptable, comfy and stylish! I've added the carrycot to it now and think it's wonderful that Phil and Teds still make products that adapt to my 5 year old pram!



I love this buggy I clock many miles with mine each week . I would like to see a few changes ( the back seat slightly wider and a extending bar with poppers that you can push in and lift a bar bit hight for a bigger child and a space for a extra attachment for a third child ( as I am a childminder I used three of these buggeys over a number of years

its been a great 4years


Its been a great 4 years for me. The buggy still works as fine and great. Strong. Great fit for my kids and my groceries shopping of course. Great for travelling as well.

Love this pram


So glad we made the choice for the vibe stroller. I know that it is going to last us for many years and more babies. Easy to use and so great for the walking parents who like to get out and about. Plenty of room if you have a larger baby ... Won't need to get another pram as your children grow. Love it

ATS - All Terrain Stroller!


We've had our Vibe for five years with two kids and we've absolutelty loved it! It's still in great shape after numerous road trips and plane rides, and plowing through sand, snow, dirt, gravel, etc.! We love the inline design, making it so slick to navigate crowds and corners. A couple of years ago a small part on a tire busted, and phil&teds quickly shipped out a replacement. Had we not been able to fix it, we would've bought another Vibe -- we love it too much to switch.

Not much space.


I got this pram for all the raving reviews about how great it is with and without the second seat. I am not happy with what I found. The second seat can go up the top or down the bottom which is great but if it is up the top it sits so low that it sits on the babies legs, if it goes down the bottom you can not lay the top down as there is no room. The tires need to either be stronger or foam at the back like the front. Used as a single pram it is great, it was just needed as the double.

Love, love, love this stroller!


I bought my Vibe stroller second hand from Kijiji in Canada and it has seen me through 3 rocky mountain winters, 3 dry and hot summers and I have pushed it for hundreds of miles and love it. It folds down well and fairly easily, although a little heavy putting it in the back of our truck or SUV but not too bad. My 3 year old and now another 6 month old both have loved being in this stroller, in fact have slept in it for many naps and even overnight sleeps when on the go. The brake is really strong but the handle is tough to release, just needs a really tight squeeze. I have found popping the wheels of every 6 months or so and cleaning the bearings and shaft keep the wheels rolling smoothly, have never had to replace a wheel, and we have done ALOT of miles! Love the storage space underneath, have taken it to music festivals with the kids, umbrella, small soft cooler, etc all loaded under and on it. Just love this stroller, the double seat is super handy, clocks on and off really easily and can mix and match with the older kid or baby being in the main part. Will be sad to see it go when we don't need it anymore! It will hold its value too which is great.

quality stroller


I absolutley love this stroller. It we well built and the fabric is easily cleaned. This stroller has made life with two under two very easy especially when I only want to use it with one child. Folds easily and I've been complemented a lot from many on lookers.

Multi function stroller


If you don't want the classic stroller and want to take your baby through other trails than pavement then this stroller will be great.

Try Before you Buy!


I absolutely love the versatility of this pram in terms of all the riding options it offers. The length of the seat is also wonderful as my son is very tall yet I have no doubt he wont grow out of it any time soon. It's also very stylish and people often comment on it/ask about it not to mention how useful it is that the second seat can lie back when in the under position. For the price thought I have to say there are several features I am disappointed with.
Firstly it feels much heavier than my old e3 and it is very difficult to steer at times. Also the classic phil and teds system to lay the main seat down is a real pain (the zips and buckles) when baby wakes up as it is difficult to hold the child up at the same time as trying to zip and clip everything back up. My final issue with this model is the location of the break, a button on the side would be more practical that in the centre as I often bump the break on mid walk. Over all I feel the cons far outweigh the pros and based on weight and steering ability alone in hindsight I would not have up graded. I would definitely recommend going in store and trying before you buy :)

Great Double Stroller


This is a great stroller, have had it for a month, and the one thing I wish I would have done was to get the verve because the single large wheel makes turning in tight corners from a standstill very difficult, the smaller wheels are better for that and living in SF the verve is better suited. Otherwise, very comfortable stroller.

Poor quality high price


I am sad to say, but I have been quite disappointed with this stroller. We are constantly replacing the wheels, as they puncture easily. It does not maneuver as easily as I would expect. Frankly, it can be rather cumbersome at times. I wish I were able to rate this stroller higher, alas, it has not lived up to the hype. I like the inline aspect, but for that, I would not have gone so far as buying a vibe--I would have just purchased a classic.

great but no enough strong wheels


I bought 4months ago and I bought wheels again two months ago and now I have to order again is impossible the wheel is not enough strong for a two year old girl and a 6 months baby am really disappointed with this I love the stroller.because it has enough space but I hate the wheels

great inline double!


I had this stroller and have used it for my 5 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. Super easy push,even one handed and smooth ride for the kids. My kids even fought over the doubles seat in the back.

Chic and Super Functional


We've been using this stroller for the last month and are often asked by other parents what make and model it is! The functionality is superb so far- many options to configure for one or both children riding. Having an inline double that folds with both seats attached means it can go anywhere- park, zoo, mall, restaurant. The adjustable handlebar is great too- allows for a shorter grandma and a very tall parent to both use the stroller comfortably. This is a great stroller for our family with both a toddler and infant!


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