promenade- & smart lux-Sitzbezug

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Personalisiere deinen promenade- oder smart lux-Buggy!

Dieser universell anpassbare Sitzbezug ist sowohl mit dem Hauptsitz als auch mit dem double kit in allen Sitz- und Gurtpositionen kompatibel und verleiht deinem promenade- oder smart lux-Buggy zusätzlichen Komfort und Farbe.

Derzeit nicht in dieser Region verfügbar.


promenade- & smart lux-Sitzbezüge sind COOL! weil:

  • individualisiere deinen promenade oder smart lux durch Komfort und Farbe
  • kompatibel mit Sicherheitsgurten
  • strapazierfähiges, abwischbares Material
  • kompatibel sowohl mit dem Hauptsitz als auch mit dem double kit

Unter Berücksichtigung des Zusammenhangs zwischen der Festigkeit der Matratze und plötzlichem Kindstod wird derzeit eine neue Norm eingeführt.

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Great - just not so compact


We bought this for our eight-week-old just a few weeks ago. We already had a P&T Sport from 2009 in the garage and were looking at getting a bassinet but decided after seeing all the features of the Smart Lux to bite the bullet and upgrade.
This is SO much easier to put down than our old buggy. I just couldn't face continuing to haul the thing out then repeatedly attempt to fling it up with other kids waiting by the side of the road.
Phil and Teds have come a really long way in the last five years - the brakes are better, the hood is better, the shades fit perfectly. There are loads of clever features - for example the bar that clips and glides to the side - so fancy!
We really like that this buggy actually works with a newborn, you don't have to get the extra bassinet. We also really like that the child can face you. I love chatting away to my daughter as we walk and watching her gaze up at the sky. I'm looking forward to continuing to do so when she's in the upright position. I'm hoping this will avoid the performance of carrying the kid down the road while pushing the stroller. That gets old fairly fast!
It's narrow to so I've managed to wind through aisles in cafes and shops without getting snagged or having people clear the room.
The major downside to the buggy is it takes up a lot of room in the boot of the car - way more than you would expect from a buggy labelled 'compact'! It's actually quite big. It barely fits from end to end because the handle takes up so much room. If you had a station wagon or SUV it wouldn't be an issue but in our little hatch back it's a bit much.
I'm also not too excited about the colours. They're pretty conservative and out of date. It would be great if some new seat liners were introduced with more current, vibrant shade. I'm pushing a kid, not a guy in a suit!
One more positive is the price - for all the features it's really reasonable. Buggies can be major budget blowouts but the Lux is a good way to get all the features and the look of a top-of-the range buggy without spending the money.
Oh, just one more thing - when, oh when, is this company going to start including a storm cover? I feel like there needs to be a petition or something.
Highly recommend.

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