Many phil&teds products have multiple global certifications & we always endeavour to meet all country specific product standards for those countries in which we sell. This means our products get tested so hard they could pass Special Forces training! For individual product testing please refer to the certificates of compliance below.

Conformity Certification for Phil and Teds Children's Products

Current Children's Products

Product Product Code Certificate
Smart stroller   Download
Promenade PR Download
Dot Stroller 1.0 and DK 1.0 Dot Download
Traveller V3 TRV3 Download
Lobster LB Download
REACH Compliance   Download
Manufacture and Supplier Best Practice Policy    Download

Current Accessories

Product Product Code Certificate
Travel System TS5,TS3,TS2 Download
Travel System TS6 Download
Travel System TS7 Download
Travel System TS10 Download
Travel System TS14 Download
Travel System TS15 Download
Travel System TS16 Download
Travel System TS21, 22, 23, 24 Download

Here's some more background about what different children's product standards mean:


The standards relevant to strollers are: EN1888 / ASTM F833/ AS/NZS 2008/ SOR85-379. Compliance with these standards means buggies have two locking devices to prevent folding, the brakes work properly, they have a five point safety harness to restrain your child, there are no sharp edges or open tubes, removable pieces can be fastened securely, fabric and linings fit snugly and do not contain gaps or hidden pockets that baby can get trapped in.


The standards relevant to travel cots are: EN 716 / ASTM F406/ AS/NZS 2195/ CRC 932

Compliance with these standards means that travel cots have a mattress supplied by the manufacturer, the mattress fits snugly so there is no more than a 25mm gap between the mattress and the side of the cot, and there are no holes in the fabric or loose catches.


The standards relevant to highchairs and hook on chairs are: ASTM F1235/ EN1272/ ASTM F404 / AS 4684/ EN14988

Compliance with these standards means the high chairs have edges that are smooth and rounded, straps for your child, tube ends that are sealed to prevent fingers getting trapped.


The legislation relevant to car seats sold in Europe or New Zealand are: ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04

Compliance with this legislation means that car seats provide protection in any position in which they are designed to be used. Our car seats are designed to be secured to the vehicle structure or to the seat structure, either by the adult seat belt or specific anchorages, and pass all impact tests.

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